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Friday, February 23, 2018

The actress chopped off his tail: summing up “Kinotavr”

Each day guests and participants watched the films based on the production topic. So the case of Alexander Gelman is alive and well. On the screen we saw patients in surgery, they removed the tumor, I want to return to the pilots, stamp passports at the airport, beat out debts from debtors, proofread articles for the encyclopedia, not to be in them inaccuracies.

photo: Gennady Avramenko

Sergey Bezrukov, Anna matison and Alexander Rodnyansky.

Sergey Bezrukov played in the film his wife Anna matison “After you” the role of the once famous dancer, now neglected. He says:

— I never starred in auteur cinema. It is a revelation to re — try their hand. Every person concerned in addition to biological things — a baby and so on — what he will leave behind. The artist remains in the memory of their roles. I’ve always loved dance, was the first in the class. And now played a ballet dancer. Jumps in the film was performed by Denis Matvienko and I needed to do a basic dance. I’ve always been a fan of Baryshnikov and Pina Bausch. The production “Adventures” directed Karbauskis in the theater under the direction of Oleg Tabakov was the impetus to our film. Ballet age is short, it lasts up to 35 years. And in my 42 is still allowed to dance modern. The choreographer Radu Poklitaru knows how to inspire. At the first rehearsal he told me kind words, trust, in addition to the jumps, do everything yourself. But in the ballet I’m a fan. But who danced without doubles, so this Anastasia Bezrukova, who played my daughter. She’s my namesake. I was worried more than Anastasia, was afraid of wrong, and I’ll have something to reshoot. She didn’t make mistakes. Here they are, geeks! Today the way to attract attention is a scandal. Realizing this, my hero Temnikov is the “Let them talk” and dancing in the air, where killing yourself to live. How is that not a show? It is in the spirit of our television.

— You always got along with the Director?

Scandals with my wife Anna we were not only artistic arguments. I won’t recognize myself in this movie. So back I haven’t held. How long can you go bent? I had before to play drunk, and it seemed that I know how to do it. But what about the drunk by Temnikova, which for the first time in 20 years drank? In his opinion such dignity. Then I was confused. I was looking for, tried it, but Anna was not content with this. She said not, not. We saw a real Temnikova — Mozart. Mozart drank too. I know this because I played in “Amadeus”. The choreographer Radu Poklitaru strictly refers to movies about ballet, don’t like “Black Swan” Darren Aronofsky. He was concerned that we didn’t get something similar. Sometimes I’m so fond of, improvised to such an extent that it became a. Anya told me: “where Temnikov?”. In the end, I cut out everything that I did as Sergey Bezrukov.

— Why your character is behaving disrespectfully to people, suddenly becomes so silk at a meeting with Valery Gergiev, who appears in the frame in person?

— Temnikov — personality, like Gergiev, which allowed him to realize what my hero had long dreamed of. And how would you behave in his place? It’s basic gratitude.

The film “Student” directed by Kirill Serebrennikov disturbed the peace. About him were arguing a lot. And events in a gay club in the US, where it killed 50 people, only added interest. “The idea I reject psychiatry, said silver of his fanatical hero who believed in God. Schoolboy Benjamin builds a personal Church, and is an ersatz religion. Afraid of what he makes adults themselves to obey. Evil is often not immediately looks evil disguises itself in the clothes of good. We often are not able to hear anything, to build a digestible dialogue, but scared ready. Through the fear very effectively to influence us, but to build something you can only briefly. When we were filming in Kaliningrad and needed actors for the roles of students, we found them in the theater studios. But they turned out to be some wrong. Then I came up with the idea of inviting athletes, because they are real, like war, never lie. Kaliningrad children worked with great dedication. Why do we go in this city? We needed a place that could bring forth such a creature as the boy Benjamin, a city with triple fate, with the various historical texts, superimposed on each other. Today the Bible is in the public domain. And if she gets into immature minds, they fished in it that pulls out from her boy Benjamin, and then the Bible becomes a weapon of destruction. In school we must teach the truth. It is not necessary to feed children fiction. They instantly feel falseness. The school should be taught the survival course, the person has to be ready for life.”

