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Sunday, March 18, 2018

“We can not be isolated from their roots and origins”

The most important national holiday – Day of Russia – said on Friday the whole country. More than a thousand events were held in all regions. “The celebrations came lots of people, which no one campaigned and didn’t make”, – eyewitnesses speak. The finale of the festival was megaconcert on red square.

“We cannot be torn away from their roots”

On Friday, Russia celebrated the new holiday in the country’s history. On this day, June 12, 1990 first Congress of people’s deputies of the RSFSR adopted the Declaration on state sovereignty of Russia. Official name is “Day of Russia” was assigned to the festival in 2002. The award of the state prizes traditionally dedicated to this date.

“This holiday is very young, but very important and necessary. We must develop and improve. All celebrations and the organization was on the highest level”

Early in the morning across the country held celebrations devoted to Day of Russia. President Vladimir Putin, in turn, congratulated the Russians and presented awards in the Kremlin. In General across the country have been over a thousand events.

“These ideals of patriotism is so deep and strong that nobody has ever been able and will not be able to transcode Russia to adapt their formats,” said Vladimir Putin in the Kremlin on the award of the state prizes. “We could separate, to detach, to isolate from their roots and origins,” he added, reports TASS.

“Russia not only with honour has overcome the hardest trials, not only just a quarter of a century, made a successful breakthrough in democracy and the market economy, but has managed to establish itself as a modern, open and independent country,” – said Putin, reports RIA “Novosti”.

The head of state stressed that managed not to lose, to preserve the very essence of Russian statehood, preserving the unique ethnic diversity of the people and their historical unity, the age-old tradition, devotion to the Motherland, courage to defend and protect its freedom and independence, its interests.

“Lately, I think you will agree with me that our entire country has shown that it can act in unison, and if we will work with you in the future, we inevitably will succeed”, – said Putin.

“The holiday, which unites”

The head of state noted that the laureates of the state prize – people of different generations, different activities. “I am confident that as long as we have such winners, people like our laureates, we will see only the success,” the President said. Note that the state award is the highest recognition of merits of scientists and cultures to society and the state.

Laureate of the state prize in literature and art, Director of the Museum-reserve “Tarkhany” Tamara Melnikova said the newspaper VIEW that the Day of Russia is a very important holiday for the state. “This holiday is very young, but very important and necessary. We must develop and improve. All celebrations and the organization was at the highest level,” said just received from the hands of the President award Tamara Melnikova.

The interviewee also shared his impressions of the ceremony of state awards in the Kremlin. “The event was very beautiful. The President was on top. His appeal to the winners touched all the soul. He spoke very honestly and openly. This festival truly brings together”, – said Melnikov.

Russia accepts congratulations

Many leaders and representatives of foreign States congratulated the Russian President and the people of Russia.

Prime Minister Narendra modi has congratulated Russians on Day of Russia. “Relations between India and Russia is unique and proven, they are characterized by the extremely friendly attitude of our peoples towards each other” – quoted Indian Agency IANS the Prime Minister.

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko on behalf of Belarusian people and personally congratulated Putin and all Russians on Russia Day. “Today the Russian Federation has established a solid Foundation to further enhance the level and quality of life of citizens, effective development of economy”, – said in greeting.

Lukashenko expressed confidence that “further multifaceted cooperation between Belarus and Russia as an example of successful integration, will fully meet the interests of both countries”, RIA “Novosti”.

In addition, the President of Kyrgyzstan Almazbek Atambayev said that the policy of development of the Russian state, taken 25 years ago, had a positive impact on the development of mutually beneficial bilateral Kyrgyz-Russian relations.

“From the day of adoption of Declaration on state sovereignty of Russia (12 June 1990), the country received a completely new course for the development of the Russian state, which undoubtedly also had a positive impact on the development of mutually beneficial bilateral Kyrgyz-Russian relations,” – said in greeting the Kyrgyz leader.

In addition, the President of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmon also sent a congratulatory telegram to President of Russia Vladimir Putin in connection with the Day of Russia. “For Tajikistan, Russia is a natural strategic partner with whom the relationship will always occupy a priority place in our foreign policy strategy”, – quotes words of the President of Tajikistan’s press service.

