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Monday, February 19, 2018

“Baking” Russian drones plan to put on stream

Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin demanded to dramatically accelerate the development of technology that allows literally technique to print on a special printer, including the military. Earlier, the MIC has instructed to prepare a road map for their development. How did you learn the newspaper VIEW, the map is expected by the end of the year. We must not tarry: Russia must catch up in this area.

On Thursday in Novosibirsk has opened the international forum “tehnoprom. Energy for a technological breakthrough”, dedicated to the priorities of technological development of Russia. On the forum were Deputy Prime Minister, Chairman of Military-industrial Commission Dmitry Rogozin, presidential aide Andrei Fursenko, as well as economists and businessmen, both Russian and foreign.

“It’s not a universal technology, it is impossible everywhere in the defense to apply, but in certain areas, for example, with small arms, is quite”

One of the main themes of the forum were digital, additive technology (the technology of layer-by-layer synthesis, familiar to many via the work of 3D-printers). So, in his emotional speech Dmitry Rogozin announced the beginning of a new industrial revolution. “Its main technological drivers are digital, additive technology and of course robotics”, he said. According to Deputy Prime Minister, information and communication technologies now permeate traditional industries of real production and radically change their appearance. In particular, there has been a “massive digitization of design and production, on this basis, developing “deserted technologies” that give a “powerful impetus to the development of productivity” (which in Russia, as is known, leaves much to be desired).

“In the foreseeable term, this causes a change in the Outlook of industrial production, when the main link of the industrial policy, at least in some sectors, become not only the plants running large batches, how many engineering centers, creating products on demand”, – said Rogozin.

As already reported, in February the newspaper VIEW, experts all-Russian scientific research Institute of aviation materials (VIAM) has printed detail advanced aircraft engine PD-14 with a 3D printer. This was announced by Director General of the Institute, academician Evgeny Kablov during the country’s first scientific conference on additive technologies. It was held in VIAM with the participation of Rogozin and under the auspices of the military-industrial complex.

The conference was accompanied by exhibition of that Bureau “Luch” from Rybinsk brought one of the first in Russia “printed” unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). All components and parts of the UAV was created on a special printer for 30 hours. Left to specialists to collect. The entire work, from conception to manufacture a drone took only two months. And the year before in the “Russian newspaper” published an article Rogozin under the ambitious title “the Tanks are going to print. Sixth industrial way of life will allow the manufacturing of weapons on the printer.

Speaking at the forum, after Rogozin, Deputy Chairman of Vnesheconombank and former Deputy economic development Minister Andrei Klepach said that while different departments are engaged in additive technologies apart, no they are not coordinated. Some technologies may be “not so significant for the money”, but they are generating new technologies, he added. “We must have some pilot “pulled” the projects for which the need of a special coordination mechanism between Ministry of industry and trade, Roscosmos, Minatom, the Ministry of education, where the Ministry of defence. Its role here can play the Military-industrial Commission. Because these projects are not only defensive, they all have doubles, and in some ways even more civil and content,” said Klepach.

However, in the defense industry before the forum decided to draw up a road map for the development of additive technologies, which theoretically should coordinate the work of all agencies in this field. “Map” is preparing an interagency working group headed Kablovi, the first meeting was held in late may.

Member of the forum, the Deputy head of the Department of industry of conventional arms, ammunition and special chemistry industry and trade Dmitry Kapranov assured the newspaper VIEW that in the defense industry additive technology will develop.

“We know very well how much attention is paid to these technologies, our opponents in the West. Accordingly, it is one of the directions of innovative development, which has good potential for defense, ” said Kapranova. Is not a universal technology, it is impossible everywhere in the defense to apply, but in certain areas, for example, with small arms, with the production of complex parts, is quite. That is, if we are talking about laser additive technology. There is not only a laser is, is “sintering” under pressure”and so forth.

However, the official declined to answer the question of when the Russian defense industry will be able to put the issue of such weapons to the stream.

But the Director of VIAM Evgeny Kablov believes that to produce UAVs new method in Russia can now. “We already have all the conditions to such drones to release. Everything is determined by the preparation of production – establishment of production, the creation of a whole set of documents. I am responsible only for the materials, – said academician of the newspaper VIEW. – All the necessary materials we have created, this is being done for covering the airframe and engine. We just need the designers boldly took, and began to do of domestic materials. Not to say that you buy abroad. No we do not sell modern materials”.

But Kablov called another accurate term. According to him, the road map, the working group must pass by year-end.

“Life makes you finish it as quickly as possible. Do not draw squares and to determine who has what area of responsibility, to determine the timing, scope, where will the equipment. This is a complex task, ranging from materials to equipment, math. Software need new. Designers have a different approach to the design of the details,” he said.

Kablov acknowledged that Russia is far behind in this area. “China already holds 10 percent of the world market, the Americans – 38 percent, Europeans – 20-30 percent. Our challenge is not to try to repeat, and do their own”, – said the academician.

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