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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Kissing strengthen the immune system and protect from wrinkles

A group of researchers from France came to the conclusion that kissing on the lips is useful for human health, including its immune system. Kissing also supports the tone of the muscles of the face, thereby protecting the person from wrinkles, write the media with reference to the French specialists.

photo: morguefile.com

According to the study, when kissing involves many facial muscles, allowing you to keep them in good shape, and, consequently, to smooth out wrinkles and prevent their appearance. Experts also note that, since the bacteria contained in the mouth of two people, as a rule, coincide only 80 percent share the remaining 20 percent may have a beneficial effect on the immune system kissing. Finally, the researchers note that kissing aktiviziruyutsya production of endorphins, which is sometimes called the “hormone of happiness”: it enhances mood and helps fight stress.

Earlier, another group of scientists from Wayne state University, made the assertion that to kiss the children good for their health. Experts remind that the family scandals occurring in front of children can affect their mental and physical health negatively, and argue that the opposite is true: if children see parents show affection for each other, that their condition improves. According to scientists, children are important confidence that between their parents, there is no conflict, so it is nice to see confirmation.

Another recent study of kissing, has affected mainly one of the “technical” aspects of the process — the experts figured out why people when you kiss you close your eyes. As it turned out, this is not only because the person’s partner is too close, disturbing look at something to focus on, and, primarily, due to the fact that the human brain is unable at the same time to fully process the visual information and the tactile sensation of the kiss.

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