It is noteworthy that the celebrations were held not only in Russia but also abroad. So, one of the largest theatres of the China National performing arts center in Beijing held a concert devoted to Day of Russia. Before the audience was the staff of the State academic Capella of Saint-Petersburg Symphony orchestra, soloists and mixed choir, led by people’s artist of Russia Alexander Chernushenko.

“Everything we do is a world heritage and known throughout the world. The programme was entirely in the conduct of the receiving party. I think they have thought through how it will be perceived by the public. I would like to make such concerts have become a tradition. From the point of view of the representation of the country and the political component, it’s a pretty strong step,” – said in an interview with Sputnik Chernushenko, RIA “Novosti”.

The whole country celebrates

The final and most important event of the day of Russia in Moscow was the evening concert on red square, which was attended by famous singers and groups in Russia.

“We have planned a big celebratory program devoted to Day of Russia, the city has museums, parks, exhibition halls, libraries, cultural centres, clubs – more than 200 different venues for celebrations and activity will be more than 1 thousand events. 21 defined Park area, it distributed the map across the territory of Moscow, all Muscovites to attend the event. Including 12 points of cinema, which this time have each their mission,” said shortly before the concert, the head of the Moscow Department of culture Alexander Kibovsky, reports TASS.

In Victory Park on Poklonnaya hill was exhibited a guard of honor from among the best pupils of cadet educational institutions. Moreover, the Sing in the Park”, which performed songs about Russia. Parks passed demonstration performances of Olympic Champions, athletes will be racing relay. Lianozovo Park held open competitions of Moscow on a power extreme among men.

Yekaterinburg has teamed up

Festive and at the same time, the original events took place in many regions – for example, in Yekaterinburg. The commander of the parachute unit, multiple prize-winner of the championship of Russia on parachuting Dmitry Pollin commented the newspaper VIEW holiday parachute jump, held in Yekaterinburg in honor of Day of Russia. “Especially for the festive day were trained parachutists and was held a training event. It’s a lot of people that are very important to us,” said Pollin.

“A group of paratroopers led by experienced athlete who carried the flag of Russia, landed in the historical part of Yekaterinburg. We managed to unite the people in honor of the holiday and to hold a show jumping, which was very entertaining and spectacular,” said the famous athlete.

Deputy Director of Department of internal policy of the Governor of Sverdlovsk region Alexander Pollin said the newspaper VIEW that the festival in Ekaterinburg and the region as a whole was a great success. “I would particularly like to stress that the celebrations came lots of people, which no one campaigned and not forced. People’s attitudes to this holiday at a very high level,” added Pollin.

“We have held many events that were organized by many different organizations. They were all United in a single complex. The morning events were held with the participation of the United choir of Ekaterinburg, which was a great success. Then there was a March of civil society activists with the name “My flag – Russian”. There was a rally and an exhibition of vintage cars. All ended with a concert program”, – said the source.

Holiday as part of the national identity

Member of the Public chamber of the Russian Federation, head of Federal project “Sober Russia” Sultan Hamzaev in comments the newspaper VIEW stressed the importance of the day of Russian national identity. “The day of Russia is paramount for the Russian state, as it reflects the main point of respect for their country, history and culture,” said Sultan Khamzayev.

“Indeed, it is a young holiday, and every year it passes a certain stage of evolution and formation. Moreover, the attitude to this holiday has changed for the better. Every year the society and the government are increasingly sympathetic to the Day of Russia. This is a very important and necessary. Emphasize that a well-set mechanism explain the importance of a holiday that has, as we see positive results,” he added.

“Our project (Federal project “Sober Russia” – approx. OPINION) takes an active part in the festivities in different cities and regions. In some places our activists are organizers of events and doing it heartily and willingly. Especially would like to highlight regions such as Perm, Pskov, Dagestan, Rostov, Moscow, the Moscow region,” – said Sultan Khamzayev.

The interviewee particularly stressed the Crimea, which shows a positive example of patriotism and the relationship to their country.

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