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Monday, February 19, 2018

The expected solution

Tomorrow the Federation Council will consider the reappointment of Yuri Chaika to the position of attorney General for another five-year term. Recently with the offer to keep him at the head of the Prosecutor General by the President Vladimir Putin. The chief Prosecutor directs the office continuously since 2006, and there is no doubt that the Senate agree with the President’s decision. The root cause for many obvious results of the activities of the Supervisory authority, which is associated with the name of the attorney General.

Effective communication

When attempts are made to evaluate the work of the Prosecutor General in the first place come to mind are high-profile corruption cases, investigated the role of the Agency was leading. Remembered last year criminal proceedings instituted against Vyacheslav Gaizer, the former head of the Komi Republic and other senior officials of the region and the former Governor of Sakhalin region Alexander Khoroshavin, who is accused of receiving bribes, the biggest of which us $ 5.6 million. Recently, southern-the Sakhalin city court paid state income property prizes worth over 1.1 billion rubles. the Former official, his wife and son were unable to explain the origin of expensive property, at a cost many times greater than their combined income. Moreover, the court made this decision without waiting for the verdict of the prizes. This was made possible thanks to the advanced powers of prosecutors during the investigation may appeal to the courts with claims for recovery of funds and property in the state. As it turns out, an escape from the watchful eye of the Prosecutor’s there and abroad, which prefer to run a thieving officials and businessmen of all calibers. In 2010 the country returned to more than 52 million. which the Federal judiciary of the Swiss Confederation were transferred to the account of “Aeroflot” in compensation for the damage caused by Boris Berezovsky. The money was taken out of the company in 1996-1998, by means of transactions between Aeroflot and Berezovsky Swiss company “Andava”.

The process of returning the stolen funds from abroad, do not fast. However, in recent years the Department of the Seagull has managed to establish more effective cooperation with law enforcement authorities in other countries. So, in 2012 the Prosecutor General’s office has made the Land from the Princely court of Liechtenstein decisions on arrest of accounts (more than $ 10 million.) Andrei Borodin, former President and co-owner of “Bank of Moscow”, the accused in the multibillion-dollar embezzlement from the Bank. In the past year Switzerland has frozen the accounts of Borodin and another top Manager of a credit institution in the amount of 361 million dollars.

In France for 2.5 years in custody, the former Minister of Finance of Moscow region Alexey Kuznetsov, accused of embezzling more than 11 billion rubles. from utilities and from the budget of Moscow region. It is expected that soon the French authorities will decide on the extradition of the former official. In addition, the Prosecutor General’s office has reached an agreement with colleagues about the seizure and subsequent sale in favor of Russia Kuznetsov owned apartments in Paris and villas in Saint-Tropez with a total value of 20 million euros.

The success of the Agency at the international level the specialists associated primarily with the figure of the public Prosecutor. According to the Director of the International Institute of political expertise Evgeny Minchenko, Yuri Chaika “for the last time showed a fairly high efficiency in communications with their foreign counterparts for the return of the stolen property of the Russian Federation”. “And we know that Russia has previously regularly had problems with communication with other countries, with their power structures”, — he added.

On the side of the law

It’s not all resonance investigation. To ordinary Russians, such activities of the Department Yuri Chaika gives hope that with their modest in scale, the problems will be solved.

According to the Prosecutor General annually in its bodies are turning more and more people. In five years, the number of complaints has increased almost twice, amounting to in 2015, more than 5.5 million Of them 80% are considered directly by prosecutors. As a result, last year approximately 636 thousand officials were brought to disciplinary responsibility, 302 thousand to administrative, instituted nearly 25 thousand criminal cases in the courts sent more than 770 thousand claims for a total amount of 28 billion rubles Only on the delays and non-payment of salaries of prosecutors has attracted more than 50 thousand employers and got 544 criminal cases. At the last Board of the Supervisory authority of its head called subordinates to be more vigilant in dealing with debts to employees, which, according to him, at the end of 2015 exceeded 4 billion rubles. and increased by 760 million rubles.

Interruptions in wages and an overall reduction in incomes are often followed by a fall in purchasing power, but this does not reduce the number of violations in the sphere of trade. Serious manipulation of the prices began in 2014, when Russia imposed sanctions. Then the Prosecutor’s office reacted quickly – raids at retail outlets, including pharmacies, restore consumer rights. In March 2015, the Agency simultaneously checked the largest retail network across the country, so the price tags in “Pyaterochka”, “Auchan” and “Dixie” was recorded.

