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Saturday, March 24, 2018

Wooden housing provides benefits

The government is discussing a series of measures to support the construction of wooden houses. Paradox: Russia has the world’s largest reserves of wood, but wooden houses have ten times less popular than in many other States. However, to increase the share of wooden house need to change a lot of Soviet norms.

The head of the Ministry of industry and trade Denis Manturov has proposed to allow the construction of wooden houses higher than three storeys and stimulate demand for it due to preferential mortgages. He stated this at a meeting on innovative development of building materials industry under the leadership of Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

“We have 65% of the land Fund is covered by forests. This is a huge resource that is sent in raw form overseas, where it made a lovely Finnish houses”

According to Manturov, the extensive use of structures made of wood is the most important direction in the development of the construction industry. In addition, this sits well with the work on import substitution of building materials.

At present Russia actively develops technologies such as construction of laminated veneer lumber and plywood panels. At the same time, to fully use the possibilities of the tree, the Minister considers it necessary to amend the legislation. In particular, he proposed to lift the ban on the construction of wooden apartment buildings – buildings with height more than three floors.

The Ministry also offers to increase the demand for apartments in such houses at the expense of preferential mortgage lending. It meets modern global trends and will facilitate the development of building materials industry, said Manturov.

He also proposed to introduce quotas for the use of materials of wooden construction in Federal and regional programs of housing construction. Then the average annual rate of growth in the use of wood building materials by 2020 to reach 10-12%, said Manturov.

Autumn at the meeting of the working group on the development of wooden housing construction has been the necessity to update the normative-technical documents, as the legislative framework is outdated, given the advent of new materials, technologies and design principles of buildings using wood. According to experts, it is necessary to develop a single set of rules for the design and construction of apartment buildings with the use of wooden structures.

World experience shows that wood construction is one of the most convenient, environmentally friendly and cheap technology of construction of houses. However, in Russia the share of wooden construction is quite modest. Which is especially strange for a country with a quarter of world reserves of wood.

This is easily explained by the historical heritage: in the Soviet Union individual housing construction is not encouraged. Plus the Russians do not trust the quality of the material, including due to low-quality Soviet-style wooden houses. However, since then, technology has leaped forward. However, in 2000-ies still a rise in the construction of houses made of wood at times due to the fact that prices have decreased. So, in 2010, was put into operation 6.6 million square meters in 2014 to 8.5 million sq. m.

The most expensive home – from the solid wood, while the frame and panel houses are positioned as more affordable housing.

The market of wooden houses in Russia possesses a considerable capacity. According to the Research.Techart 2010, despite the low cost of materials compared to other countries, the Russian rate of use of wood in construction is very small and is 0.07 cubic meters per person per year. In developed countries this indicator reaches a value of 0,7 cubic meters, i.e. higher than the Russian 10 times.

Currently, wooden housing construction is actively developing overseas. “The European Union plans to increase the share of wooden construction in the construction of low-rise buildings up to 80%. In the United States and Canada, the majority of individual houses and townhouses are also built of wood,” says Manturov.

“We have a good share of wooden construction. About 40% of the homes in the segment of low-rise construction built of wood. But it is smaller than in Finland, and a six-story building we do not build”, – says the newspaper VIEW head of the Department of real estate Economics and land use IOM Ranepa Elena Ivankina. According to her, in Canada and Finland today developed the construction of medium-rise wooden buildings from six to nine floors. “These houses pozharoopasny, eco-friendly, their service life is not less than 200 years. Even the Stalinist buildings standard service life of 50 years,” said Ivankina.

“The rapidity of the construction of a wooden house is comparable to the construction of the house from foam concrete. Only the house of foam we still have to decorate it ugly house. It is necessary to plaster. A wooden house is good in itself, it is beautiful and environmentally friendly,” – said the source.

According to her, it is durable and bogorodichnyi and more comfortable to stay home. “For example, in a brick house or a house of foam concrete in winter, when heating is very high dryness, it is necessary to put the humidifiers. In a wooden house in summer and winter the same humidity inside is always cool,” says Ivankina.

“Finally, a natural material, which is characteristic for Russia. We have 65% of the land Fund is covered by forests. For us it is a huge resource, poorly used, which is largely sent in raw form overseas, where it made a lovely Finnish houses and so on”, – says the expert.

However, the construction of wooden houses are not cheaper, but more expensive than foam, she adds. “But wooden houses can be fairly cheap and competitive, precisely because it is material that is throughout Russia. Here don’t need a sand pit, does not need complex mechanisms forming units, it is all around us grows. Of course, this is a serious industry – it is necessary to choose the trees, right handle, dry, but nevertheless it’s still pennies compared to the cost of construction, e.g. brick,” – said the expert.

“Support for mortgages for houses made of wood – in the right direction. Any preferential mortgage is good because we have high interest on the mortgage. It is not necessary to introduce all low-rise construction, all the individual building of residential houses,” – said the expert.

Therefore, the solution of legislative problems, and the resolution of the construction of wooden houses higher than three storeys, coupled with preferential lending program and support from the state can help the development of forestry and forest engineering.

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