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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Gravitational waves detected in the second time in history

Specialists Laser interferometric gravitational-wave Observatory (LIGO) announced that they were able to confirm the second case is the detection of gravitational waves. These waves gave rise to the collision of two black holes, the mass of one of which was about 8 times and the other at 14 times the mass of the Sun.

photo: ru.wikipedia.org

The LIGO Observatory staff, including and Russian researchers from Moscow state University. M. V. Lomonosov, reported that a second signal, they discovered, was weaker than the first, but after some time it still managed to be cleaned from “noise” and to say with confidence about its nature. Experts report that, probably, they were found and the third signal, however, given ample evidence that it was also gravitational waves are not yet collected.

Scientists published information about a new discovery in the journal Physical Review Letters, believe that the second confirmed case of the detection of gravitational waves bears a great importance: the fact that this is not an isolated case, lets start talking about the transition of gravitational wave astronomy as a direction to a new level. Also the second case is the detection of gravitational waves allows us to assume that they fly to Earth quite often.

Gravitational waves are oscillations of the “fabric” of space-time caused by such large-scale events, such as merging black holes or neutron stars. They were predicted a century ago by albert Einstein almost a hundred years ago in the General theory of relativity. Experts hope that in the future this phenomenon will help people to observe what is happening in very remote areas of the Universe, to which any other way is impossible. As some scholars put it that, gravitational waves will allow humanity to “hear” that it is unable to “see”.

Rumors of the first detection of gravitational waves appeared in the last September, however, official confirmation of this information was received only in February of this year. Many have considered this the greatest opening in many years, and recently three scientists involved in the creation of Laser interferometric gravitational-wave Observatory, has received an international research award Shao, which is sometimes called the “Nobel prize of the East” or “Asian Nobel prize”.

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