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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Mikhail Derzhavin celebrates anniversary

Today the great artist of satire theatre, theatre, Mikhail Derzhavin anniversary. 80 years, that is, eight tens, or rather 8:0 in his favor. Because IIR Mihic is minus the aggression, grumbling, discontent and complexity of the creative personality. It is one hundred percent positive, despite and in spite of that.

photo: Lily Sharlovskoe

When I was little, I loved to watch on the TV program “Tavern “13 chairs”. And of all the men I loved… no, not a solid pan Sportsman or Director with pan Himalayan under the handle, and not short-sighted Professor, quietly adoring lady Monica — however, its such a fun and unique characters. But only one — pan Presenter — makes the heart tremble kids at the blue screen. Why? First, I knew for sure — he is the most beautiful kind of eyes, laughing, and the voice is mild, with warm, homemade notes, enveloping like expensive velvet. Secondly, through the thick screen, he exuded some incredible, genuine charm and reliability — as life shows, two ingredient easy to make compatible, especially in men. This can not deceive, and charm he never forced, and for him as for the stone, of all stone, I thought, building in the fantasy of unrealistic personal projects. And it does not matter, as was the name of the actor playing the role of pan Master, — Derzhavin or, put Peterson in a child’s heart two images of the artist and his character — without much effort and the slightest resistance merged into one. With this naive confidence, I entered into adult life in the theatre.

And how grateful I am to Mikhail Mikhailovich, that in this completely my adult and conscious life he destroys childhood illusions, and only strengthened their positions, moving in the real existence of the real of the actor Mikhail Derzhavin. Son of the famous Vakhtangov Mikhail S. Derzhavin. Husband (former and real) beautiful women — Catherine Raikin, Nina Budennoy, Roxana Babayan. And the real Mikhail Mikhailovich held in professional circles, under the code designation of the IIR Mihic, was the same handsome, loving, incredibly kind and childishly risible. He said the same enveloping, something resembling a pigeon “Gur-Gur” voice. Soft, charming, courteous and reliable: the husband — to Rococco (Roksana Babayan), each of Shurik (Aleksandr Shirvindt), partner — stirovat in the theater and the rest of her colleagues on the set.

And the more I learned, the more amazed at the unique property, which has the artist — his charisma he seemed ennobled their characters, and they all got a little Derjavini, although it was quite different names.

Say rebellious: I didn’t happen to him the dream of all the actors to transform into any role beyond recognition. When the cute Kid Mihich, the toast, suddenly became a wild beast, or, worse, a scoundrel, a murderer, a woman hater. Anybody may be Othello or Judas Golovlev, I thought, not him!

Why? Yes, because natural charm is a talent and a unique gift that absolutely can not thoughtless and irrational use. It should bear and give light and joy and darkness and the dark deep people, the darkness of compounding, we have enough.


• No one to do bad things

• To deliver good mood. People mostly live suppressed — and around the world. Suppressed each other, society, the state, and if you add a suppressor, it becomes unbearable. So I try to please people.

• To FIB in a good way. Can you think of something or to say about abuser: Yes, he is a wonderful guy!

• Don’t be discouraged if you do not see your name in the distribution of roles in the new play. So, in this simple theatre can turn a trick or to go somewhere to fish.

• Not to swear with friends… I could have argued with Natasha Selezneva, which in half an hour call: you know, you were right. Or I call her: Natalie, sorry for the noise.

• Be happy when you have money, unhappy when they are not really.

On the eve of the anniversary, we leafed through Mikhail Mikhailovich family album

Photo: press service of the artist

We continued together, probably for 70 years. Never had a fight, and I always played the role of such a docile young man who listens to older friend. And he can make a point that you will remember for a lifetime. Can praise in writing, speak well. But never and nowhere did not hurt. And money we did not quarrel. On the monetary issue, Shura — getter, and I pass on his books. I have for him is natural, whether that attitude because we are familiar from childhood: I was ten and he was twelve, lived in the same house. His mother, Raisa samoilovna, was a wonderful editor at the Philharmonic, and my father — a wonderful violinist. My dad played in the concert, which was arranged by his mother. Then, when I grew older, too, have participated in concerts which she organized.

