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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Vladimir shakhidjanyan: Homosexuality sometimes entices people to suicide

“Homophobic – it is usually latent homosexual, this is proven and ours, and foreign sexologists in the 20-30-ies. I’m afraid there just hidden homosexuality”, – said the newspaper VIEW psychologist Vladimir shakhidjanyan. He describes Omar Matina killed fifty people in a gay club in Florida.

On Tuesday, the Sitora Yousuf, the former wife of terrorist Omar Matina said that he himself had homosexual tendencies. According to Yousuf, the father of Matina repeatedly called son gay in her presence.

“It’s a shame. It is necessary to hide. And then people try to stifle in himself the call, resorting to terrible homophobic rhetoric”

As the newspaper VIEW, former classmate at the Matina police Academy said that Matin was once invited on a date, but was refused. Earlier, the us newspaper also said that Matin was a regular at a gay club Pulse. “Sometimes he came in, sat in the corner and drank one there. It happened that he was so drunk, I was loud and aggressive,” – said one of the visitors. Club officials Chris Callen stated that he saw the Marina at the club for at least three years. Another frequenter Kevin West said that the whole year corresponded with Matin as a special Supplement to gays.

We will remind, on Sunday in gay club in American Orlando 49 people were killed and 53 were wounded. Attacking a US citizen Omar Matin, was destroyed by the police during the assault.

About the motives that may have guided Omar Matin, in an interview with the newspaper LOOK told Vladimir shakhidjanyan, psychologist, teacher, author of books on psychology, which for many years collaborated with Aaron Belkin, an expert in the study of transsexualism, founder of the Society of psychoanalysts in Russia. The author of the first in the USSR the encyclopedia of sex “1001 question about IT”. Now he’s writing a book on the topic of homosexuality.

OPINION: Mr President, is that so hard gay hates gays?

Vladimir shakhidjanyan: Homophobic – it is usually latent homosexual, this is proven and ours, and foreign sexologists in the 20-30-ies. I’m afraid there just hidden homosexuality. But latent homosexuality is often covered by strong homophobia. Inside he is homosexual, attracted towards men, he can not do anything, it’s just nature, it’s the genes.

He understands that it is bad, bad that he will be angry wife, father, friends, bosses, colleagues, neighbors. It’s a shame. It is necessary to hide. And then people try to stifle in himself the call, resorting to terrible homophobic rhetoric.

Vladimir shakhidjanyan(photo: Valery sharifulin/TASS)

Remember most vicious anti-Semites in the Soviet era were Jews who tried to hide their origin, hated themselves for their “fifth column”.

And here. This lobster Matin was, apparently, a person actualized, that is on the verge of mental illness, focused, experiencing self-hatred for what he is.

Hatred are accumulating and one day struck him in the head. Shooting, he realized: either kill him or myself that’s shoot, or it will condemn and then the sentence of the court executed. At that moment he was under the power of adrenaline. Pulls the trigger, the rattle of gunfire – it’s the music that he was drugged.

OPINION: is it Possible that the future to predict aggression in the child, youth?

V. S.: it is difficult to Recognize. Now in hindsight, psychiatrists and investigators will dig in childhood, in adolescence causes of aggression.

OPINION: IN the club Matin killed and girls. He was still someone?

V. S.: it was already there – the desire to murder, for affectation. If he is not gay and a gamer, at some point he’d come to the club gamers, and made a slaughter there. Or just went to a party girls, and as he could before that to deny one girl, then another third, then there would be hatred, it would suit and a massacre there.

Affectation. Who got in the way, and killed. All of you bastards! He hated the world, people and, above all, themselves. If he loved himself, none of this would have happened. It is important that people loved themselves, understand and appreciate yourself, respect yourself. I always advise parents to: nurture children in the love of himself! Then there is the destruction of their own kind and himself then.

OPINION: Telling the target he was looking to “Disneyland”, but still chose a gay club.

V. S.: In gay clubs, by the way, often the atmosphere is more relaxed than in the usual clubs where many forced, off all having fun and actually looking for a partner. Boys and girls come alone, leave together.

And in a gay club all their own, all drinking, dancing, having fun. And you sit in the corner, alone, drinking. The people around laugh more, begin to pin each other, cheer, to sing along. All of them wonderfully. They are bastards, they are bastards, though, because they are good and me bad. But I’ll show you what I’m like! Can I or can’t? Remember, our 10th grader in Moscow shot and killed a teacher and policeman? These are cases of the same order. He himself wanted to be a hero. About the consequences at this point, I don’t think.

OPINION: One of the survivors said that Matin during the shooting had stopped talking, and just laughed…

V. S.: He played. It is a theater, movie. Kill and laugh. Mocking laughter, you know? I above all, I’m stronger than you all. Twilight, music, singing, laughter – in short, it seems to be unrealistic. And screams! Around the wounded, the dying. And it is only encouraged.

OPINION: the Attack was a form of suicide? Matin wanted to die?

V. S.: Just kill yourself he did not want. Homosexuality sometimes entices people to suicide. The percentage of suicides among gays is two to three times higher than among heterosexuals. I think when Martin came into the club, he knew that from there he shall go.

SIGHT: But all was quite long – three hours. Locked up with a group of people on the toilet, and began to bargain with the police, announced that he had taken hostages.

V. S.: He already knew that it was the end. Just passing the time. By the way, the hostages could there for him to pounce, to twist. It’s a small, closed room. A lot of them – and one of him. But no one on the arrow snapped. Scary!

By the way, it is unlikely that he accidentally locked them in the bathroom. Maybe some of my colleagues studying homosexuality and do not agree with the version that I’ll speak.

There are plenty of movies where the plot is built on bullying in the toilet. In my opinion, most of these films are produced in England. The victim there is binding in the toilet, raped, by all means, kidding. He probably watched those movies. Therefore, the theme of violence, and the group, the theme of the torture and murder could act. And here it all turned out the opposite – he has one group. It could “warm up”…

Everything is mixed up: revenge, become a hero and to give his soul to God. Still need to find out much you believer or not. On the one hand, you commit murder without a trial that Allah would not have approved. On the other hand, maybe would have approved, because in many Muslim countries, sodomy is punishable up to death penalty, and you just pounced on homosexuals.

OPINION: How do you assess the reaction of the world to this event?

V. S.: When I found out about it, the first reaction was “can’t be!” But life can be, alas. What happens now that the blogosphere savored this case saddens me. This event should only cause sympathy, compassion. It doesn’t matter who killed: men, women, young, elderly. No one has the right to kill.

Saddens me what happened at the American Embassy, some types and began to insult those who laid flowers to the walls of the Embassy. Can you relate to the policy, but not differently to treat the misery. In adversity people need to stretch each other hands and help, regardless of skin color, party membership, nationality, sexual commitment, and religious orientation.

Overall, the world reacted to this with understanding. People are learned in adversity. First of all, you should not increase in gratings, frames, inspections, searches, – it will not give result. The result will give a good school, the right education, the cultivation of humanism. As John Locke, from the proper education of children depends on the welfare of the people. As said Kapitsa, Jr., “if, instead of billions spent on armed forces, there would be millions on education and health, terrorism would have no place”.

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