Sorry, finally solve the problem failed so far. But the state office of public Prosecutor continues to struggle with the same pharmaceutical mafia, the fault of which grow the maximum selling price, or the shelves of pharmacies are forced out of cheap domestic drugs. In the past year the Agency has achieved that in the Volgograd region, the Krasnodar and Stavropol territories have taken steps to ensure that the necessary medication young kids and expensive medicines for seriously ill residents of these regions. In the Republic of Bashkortostan and Saint-Petersburg has corrected the situation limit the size of trade margins on baby food.

Last year prosecutors helped to restore the rights of many low-income citizens — families with many children, orphans, people with disabilities. Parents with many children received the promised land, compensation for nutrition of children of school age in the Republic of Kalmykia payment for meals reimbursed 900 families. All was fixed about 3 thousand violations.

Now the Prosecutor’s office was closely engaged in restoring order in the credit market, especially the microfinance, as well as in the collection services. About their activities, in fact, not regulated by law, became widely known last year. Prosecutor General’s office has found that numerous violations in this area are connected with lack of control by authorities in certain regions, for example, in the Primorsky Krai, Kurgan, Omsk and Rostov regions. Their Supervisory functions are forgotten and the territorial bodies of Rospotrebnadzor in the republics of Adygea, Dagestan, Stavropol region, Kursk, Ryazan region and other regions. Were cases that the perpetrators were exempted from responsibility. All in all, 2015 the Prosecutor’s office found more than 12.6 thousand violations of the law and is going to continue to take additional measures in order to act effectively.

An interactive help

Of course, the dry figures of statistics few will say that those who, fortunately, have not had the need to contact the Prosecutor’s office. The specialists for them to find a shift in priorities of the Prosecutor General in the social direction. “The traditional priorities — the fight against crime, security, etc. — was added and the aspects related to the social health of society,” — said the first Vice-President of Fund “the Center of political technologies” Alexey Makarkin. Including this expert explains Putin’s decision on the reappointment of Yuri Chaika. “The attorney General is perceived by the President as a man who is capable of solving significant problems in such socially important spheres as protection of workers against nonpayment of wages, the problem is veterans, and protect small businesses from unnecessary audits,” said Makarkin.

In the Prosecutor General’s office reducing the number of Supervisory inspections of the business associate, including that earned the Unified register of checks. “This information system is designed to improve the security of managing subjects in the course of Supervisory activities, to ensure the publicity and transparency of their conduct” — explained in Department. However, the validation recognize the Prosecutor’s office is not the only problem. Prosecutor intervention require cases when state and municipal customers delaying payment made by the owners of the obligations under the contracts. By the end of last year, these debts exceeded 25 billion rubles. Administrative and disciplinary punishment suffered more than 600 civil servants. The situation seems to be reversed, but to relax the Supervisory Agency is not going to.

Increasingly, business representatives complain of administrative barriers in the sphere of land relations. For 2015 prosecutors counted 500 illegal inspections performed by the authorities of land control. A serious problem, and criminal prosecution of businessmen. Just last year, the Prosecutor’s office cancelled more than 2.2 thousand resolutions on initiation of criminal cases on economic crimes. Violations in this sphere the Ministry attributed the illegal actions of law enforcement officers who abuse their official authority, and take responsibility for changing the situation for themselves. Yuri Chaika said a subordinate at the last Board of the Prosecutor General: “need to check, literally under the microscope, the legality of initiation of criminal cases against businessmen.”

The call of the President to stop “terrorizing” business should promote, according to the attorney General, and the working group on monitoring of law enforcement practice in the sphere of entrepreneurship, recently created on the site of the presidential administration. Not superfluous will and direct dialogue with business and civil society that the office in recent years successfully establishes. This work, according to Alexei Makarkin, was conducted before, and now activated. The political scientist believes that it is not only President, but also with the position of the leadership of the General Prosecutor’s office. “To live solely within their professional community is now impossible, — the expert believes. — Society becoming more open, it requires a greater amount of information, and the Prosecutor’s office the necessary feedback.” Because of increased interaction with the public increases the transparency of prosecutors and credibility, according to Yevgeny Minchenko. As an element of openness he called the raise awareness of the citizens about the results of activities of the Department. “Any form of interaction with the population should be encouraged”, – said Minchenko. According to the analyst, one dry statistics is clearly insufficient for performance of the Prosecutor General appreciated not only state leaders but also ordinary citizens.

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