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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Archstoyanie-2016 encroached on the sacred: in the ground and bury the real G

Festival of spatial objects in Nikola-Lenivets (the national Park “Ugra”) is gradually becoming an international brand in natural picturesque scenery the Kaluga province subtly and cleverly honed the most daring artistic ideas, there are incredible buildings, sculptures, towers, lighting installations; one year land art offers all seats in “Noah’s ark”, or to fight with bark beetle, or — as in this time to experience the Park “Versailles” (the main location of the facilities) as Shelters (the theme of 2016), where you can hide from all sorts of sanctions and falling on the head…

Hiking pagoda. Photo: arch.stoyanie.ru

Just died down the already traditional children’s Archstoyanie (“101 hyperboloid”), designed to excite the imagination of Teens, when the boys themselves (along with artists) could make those or other objects, the tower of Babel to “reach the heavens” and learn a number of skills. The Archstoyanie presents nine current projects (right now they are built) in which we mentally took a walk with a curator — architect Anton by Kocherginym.

Anton, first, let’s Orient connoisseurs architect of freedom that have not yet traveled 220 km from Moscow: most of the new objects are around together?

— The route now being developed, says Kochurkin, — it is clear that all the objects located in the Park of Versailles, but some of them — for example, a buried car, or the stone “the comet” (a massive foreign body, “inspiring the hypnotic terror) — will be back from the excursion paths.

— What is the context you put in the subject “Asylum”?

Sanctuary — the theme is old finally decided to implement: Nikola-Lenivets was originally a refuge from the aggressive urban environment, was a Bastion of peace and tranquility (for now, because the number of tourists it is not quite true), the artists here have found peace… and our “Refuge” is a remark on how Nikola-Lenivets once began, it is clear that now is a large — scale, recognized the festival, which is followed all over the world.

— That we would like the participation of foreign designers and architects.

— They will, but only after a year it is a surprise. A “Refuge” in a new context — a place for development; and, the theme instantly found an echo among the creators (applications came from all over the country), and this year more than we usually had planned. Here is already cooking in the swamp of support for “Bridge”, which builds a group of Wowhaus; local craftsmen according to the drawings make the “Bump” of Irina Korina and Ilya Voznesensky.

…Lump of iron will be one of the dominant current Archstoyanie: just imagine a massive design (height — 5.6 m), built out of the 36 police shields protects like a new shoot that develops inside: “How Jack in the box, comment the artists come from the ground the tip of the future bumps; this pernicious infinity formations reminds us of the nested doll system, the principle of nesting dolls in the Russian fairy mythology was often used to images of death…”.

— Where the guys only took the shields…

Yes, the choice is interesting, as well as the context: how many more Russian fronts — one overt, the second hidden…

Go ahead — “a fallen comet” (a huge object in combination with the manufacturing technique and the stone surface) to find it — must try, it is hidden from the eye; then an army tent, which looks like a Chinese pagoda (the Committee of Apollo and Patkonen projects). Then — the iron node.

This new type of sculpture for our Park makes Karelian artist, a great master who lives in the wilds, Dmitry Zhukov. Called “Personal universe number 5,” the project is unique, and as material (metal plate) and form (in the center are placed two living people, around which the iron is drawn into the node). In General, this feature of the Archstoyanie-2016: use materials, which we previously had thought — for example, Dmitry and Elena Kawarga has created an “inhabited sculpture for the people” biomorphic sculpture and made from polymers similar to stretched fabric…

The inhabited sculpture for the people. Photo: arch.stoyanie.ru

Also hidden from the eyes of the buried will be a real G (group Archpoint):

The children successfully participated last year, and now they decided to dig an expensive car, leaving only one hatch on the surface. The idea is very clear, it is our project-bomb: the machine for many became a matter of self-preservation, we are a great part of life spend in car…

— Unfortunately, Yes; and only in our country the car is judged on wealth.

Well, the machine for the Russians is the preservation of his “I”; but in order not to break in Nikola-Lenivets visual landscape in this foreign body, this machine is immersed in the pit. So it becomes a refuge. The project is satirical, but also very deep emotions: after all, expensive car and remains for many a subject of worship.

…In conclusion, we examine performance not famous artist, but a psychologist Naila Gareeva (a popular method of float chambers) — the person sitting in the cage looking at the TV screens, run down news of the world: the idea that in modern society man must be saved from information that is tearing us apart. So in this case, this information is placed in a cage, like a predator that breeds neurosis, heart attacks, strokes.

Well, Pavel Suslov offered his “Head-house the homeless”, it will be the tallest, dominant among others — under six meters; this design of canvas and stretchers, your temporary shelter in the open air. So, get ready for the main summer art adventure.

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