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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

The award ceremony of “Kinotavr” Fedor Bondarchuk came with Paulina Andreeva

27-th Open Russian film festival “Kinotavr” closed. Jury headed by film Director Nikolai Lebedev was awarded the Grand Prix film “a Good boy” by Oksana Karas, which the audience, consisting mainly of filmmakers who met on “hurrah!”. The jury turned in the direction of the audience movie.

Photo: Gennady Avramenko

This picture is about school made in the spirit of Soviet cinema, which are nostalgic not only the audience but also the filmmakers, regardless of age.

The prize for best Director was awarded absent at “Kinotavr” Kirill Serebrennikov and also for student film “the Apprentice.” Among these works – the abyss. According to the Director and a jury member of Janik Fayzieva, Kirill Serebrennikov, filling the space with most amount of energy. “He is a great Director,” said much younger the producer of “the Apprentice” Elijah Stewart.

The closing ceremony was led by Dmitry Dyuzhev, who shared with the audience at the Winter theatre, their experiences of refusal of the jury. “Here I sit in a chair and I pass judgment on the movies, my friends, – says Dmitry. – The decision of the jury can be one hundred percent not mine, but have to decide in any case, my personal. Don’t associate the unpleasant decision with the personalities of those who it declares. I refused to be a member of the jury frightened. My teacher Vladimir Khotinenko long was rushing after all sorts of words that he worked in the jury.” In General, he preferred the peaceful sleep of the nervous feelings. As you know, the decision of any jury always are dissatisfied.

Actress Maria Shalaev, handing specila noticed what a good fellow he revealed: “I Want to make enemies, go to the jury, tired of the friends – again go to the jury.” As a reward, she gave the film “a very young man, made with healthy energy, mischief and a sense of humor “For best Thriller.

This award went to the debut tape “the Lights of a village Teacher Ilya is the son of film Director Alexey Uchitel. One of the roles it has played the host of the ceremony. The role of the so called – Dmitry Dyuzhev. The excited winner admitted that his film appeared with this actor: “I’m not prepared to go on stage, so I don’t know what to say. I once rented a movie, where Masha Shalaeva has played a major role. Thought she won’t be with me to talk anymore, because I did not finish”. While this is a great opportunity for a novice Director. To work in the style Żory Gooseberry family want many, not all turns out.

Specdial (not the prize, as usual). Mikael Tariverdiev’s music “Wake me up” received two composer – Italian Giorigio Jampa and our Igor Vdovin. Took reward Director Guillaume Protsenko – a Frenchman with Russian roots.

The prize for best screenplay to them. Grigory Gorin was presented by Igor Vernik, who described his daily routine at “Kinotavr: lunch, dinner, dancing… Surely he was not far off from the truth.

“I write scripts. For a long time. A lot. While at the table, “filled”. – This year wrote a brilliant script and look to the Directors, who give their story. Come, do not hesitate”.

Member of the jury is writer and Director Anna Parmas wanted to see something “unexpected, brazen, and professional.” And found it all to work again absent Konstantin Chelidze, “the Lights of a village. Two prizes one picture suggests that it is the jury liked it.

Operator Sergey Machilsky joked: “the competition one of the roots was not. Therefore…”.

The best operator was the work of Denis Nicholas in the film “the Collector”. Indeed, to shoot in the same room and even at night, when the lights go out – had to manage, and the jury gave a Herculean task.

This painting is another prize for best actor. He got Constantine Habenskogo, who came by one day to introduce the film, but the ceremony never came back.

Maria Shalaeva, in presenting the award, remarked “I Have such luck. If you get the prize this year are sitting without work. Constantine Habenskogo is unlikely to face. He has a tough schedule. Received a reward from it Director Alexey Krasovsky: “Constantine was unable to attend. He is a brave man who agreed to star in an independent movie. I hope that following him will we have an independent television and independent courts”.

And here Sergey Bezrukov returned to Sochi with his wife and Director Anna matison, although she is in her sixth month of pregnancy. But the jury ignored their picture “After you.” Gosha Kutsenko with his family also returned to Sochi, but his debut “the Doctor” the jury was not impressed.

