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Sunday, March 18, 2018

To exchange up to 40 thousand rubles for the currency will be without a passport

The Bank has control over personal data when foreign exchange transactions will be significantly weakened. The bill, the state Duma approved in the second and third readings on Wednesday, June 15. Is safe and does not require identification of the customer will be recognized purchases or sales of foreign currency equivalent to 40 thousand rubles.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

According to current regulations the presentation of a passport if the sum of banking operations is less than 15 thousand rubles. If more, will not only have to show not only the main document of the citizen of the Russian Federation, but also to fill in the questionnaire. It in addition to the usual questions from the “address-phone number-place of work” can be very provocative. For example, the Bank may require the card to reveal regarding the origin of the money. Or may not be interested in business reputation of the client. In addition, some bankers put the citizens to a standstill requirement on the memory to play back the room was.

The new law will do currency exchange for ordinary citizens much less troublesome. During the operation to 40 thousand roubles, no identification will not do. If exchange is necessary from 40 to 100 thousand, the Bank clerk will need a passport. Larger manipulations with cash already require a full audit.

According to the authors of the law, the new rules will significantly reduce the paperwork burden on Bank employees. However, no risks and loopholes for those who launder illegally obtained income or finances terrorists, they are in the initiative does not provide.

However, Rosfinmonitoring has decided its methods I found an alternative way to bring to light the “grey” financial schemes. The Agency has developed a list of signs that help to identify so-called “unusual” transactions. Planned to use it against pawnshops, postal operators, financial organizations and Telecom operators, bookmakers and companies-intermediaries in real estate transactions.

To catch the amount of customers those who have planned something evil planned, in particular, on a number of psychological moments. So, one of the suspicious signs listed “excessive concern of the client regarding confidentiality of information and data transfer to public bodies”. Simply put, the client gets nervous, fidgets in his chair and for each question, the clerk said, “why?” and “It’ll stay between us, right?”

In addition, suspicious employees of financial institutions must, in the case that the client is in a hurry and customize Manager, if late for a fire.

– Techniques such as detection of intruders in psychological terms, work really well, even many people think their shamanism, – said the head of the banking section of Finpotrebsoyuz Mikhail Belyaev, is to Force the client to wait long to pepper him with questions — all of this for several years already actively used by security at airports.

As the expert noted that banks already use psychological monitoring in credit. Even the movement of the hands, feet, facial expressions can be understood that man is not going to give the credit received.

Of course, nobody will wring his hands and blame in aiding and abetting terrorism if you suddenly jerked the wrong eyes, or you are in a strange fidget in the chair – soothes Belyaev Is just a signal for workers to include vigilance and check of the client for the full program, on all documents.

As for raising the threshold of “blind” exchange transactions in which the citizen’s identity will remain a mystery for the Bank, this experts reacted calmly.

– 40 thousand rubles at the current exchange rate is 600 — 700 USD, – says Mikhail Belyaev, is an Ordinary amount for household needs. The money people exchange to take with you on vacation or just to keep at home under the pillow. Certainly not to Finance terrorism or to launder.

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