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Friday, March 16, 2018

The struggle against the “Voykovskaya” was thrown on the railway

In the Public chamber of Moscow proposes to hold city online referendum regarding the name of the station under construction of the Small ring of the Moscow railway. Now it is supposed to be called “Voykovskaya”, which actively supports the Russian Orthodox Church. Another point of view, apparently, the locals and the Railways.

That the public men of Moscow are going to appeal to the mayor of the capital Sergey Sobyanin with a request to decide by referendum the question of what is the name of under construction station of the Moscow railway (MRR), told news Agency with reference to anonymous sources in the Public chamber. Now it is supposed to be called “Voykovskaya” as the relevant district and the metro station. According to “Interfax”, in the opinion of the public that is supposed to pass an additional referendum in created on the initiative of the Moscow government’s Active citizen”.

“My personal attitude: I extremely don’t like all this Soviet-Communist memorial

In a press-service of Public chamber of the newspaper GLANCE confirmed that the idea of a referendum there really discussed, and even has to the group.

“It xxxxxxxxxxxx (Chairman of the Public chamber of Moscow, editor in chief of “Nezavisimaya Gazeta” – approx. OPINION) sent its proposal to members of the Public chamber. We did not vote yet for it,” – said in an interview with the newspaper LOOK member of the Commission on urban policy, transport and communications of the Public chamber of Moscow Mikhail Blinkin.

“My personal attitude: I extremely don’t like all this Soviet-Communist memorial, when we go on Leningradsky Prospekt, then on the Leningrad highway, which is linked with the now-defunct name of the town, and reach the station “Voykovskaya”. In those parts because there are a great number of names that are possible to assign. I’m willing two hands to remove the name “Voykovskaya”. But Voikov – he’s a soldier of the party, headed by the man, whose name and named the Avenue and highway. I would have it all removed,” – said Blinkin.

However, he noted that he understands, as he put it, “the psychological side of things”: people themselves may not want to change their name. “For example, in the Sverdlovsk region, I am asking local authorities: why is the area called? Because Sverdlovsk has long Yekaterinburg. And I answer: did the study population, no one wants to change the name. The same in Kirov,” reminded Blinkin.

The train station of the Small ring of Moscow railway under construction for several years. The name “Voykovskaya” she is going to assign by analogy with the nearby metro station “Voykovskaya” and Voykovsky district. It is expected that the station will open in autumn this year.

The idea is to remove the title, reminiscent of Pyotr Voykov, is not new. From 2 to 23 November 2015 in the “Active citizen” has passed voting on the issue of renaming of metro station “Voykovskaya”. Then, 53% of voters voted for the name not to change. That is why the mayor’s office, initiated the removal of a question on electronic voting, has decided not to rename the station. “My attitude again,” said the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin. – Most importantly, the residents themselves were willing, but they say: leave our station, we used to”.

To rename the not yet opened a train station talking this spring, after the visit of the head of the Russian Orthodox Church Patriarch Kirill in Moscow city Duma on March 29 of this year. “It is impossible to in the city, its toponymy was preserved the names of criminals and terrorists. I mean Voykova, ‘ he told MPs.

Thus the Patriarch and the Orthodox community disagree with the results of voting on the Active citizen” on the issue of renaming of metro station “Voykovskaya”.

“We literally watched each voice. The vote was extremely difficult against Voikov. And Vice versa – is very easy. It’s hard to say as it may be, but the fact remains”, – said the newspaper VIEW Chairman of the Union of Orthodox citizens Valentin Lebedev. Nevertheless, the initiative of community members it supports. “Almost all Church and public organizations are strongly opposed to the streets, subway or some other object named after Voikov. Certainly we are opposed to the new names associated with this odious personality. Therefore, the initiative of community members to be welcomed” – says Lebedev. In his opinion, “if it is necessary that the name was in tune with something already existing, it is possible to name the new station of the railroad the name of the hero-cosmonaut Volkov, whose monument is installed in the same neighborhood”.

Meanwhile, the idea of renaming the station has many critics. Among them, in addition to, naturally, the Communists, and the leadership of the Russian Railways. It has repeatedly called for to maintain the station name, which she planned to give. The railroad paid attention to the technical difficulties. Indeed, in the case of rejection of the name “Vojkovsky” will have to make changes to documents on the rights to real estate.

“Implementation of this proposal due to the current difficult economic situation does not seem to be currently possible, as it implies significant additional funding that is not provided by the budget of the Moscow railway”, – said the head of service of corporate communications MZHD Vladimir Myagkov.

It should be noted that the fact of participation of Voykov in the execution of the Royal family is not indisputably established, than LOOK wrote. At least in the memories of the direct organizer and executor of the murder, Yakov Yurovsky, his name is not mentioned.

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