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Monday, March 19, 2018

The state made a bomb out of pensioners

At first in Russia to 13% rose a fraction of those of our citizens who live below the official poverty line, then came the message that the government is prepared and in 2017 to neoindustrial pensions, suspending the act and to index it to inflation. In what state do we live?

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

The long crisis is not one economy. We have been living in crisis of confidence. The government does not trust business to the state, the government does not trust state-owned companies, citizens do not trust the government, all do not trust the court, less trusted by the TV.

Building trust necessary for all. How to achieve this in conditions when, if you go back into the economy, the state is simply unable to meet all its social obligations, no matter what may decrees as they were written?

It is possible, abandoning the commitment to follow the path of least resistance. The government, offering, in particular, to index pensions to inflation, not only in 2016, but in 2017, and enters. But this is the wrong path.

Yes, social obligations will have to be reviewed; Yes, the social benefits should be targeted. But there is something that can not be done. You cannot close the science, education and health. It is impossible to build policy so that the Russian glaring social stratification increased further. If anything, it is in the interests of self-preservation of the state.

And what happens to us? There were 5 million new poor, those who, according to the calculations of our humanism do not differ the state, can not survive, being generous is not below the subsistence minimum (now it is 9776 rubles per month). People still survive by gardens, garages, shady business. The state “remembers” that its main constitutional responsibility is not tanks and bombs, and help those who cannot help themselves.

What is nudeinterracial pensions? This reduction in real terms the only regular cash income for a large part of the population, it is further pauperization of retirees, is undermining the confidence that one must live honestly.

And the government goes on. From the Ministry of Finance has suggested that it is necessary to deprive of pensions those who, in the opinion of the officials, had to provide for themselves in old age. On the one hand, again, social support, and it is possible to equate pensions, should be targeted. On the other — when the government refuses to those obligations, which seemed to be unshakable, it is the bomb of distrust of the state, which sooner or later will explode. In the end, it’s the seniors always come to the elections and the main elections are coming in 2018, so games with pensions is politically risky. Besides, it will be interesting to re-read the pension exclusion, which officials will leave for yourself, loved ones and not the poor.

Which, by the way, the social stratification are the officials? The declarations of their income and assets give a clear answer. No comments here are a few names and numbers. During the crisis of 2015 revenues first Deputy Prime Minister responsible for economy, Igor Shuvalov, has increased from 9.2 to 97.2 million rubles. Operating Affairs of the President of Russia Alexander Kolpakov income increased eight times, garnering almost 80 million rubles, in 2014 his income was nearly 10.5 million rubles.

What would it be? Don’t we all in the same boat? The government is not fighting with a huge social stratification in society, and the cultivates it.

I do not encourage anyone to cannibalize. Let’s look around. Of course, when it comes to international experience, there is the stereotypical answer: we have our own national peculiarities, mentality. But in any country and in any mentality have what is worth keeping, and what should be eradicated.

Everyone knows that, for example, Singapore, which 40 years ago was a clear hole on the map, it was known about him except the fact that there roam the streets of the monkey; the country with the strongest Chinese tradition, which apply to bribery, which in China are still shot in stadiums turned into a global financial center in the advanced country where there is little corruption.

We 40 years ago, lived in the second world power, and are now “developing country” with uncertain prospects.

As Singapore has provided a breakthrough? First, the officials were straight on their official incomes are tied to tangible, rather than paper results, and ultimately to economic indicators. Second, their informal incomes are severely and irreversibly suppressed. The untouchables were not. The case was filed on suspicion of corruption, even to family members “father of the nation,” Lee Kwan Yu, His wife and son purchased a property at a discount from the company, which was headed by brother Lee Kwan Yu was not jammed, Singapore “bulk” is not put in jail. The case before the transfer to the court was made in open Parliament. And the Parliament, which was presented by the opposition, Lee Kuan yew, conducted their own investigation, which no one interfered, admitted that no crime was not a firm offer discounts to all buyers.

So, maybe it’s time to deal with the fact that corrodes our society and mutual trust, — to start of with excessive, even ostentatious economic stratification. Especially in the public sector. Officials at least need to prosper in a crisis. And the state must fulfill its constitutional duties. First and foremost, to remember the human dimension of the crisis.

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