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Saturday, March 17, 2018

The killer of American journalists took revenge for racism

American Vester Flanagan, who killed two former colleagues – journalists of the TV station WDBJ, in the suicide note linked the crime with the oppression of blacks. Flanagan wrote that he suffered from racial discrimination, sexual harassment and bullying at work. Psychiatrists told what such activities more: discrimination or psychopathy.

Tied with revenge

“We are talking about people with “sharp features” of the individual”

Killed two journalists of the TV station WDBJ in USA Vester Flanagan left a suicide note in which he said that he had taken this step in response to the shooting in the Church of the city of Charleston on June 17 this year, as well as racial discrimination, sexual harassment and harassment at work against him, reports RIA “Novosti” with reference to the channel ABC.

On Wednesday, the TV station WDBJ reported the killing of two of their current employees a former. A former employee of channel 41-year-old Vester Flanagan opened fire in the shopping centre of the village of Coin (VA), and the tragedy happened on live American television.

The footage, filmed moments before the tragedy, it is clear that the film crew interviewed customers of the shopping center before shots rang out. Victims employees of the company named Alison Parker and Adam ward.

The killer was discovered wounded at the highway. He shot himself while driving, then the car slid into a ditch. In serious condition, the suspect was taken to hospital where he died.

To suicide Flanagan managed to publish in social networks own footage of the crime, which scored a huge number of views.

Video double murder, shot “first person”, was published on the accounts in Facebook and Twitter. After some time, according to Agence France-Presse, these pages were removed but the video quickly went viral.


The echo of the tragedy

The situation in Virginia, where the murders of journalists, now tense. According to the newspaper Independent, the local police even threatened the journalists, removing material about the death of colleagues with WDBJ.

One of the first there has arrived the correspondent Bi-bi-si, and one of the officers began to threaten the White house reporter Tara McKelvey and video journalist Franz Strasser, stating that he would take away their camera and car if they did not remove the footage, which “may constitute evidence”.

“Police in Virginia took our camera and made us delete the footage today when we did a story about the shooting,” – said then McKelvey. Strasser also posted in social networks the message about the incident.

Aware of the incident and the management of law enforcement agencies of Virginia, it noted that “such actions violate the policy of the state police”.

The Guardian cites the reaction to the killing of other American journalists: “This is the worst day in my career. The worst day in all of our careers. We lost beloved colleagues,” they write.

The family of one of the dead – Alison Parker describes the girl as “our bright, shining light… which was brutally extinguished another crazy person with a gun.”

The second victim – operator Adam ward – stayed bride Melissa who worked with him as a producer and saw the murder of a dear man for himself live.

Flanagan, who played in the ether under the alias Bryce Williams, was fired from the channel in 2013 and then tried unsuccessfully to sue former employers. In addition, the court documents contain information that Flanagan also had a tendency toward aggressive behavior, it probably fired him from work.

Relatives and Flanagan has already expressed “deep sorrow” over the incident. “Our thoughts and prayers at this time are with the families,” they say.

Responded to high-profile crimes and some TV channels. Thus, the American channel USA Networks carried the broadcast of the final episode of the series “Mr. Robot” because of the murder of colleagues. This was done because the final series of the season, “Mr. Robot” “contains scenes similar to the tragic events in Virginia.”

“Out of respect for the victims, their families and colleagues, as well as our viewers, we move the stream for tonight’s episode – said on the channel.

He added that after the murder of journalists, the White house urged to limit the circulation of weapons in the United States, but such statements sounded and earlier. The problem for US is not new.

Psychiatric diagnosis

As told the newspaper VIEW head of the Center for legal and psychological assistance in emergency situations Mikhail Vinogradov, criminals are always trying to bring under their actions some justification, some favorable premise for them. And the current gunner in the United States is no exception. Experts were not surprised to hear that Flanagan linked the murder of colleagues with quite a different crime, and the alleged harassment to him.

“Such crimes are committed or mentally ill people, or those in respect of whom previously used the term “psychopath”, now this term refused, – said the expert. – We are talking about people with “sharp features” of the individual”.

Thus, according to Vinogradova, in fact mentally ill people who commit crimes under the influence of the disease, some hallucinations, do it many times less so-called psychopaths.

“From the numbers registered in each country and in particular, we mentally ill patients, only 2% of the force is ready to take aggressive action. But the people were not satisfied with their situation, their lives, believe that they deserve more, wishing to become famous, having accumulated anger on others, go on a crime many times more often,” he said.

The expert mentioned the problem of racism in the United States, which, in his opinion, is not the only reason for pushing people like Flanagan, a crime, but aggravates the overall situation.

“Of course, what you say – social conditions – are of great importance. And when blacks in the USA feel bad attitude, incite hatred, pushing people with unstable mentality to illegal actions”, – he said.

However, added Vinogradov, in this regard, we must not forget about one very important fact – the last few years the United States led by President Barack Obama – also people with dark skin. While African Americans continue to talk about oppression, and that in recent years have mass demonstrations.

Review about murder in Virginia and gave Russian TV presenter Vladimir Pozner. According to him, no one is immune from the outputs of mentally ill people, and it’s not in the profession, reports RIA “Novosti”.

“I would not have attributed it to things that somehow are a threat to the profession of journalist is very different threats, but in this case, the person is clearly mentally deranged, and it’s already installed, and it can threaten anyone,” – said Posner.


Killer colleagues wrote in his dying message about revenge for racism. It is no secret that this problem is really very serious in the United States. In recent time there have been several riots over police brutality against African Americans.

We will remind, on June 18 in the shooting at the Church of the city of Charleston in the United States, members of which are members of the African-American community, killing nine people.

The killer was named as 21-year-old Dylan Ruth, who was in prison on drug charges and illegal entry into the territory.

American police have officially deemed the cause of the mass murder in Charleston hatred.

Researchers at Harvard University say that, contrary to official statistics, over the past three years the number of mass shootings in America has increased.

For several months, continued unrest in the American Ferguson, where a white police officer during the arrest killed a black teenager. In other American cities also held mass protests in solidarity with Ferguson.

As reported by the newspaper VIEW, the riots in Ferguson revealed two problems of the United States – the double standards applied by Washington against America itself and the rest of the world, and the real picture of the state of ethnic relations in American society. In both measurements, nothing good for the United States is not visible.

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