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Friday, March 16, 2018

“Soft power” of Russia gives mainly diplomacy

British PR noted the significant successes of Russia in what is called “soft power”, that is advertising itself at the international level. The leadership in the rating Britons gave US. And the most interesting in this sense – what the British give to the Russians so they could “catch up” with the Americans.

Russia has improved its position in the index of “soft power”, compiled by the British PR Agency Portland. Last year Russia was in the top 50 (the exact location is not specified), that is already in the top 30, where he finished in 27th place, ahead of countries such as China, the Czech Republic and Argentina. The latter also became the rookie list. In the first place – the USA, the second to give the Americans the lead last year’s Britain, the third – Germany.

“In order to dominate it is necessary to compose them yourself”

It clarifies the RIA “Novosti”, the index calculations were carried out based on two basic criteria – objective and subjective. The objective part includes parameters such as governance, business climate, education and government involvement in addressing global issues. Subjective indicators are determined by surveys of public opinion in 25 countries of the world: the attitude to the national cuisine, assessing the popularity of domestically produced technical products and goods of luxury, comfort, friendliness of residents, culture and foreign policy component of the state.

It is the subindexes are of the greatest interest in this study. For example, in terms of “culture” Russia is on the 14th place – after Austria, the Netherlands and Belgium. In the first place – the US, Britain and France. We emphasize: the critics of such an evaluation is not necessary to resort to the thesis of the “American lack of culture”. In this case, “culture” refers not “great past” and the popularity and prevalence of the brand in the world. Hollywood movies look everywhere, the British music scene – setter, Paris is the unofficial capital of love, cooking and modeling. So the winners of the ranking is quite clear and understandable.

The highest positions in Russia in the section “involvement in solving global problems” in eighth place. In the first place, surprisingly, not the USA, and France. The thing is, what is assessed is not the physical intervention in which Americans have no equal, and the number of diplomatic missions and of the various cooperation programmes.

A fairly high rating of our country and in the “digital” section (information technology development) – 11th place, above Japan, which we have assumed as the victory of Cybernetics. It is significant that the “world factory” – China – were in the bottom three, just below Portugal and Greece. Apparently, a high place in this sub-index provides not only the number of smartphones per capita and the average Internet speed in the country, but also the development of foreign television and Internet broadcasting, social networks and messengers.

The last place our country the topics “public administration” and “public opinion polls”. Significantly, he States in the section “public administration” are also at the bottom of the list.

In addition to the index, Portland Agency accompanies each country a short text review, which discusses the strengths and weaknesses of each country, and provides recommendations. Among the strengths of the USA, the British PR people say “global leadership in the digital sector and innovation.” In fact, the first place Americans in the “soft power” is explained by the active use of “digital diplomacy.” The weakness of the Agency considers “regular news about police brutality, racial tension, mass executions and overall higher homicide rate than other developed countries (the rating was compiled before the shooting in Orlando). Also, according to Portland, “in many world capitals nervous about the possible election of a President trump”. To give any recommendation before the presidential elections, the Agency believes purely “academic exercise”, as the stated foreign policy of the Clinton and trump differs diametrically. Of course, the British PR support Clinton and believe that if elected the United States will maintain leadership in the use of “soft power.”

Regarding Russia review Portland starts with stereotypes: “Given the annual military parades and occasional incursions into European air and sea space, the “soft power” is not the term that comes to mind when thinking about Russian Federation. But further notes that since the mid-2000s, Russia has taken a “huge” (they used the word enormous, which can also be translated as “monstrous”) efforts to change its image in the world. First is the RT, which offers the news in many languages, which gives it one of the largest audiences among global broadcasters. Moscow also “regained its role as the diplomatic center of power”, leading to a couple of Washington peace talks on Syria. It is also noted that Russia, despite certain difficulties, remains a major economic power, attracting “migrants from Central Asia and other former Soviet republics” (not to mention the Ukraine, the authors apparently did not dare not to break coherent picture of the world the British readers). In the merit of us are 29 million foreign tourists last year, as well as “the rich history, literature and art, which are widely known and studied around the world.”

Among the strengths of the Russian and British PR again mention the RT with its “very high ratings”, “very strong diplomacy and leadership “in establishing a dialogue to address issues of global security.”

Weaknesses of our country in matters of “soft power” Portland considers regular corruption scandals, including doping (in this they are difficult to argue), and “discriminatory legislation regarding sexual and racial minorities.” If the first item is clear, what exactly are you referring to the AK article 6.21 propaganda of non-traditional relations among minors, in the case of racial minorities remains an open question. I have the feeling that the drafters of the rating was just calcirelli Russia traditional American language, where racial and sex discrimination together.

Recommendations that the British PR Agency gives Russia also looks a bit strange: “Russia should remember that a large part of its current success stems from its directed to the outside world policy in the late 90s – early 2000s. Russia will win, abandoning the isolationist policy… and declare itself as a reliable and open partner for the world.”

These recommendations clearly contradict the thesis about the “huge effort” to change their image, which Russia has taken in the last 10 years. Also, since the bombing of Yugoslavia Moscow led is not such an “open” policy, in the mid-90s. After the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, our relations with the US became closer, but after the attack on Iraq has again deteriorated. So it’s not that Russia at some point, carried away by isolationism. The fact that the US and other “partners” regularly ignore the interests of our country. The sanctions, first imposed not Russia. So Moscow ready to be reliable and open partner, but only on terms of equality.

Another obvious recommendation, which is not a British PR, but they should give the customer every responsible professional public relations. In order to dominate, it is necessary to compose them yourself.

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