Photo: press service of the artist

Surprising was the play “the Inspector General”. We Shurik play two friends — Bobchinsky and Dobsinska that fall into different situations. They have different lives, and suddenly they were United by one thing — their musty appeared in the Film, and once they have the feeling that here it is, new starts. We all Shura was up to, on the one hand, to be similar to each other to emphasize a single character, but one tended to break. Of Course, Shura.

Photo: A. Poddubny

Roxanne, we were not familiar, although I many times as a broadcaster was represented in the air: “Singing Roksana Babayan”. And then I went with Boris Vladimirov (famous Avdotia the Nikitichna) and a group of Moscow artists in Dzhezkazgan to hack. Board the plane, and Boris says: “But, Mike, let me introduce Oksanochka our”. And we sat in the plane, I was in the mood, told all sorts of stories, and it turned out that we both have our family life on the decline. After that phoned, I invited her to the Theater of satire, and since then 37 years… We were given a nice, big apartment in Ostankino, right in front of the television. And then I hear that the house where I grew up, I was relieved too, one-bedroom apartment, but small. And I came to our Executive Committee Krasnopresnensky and asked if I could exchange? And I said of course. And live.

Photo: press service of the artist

In “Threepenny Opera” I played police chief brown, and Andrei played Mack the Knife. Played fun and good. There was a scene in the prison, there are words to Mack: “To you from London and he was the chief of police”. I think, what would I do? Andrew knew that in this scene I come out from the backstage. I latched on to the word “go”. And then took one of the fake horses from the play “Pippi Longstocking” (it was in the repertoire), sat on it, and when the scenes seemed to be horse-face, Andrei numb.

Photo: A. Poddubny

The first dog that lived at our house, I got an incredible way. My dad went to the circus, and there Mikhail Nikolayevich Rumyantsev, he’s famous Pencil, patted me on the head and said: “Oh, that’s who loves dogs!”. I was extremely excited — he knows about my love for dogs, although the house never had. And he said: “as a reward for animal love I want you, Misha, to give the dog”. And made this little Gryphon. “How would you like to call her?” And at this time was in theaters cartoon “Bambi”, and we are absolutely not saying a word, with him screamed, “Bambi!”. Pencil laughed: “you See, together we said! She’s really a girl — Bambi”. And I thought that Bambi is a boy. Now I’m in the house live two dogs — a shepherd and one a stray, I call it the suburban patrol. And Kosh has the Bullet completely and she’s Pulcheria.

Photo: press service of the artist

Lyusenka — an amazing partner, she is still up to the Comedy “My sailor” played together in our theater. Lucy was delighted when she was told that in this picture will play Mike. Then even confessed to me: “you Know, I understand — I will be quiet for the movie, once you’re there”. And it was so nice to hear: then, praised me in the theater. And then there’s the holiday coincided with the filming, and we went to the Crimea, where they filmed every day. She is an extraordinary professional, and I also tried not to let her down. Enjoyed playing in this Comedy and sang: “Come to me, sailor…”.

Photo: press service of the artist

Andrei, despite the fact that we were like a single, always politely treated us with Shura, probably because younger than us. I was lucky — I played in his productions, and I will say this: he was a very modern guy, extremely felt time — and not only political, it just felt in his performances, he seemed to be saying, you cannot stand still, we must move. I always thought that he was too in a hurry to live. And as it turned out, many have thought: you see how it turns out, was ill. But he does not whine. No-COH-Yes!!! On stage, in stunt scenes, we knew how to catch him, not to cause him pain. And always amazed me when the three of us worked together in concerts — he’s so chic was represented with Shura, which I then thought: maybe I am really?

photo: From personal archive

My grandchildren — Peter and Paul (here still small) is amazing. But, first, very beautiful my daughter Mary from a previous marriage with Nina Budennoy. Secondly, Masha is in very good relations with Roxanne, and they now rallied around me. And guys… Oh, wonderful children, now both under two meters, studying in the UK.

Photo: press service of the artist

To me as I approached Sasha Beliavsky and said, “min, you saw “Squash”?” “Not all, but seen. What’s the matter?” “Yes, I’ve been drawn very much in the movie, and I told the Director, “Zucchini”: try Misha Derzhavin”. So he called me for a shoot. There were almost all our sotirovska, and I’m stuck. Then the transmission started coming Polish musicians, authors, artists, and ended up that we were awarded the title “Merited for Polish culture”.

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