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Monday, March 12, 2018

Obama supported Clinton, but not quite agreed with Sanders

Last Thursday, June 9, was really a Great day in Washington, and the main role was played by President Barack Obama. His program is max supposed to complete the pacification of rivals-the Democrats and Clinton Sanders. He did not hide that is ready to rush into battle against the Republicans and their presidential candidate, billionaire developer Donald trump.

photo: Alexander Astafyev

Barack Obama

The morning began with a meeting Obama-Sanders in the White house and not just anywhere, but in the oval office of the President. Obama did his best to cajole Sanders and wholly turn him to the side of Clinton and the democratic establishment. Hence the meeting place.

After talks with Obama, Sanders made comments to them before belogolovskii media. He said he will do everything possible to bar the Trump path to the presidency that he will closely work with Hillary Clinton.

The conversation Obama-Sanders took more than one hour. This alone speaks of its tension. Senator Sanders did not even hint at the fact that he stops fighting with Clinton. He insisted that he will fight with Clinton next Tuesday in the primaries in Washington, DC. However, he made it clear that the unity of the democratic party care about him. “I will work as hard as you can to Donald trump became President of the United States. Bigotry and discrimination are the Foundation of his campaign, and he would have been catastrophic as the Supreme commander,” said Sanders.

However, at the same time he stressed that he would continue to fight for the principles that inspired his campaign, including an increase in social insurance, availability of study at colleges and restoring the crumbling infrastructure of the country. “These are the problems that we will discuss at the National democratic Convention in Philadelphia in the month of July,” said Sanders. He refused to answer the cry of one of the reporters if he was ready to end the fight with Clinton.

Almost immediately after finishing the long conversation with Sanders Obama supported the election of Clinton as a presidential candidate. It is significant that it was not done live, but on video and accompanied by the praise of a campaign address Sanders. (Almost on the principle “to All sisters on earrings”).

Visit Sanders in the White house was preceded by his secret negotiations with his staff, which took place the day before in Vermont, headquarters of the Senator. Discussed the conditions of his talks with Obama.

The meeting at the White house was held at the request of Sanders. The car with the Senator stopped in front of the building is the official residence of Obama at 10.56 am. (Prior to that, Sanders drove to a nearby café “Pete” “rolls”). Obama and Sanders walked along the colonnade near the Rose garden, about something talking and laughing loudly. Then they went to the Oval office, accompanied by a large crowd of journalists. In front of the West wing of the White house, reporters armed with cameras and microphones, literally was assaulted by Sanders.

According to the “Washington post” and other Newspapers and agencies, Obama negotiated “as far as you can gently”. He tried to convince Sanders to emerge from the race with Hillary, without detriment to the unity of the party. “I hope that in a few weeks we will gather together. This is a natural process, when all recognize that we are talking about unity, not about individuals,” said Obama recording his speech on the “the Tonight show” with Jimmy Mallon.

From the White house Sanders went to Congress. At the entrance to the Capitol, he was met by Harry Reid, the leader of the democratic minority in the Senate. Here Reid and Sanders were photographed with. The latter paid no attention to journalists ‘ questions about why Obama has endorsed Clinton for President. Red Sanders was silent, and Senator Reid, “gently chided” the media, reminding them that the deal they were supposed to take pictures, not ask questions.

After meeting with Senator Reid Sanders talked with the Senator from new York Chuck Schumer and Vice President Joe Biden, who favored him more than Obama…

After his defeat in the California primaries Sanders refused to put the sword back in the sheath, although Clinton even went over delegates in excess of the required minimum. But many supporters of Sanders, thinking the battle lost, began to leave under the motto “Together for victory over trump!”

But Sanders left himself. On Wednesday, he urged his young cohort to put on the altar for 2 dollars and 70 cents.At seven o’clock in the evening held a big rally in front of the stadium named after Robert Kennedy. Sanders in his speech focused on how “banish big money from politics” and how to make studying in public universities free…

Later it became known that during the conversation in the oval office, Obama told Sanders that he will play a “Central role” in shaping the democratic agenda, if analiziruet millions of their supporters, their energy to support Hillary Clinton.

About half an hour after the conversation with Sanders, Obama, who remained neutral during the primaries between Hillary and Bernie, formally supported the first.

Unlike Sanders, Clinton tried to avoid the reporters and answer their questions. Great success for Hillary was the support of the influential Senator Elizabeth Warren. It is somewhat to the left of Clinton and is a huge influence on the Democrats-liberals. They even say that the idea was to offer her candidacy for Vice-President. But rejected it, fearing that the country “will not stand” women’s solid double.

In a video published after the departure of Sanders from the White house on Facebook Clinton, President Obama has described Hillary as “most prepared” candidate to moving to the White house. “I can’t even imagine anyone more qualified for the presidential office than she is,” reads a three-minute statement Obama on Facebook. Obama has made no secret of the fact that he wants to take an active part in the battle of Clinton-trump. “I’m with her, I’m all inflamed and I can’t wait any longer the moment when I will crash out and start campaigning for Hillary,” says Obama.

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