The prize for best actress was handed to a wonderful actress Natalia Pavlenkova, who played a woman with a tail in “Zoology” by Ivan Tverdovsky. According to Sergei Machilsky, good roles in competition films were many, they were discussed, the debates were heated, and with small advantage won by Natalia pavlenkova. “When I was 30,” says the laureate, ” I lifted your face to the sky and said, “Where’s my film?”. It needs somewhere to be. But then my Director then just born. My first thank you – to the parents of Ivan Tverdovsky. My tenderness and love for him is endless. He gave me moments of joy”.

On the eve of the closing ceremony was attended by the Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky. Coming on the scene, he joked about the lack of a dress code: Suit I have, but somehow invited”. He was awarded the prize for debut, saying: “From newcomers depends what will be our movie. The main thing – not to be afraid. Here I was on a plane “Sergei Eisenstein”. And the train goes “Vyacheslav Tikhonov”.

Medina wished the newcomers to ever their names are called ships and planes. Film critic and jury member Nina Zarkhi, together with the Minister handed over this award was “a matter of the film, which proves the arbitrariness of boundaries and taboos between documentary and fiction film” and talks about very relevant things. “Strange work” by Denis Shabaev is an example of the total authorship. He – the Director, cameraman and editor in one person. His characters are migrants from Tajikistan.

Documentaries are once again convinced us that they can be more entertaining than the feature films. “Is someone else’s job” filmed in a year and a half. Director and now continues to communicate with his hero, who spent a year in Tajikistan, he returned to Moscow, and above it hangs the threat of deportation because of the time of unpaid fines. I will have to go home, then to return to Moscow. Many do, but you need to change the name.

The Grand Prix was presented by the Chairman of the jury and the champion rolled Nikolai Lebedev, who not only films, but also blockbusters “Legend N 17” and “Crew”. Nicholas remembered that he participated with his works in festivals in the contest “Kinotavr”, but anything other than an Amateur of the prize “Large starfish” by Vera Glagoleva and Tigran Keosayan did not get: “Not prizes and not their absence decide your fate and only you”.

The authors of “Good boy” before the closing ceremony decided a good rest, went to the mountain, and the Director of Oksana Karas argued with his 16-year-old actor Simon by Treskunova (he managed to play 30 pictures) for ice cream about who wins. Then she told “MK”, made a bet on the “Student” Cyril Serebrennikov, and it so happened that she took the main award. And Semyon Treskunov did not expect such an outcome. He thanked the mother, who was in the audience: “If not for her, perhaps things would have been different.”

Nikolay Lebedev said the words that ought to the organizers of “Kinotavr” to say before: “it So happened that during our holiday died Oleg karavaychuk, cameraman Alexander Rybin, and before that Alexey Zharkov”. The audience observed a moment of silence, and applause. Aleksei Zharkov was not on the eve of the opening of the “Kinotavr”, but his name is not sounded on that day, although the festival was opened for the audience at the Theater square by the film “Caucasian captive”, where he is a great role. But better late than never.

26 films were screened in the short competition, the main award of the jury under the guidance of producer Elena Glikman was awarded to the picture “Credit” Vadim Valiullina. How to tell the Director, “this film is Arthouse, but we love genre movies.”

Guild of film critics on the eve of the opening ceremony was also discussed: not to award the award to any of films. The scene in the presence of Minister of culture Medinsky, a statement was made: the Year of the Russian cinema – the year of the decline Russian cinema, as evidenced by the level of the presented paintings. However, from the refusal to award the award of criticism is still by the majority of votes have refused and found in the competition films that meet their criteria. “Elephant” got “Zoology” by Ivan Tverdovsky, and cum – documentary “Strange work” by Denis Shibaeva with the wording “For the production of a documentary Opera “Les Miserables”.

The main social event of the ceremony was public and even ostentatious appearance of Fyodor Bondarchuk with his new sweetheart, actress Paulina Andreeva, who strongly posed in front of cameras. Even before the closure of the ex-wife of Fedor – Svetlana Bondarchuk appeared on the stage of the Winter theatre is to present short films made in the charity event to help children. At the closing ceremony she was not present. So a couple Bondarchuk – Andreeva became official.

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