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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Clinton and Sanders was found for a joint struggle against trump

On Tuesday, June 14, in Washington, a meeting was held between the natural and the artificial opponents allies, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. To date, Clinton and Sanders unites only one thing — the desire to prevent the White house Republican presidential candidate Donald trump.

photo: AP

As reported by the negotiators Clinton Sanders, without mentioning their names, the meeting was quite tense, which, however, had expected.

Mrs. Clinton, who last week officially became the nominee of the Democratic party for the presidency, wanted to know what it will cost to support Sanders, any concessions or political promises from Clinton waiting for her opponent.

As for Sanders, he wanted to probe how deep the promises of Mrs. Clinton in terms of advancing progressive goals put forward by Sanders, for example, a higher minimum wage and lower the financial burdens for the students of colleges and universities. Among the requirements of the Sanders and the proposal to make the nomination process of the democratic presidential candidates more open. This is for the future.

A joint will to fight against a common enemy was largely stressful, particularly because Mrs. Clinton and Sanders had no real chance for meeting a goal to produce a vapor of mutual discontent and mutual mistrust. Suffice it to say that, excluding the TV debates, they are not met in fact in the 14 months of fighting for the nomination.

Senator Sanders was accompanied by his wife Jane Saunders, the Manager of his election campaign Jeff Wheeler. Mrs. Clinton was accompanied by Chairman of its election campaign, John Podesta and the campaign Manager Robby Mook.

Advisers from Senator Sanders say he is concerned, like Mrs. Clinton, saying the “right thing” maybe then abandon them in order to win in the most influential States, such as Florida, Ohio and Virginia.

Advisers, who spoke under condition of anonymity, said that Senator Sanders will not feel any pressure to support Clinton at the Convention.

The Congress will be held in five and a half weeks in Philadelphia. Expect that the Congress Senator Sanders will perform with noisy speech in support of Clinton.

Sanders will bring to the Congress their large electoral battalions: 12 million votes and 1877 votes of the delegates. However, unfortunately, as the public opinion poll conducted by CBS, 28% of his supporters said they will not support Hillary Clinton, if she becomes the nominee of the Democratic party for the presidency. Most of Mrs. Clinton’s now 16 million votes and 2784 votes of the delegates.

Clinton advisers fear that Sanders can keep her, and even with enthusiasm at the Congress, then will not do anything in favor of the nominees of the Democrats. Others believe that Sanders will actively participate in the election campaign Clinton because he is very concerned about the possibility of electing a President of the United States Donald trump.

Before you meet with Mrs. Clinton Sanders used a press conference also on Tuesday, to call for change within the leadership of the Democratic national Committee and to eliminate the role superdelegate in the party nomination process. In addition, Sanders demanded was given the opportunity to vote in the democratic primaries and independent and those who were registered at the last moment.

Meeting Clinton-Sanders took place on the very day when Washington, D.C. passed the last primaries. The primaries ended in a victory for Mrs. Clinton, who received three quarters of votes and even more — 79%. When Sanders appeared at the weekly lunch of the Democrats, members of the Senate, he was met by a standing ovation. He was photographed along with his colleagues senators. It was his rare visit to the Capitol. According to his website, he voted with January 12. “Our meeting was very uplifting, very optimistic,” said Senator Gary Peters, Democrat from Michigan.

Thus, the position of the main opponents of the Democratic party more or less defined.

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