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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Debts of the regions began to stall infrastructure

In Saratov has developed unprecedented since the nineties the situation. Because of debts for electricity under the threat of stopping was urban public transport. Experts say that the debt level of the Russian cities so great that a similar situation could be repeated in a number of regions.

Thunder in the night from Wednesday to Thursday, with zero hours, nine tram routes and seven trolleybus stopped traffic. Just in Saratov 10 tram and trolleybus routes, and in some areas of the city by public transport otherwise than by trams and trolleybuses, it is impossible to get. Thursday the electric was not working.

“We are seeing absolutely standard story, when service providers for a long time to knock the payments, threatened with disconnection, and at some point when it is no longer valid, disable”

The city administration said that the movement of trolley buses and trams will resume at 17.00 on Friday. In the meantime, they started to replace taxis and buses. The cause of the shutdown – debt in the amount of 36.3 million rubles to the local utility company, “Saratov enterprise urban networks” (LLC SPGES).

As stated by the head of the city administration Valery Sheds, on Thursday, the municipal unitary enterprise Saratovgorelektrotrans urgently appealed against the actions of energosbytovyh. In the result, the arbitration court decided to prohibit partial or full restriction of electricity supply to transport facilities in the city, reports RIA “Novosti”.

The reasons for the incident representatives of different branches of local government is called different. City Manager Sheds have accused power company. “People should not suffer due to the fact that the energy monopolies are not willing to reckon with the possibilities of the city budget”, – said in a statement posted on the administration website. Barnes emphasizes that “the unconstructive position taken by SPGES” deprives the city government to continue “the positive momentum for the reduction of debt.

But the head of the city Oleg Grishchenko has an opinion on this. “In recent time, the government prefers to cut ribbons and announce the projects, rather than to do routine work. I believe that this attitude to this problem can not even be called irresponsible is, in my opinion, can be described as criminal negligence,” he says.

From the energy supply company also has a “their own truth”. In an interview with local newspaper “Vzglyad-info” Director CPGES Sergey Kozin recalled that his company has serious debts, and that she “is no longer possible to tolerate and to collect the fines.” “I went to extreme measures. I will disable malicious debtors, I will expose the claims and interest penalties. I have no other choice”, explains his actions Kozin.

A member of the Federation Council, co-Chairman of the Saratov regional Committee of the United popular front Lyudmila Bokova, in comments to the newspaper OPINION stressed that “the electric vehicle is an important component of the transport infrastructure of any city: any failure in his work is immediately reflected in the residents”. Therefore the refusal of this kind of transport is out of the question.

One of the solutions existing in Saratov the situation, according to Bokova, may be the preparation of a phased plan for repayment of debts to energy and the anti-crisis plan, which will save transport artery of the city.”

Meanwhile, according to the Professor of geographical faculty of Moscow state University Natalia Zubarevich, the situation in Saratov, although it is, of course, extraordinary, but in one way or another can be repeated in other regions, which have large debts. And those in the country a lot.

“Very large debts from Mordovia, Karelia, Orel region. More than a dozen regions have debts of more than one hundred percent of its budget revenues, excluding transfers from the Federal budget”, – the expert said in an interview with the newspaper LOOK.

With specific regard to the situation in Saratov, it is as sure Zubarevich, “still must somehow OK now. “We are seeing a standard history when service providers long beat payments, threatened with disconnection, and at some point cut off, – said the expert. – It is clear that the city will not leave without a trolley. I think it ended up that the Saratov region will send more some piece of the budgetary credit which is very cheap, unlike commercial. The money will be redirected to the municipality, the municipality will give the municipal enterprise, and it will pay off the debt. But all this means that the quality of governance in the city is very low – they made this before”.

Note that, according to the study, not long ago conducted by the Department of sociology of the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation in the list of most depressed cities in Russia with population over 500 thousand Saratov has taken a very nepochetnoe seventh place. Worse than here, according to the study, things are only in Volgograd, Kurgan, Ulyanovsk, Omsk, Astrakhan and Togliatti.

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