The script of the film “the Collector” was written by Konstantin Khabensky. Many it was seen as a drama, found no correlation with the reality in the scenario. Many inconsistencies. In fact, a minor person is in the center of public attention after a video depicting his unseemly act. We don’t even know what. So, actor someone is not convinced that offended Konstantin Khabensky. He is in the hearts of even said that, obviously, made the wrong casting. For the film Director Alexey Krasovsky his character is anti-hero. Himself Konstantin Khabensky sure that we are somehow involved in what is happening in this film, even if not directly dealt with collectors: “I didn’t have to talk with representatives of the “blood” of the profession. More importantly, we are faced with a choice. Nobody cares what was the exchange rate a year ago, and the concept of friendship, relationships, men and women are human, not digital — is significant. The film was shot over seven nights. Nothing to worry about. This work”.

photo: Gennady Avramenko

The film that caused the most passionate debate, “Zoology” by Ivan Tverdovsky — about the woman who grew a tail. “We have long fantasized on the subject of tail, made sketches, — says Ivan. — Originally it was thicker, longer and with hair. Poor Natalia Pavlenkova! It is a thousand times itself tried it on. It is made of silicone, is controlled by a remote and very heavy. Our heroes are like animals, someone was nicknamed the Pig. These types of create a comic and bring in the movie theme of Zoology. We are all mammals, but are of divine origin. We have a lot in common with apes, we need to communicate with them. Often we overestimate ourselves and underestimate them. This is a story about a woman who in the end, your tail cut off. “The nose” by Gogol became our reference book. For me it’s a movie about love. We must all love each other, and often do not love not only themselves but also their loved ones, parents. And to love everyone. In a world where the heroine lives, love does not exist, so Natasha cuts the tail.”

For the actress Natalia Pavlenkova this is the third collaboration with Ivan Tverdovsky: “But I resisted! I began to speak the voice of the Director, went as he walks. In my life I completely different. To be gentle and meek, as here, are not peculiar to me. Sometimes I cried into my pillow, but the captain on the bridge is always the same, and it’s not the artist she is, and the Director Tverdovsky. In this story, no one loved me. And without a tail I did not need anyone. Love is in short supply. My heroine has no children, no friends. But if someone wants the light in the film, it is better then to go to the Pushkin Museum or the Conservatory. As for the tail, I pulled over a rubber ass, putting it with the tail in the pants. Would put on in the morning and so went to lunch and did not drink”.

The painting “Man from the future” of the Novel Artemyev has grown from a short. “It’s a stylized old Soviet Comedy,” says producer Sergey Selyanov. — The audience was discouraged me. They said it was the best film of “Kinotavr” and the year. Worked the Soviet inoculation. I am glad our unheroic hero. Look at him, and the soul becomes good. I believe that we need to make every effort to spectator debuts growing. The casting was great. The Director wrote the screenplay based on Alexander Bashirov, and he’s a complicated fellow. No one could find who could work with him in pair. Until Alexander readout”.

Alexander Chislova had to show courage and being naked: “We’ve been rehearsing. Finally shooting period, and Roma said that I have to run naked. But I in my life have changed, and I didn’t care. Besides, 30 years ago, in the film “one Hundred days before the order”, I also filmed naked. Adrenaline is stepped on. I had earlier starring roles, but for a long time, for example, in the painting “the death of the gravedigger”, and “one Hundred days before the order” the movie I was dying. I have about 250 pictures. I broke during filming. I used to drink, smoke, rape on the screen, and then nothing happened. Rape I was raped, but love my heroes were not, and in a sex scene I had not participated. But it’s not pornography, but art. What’s strange? And as I dead beat! But I’m not superstitious. Teachers at the Institute advised me to the circus to go. I even Nikulin was familiar. Now baptized, when by the circus school pass. I’m fearless, there is always risk. And the money does not interest me. Can without them to work, and frequently do”.

In Sochi ended the 27-th Open Russian film festival “Kinotavr” (52 photos)

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