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Saturday, March 17, 2018

In a country of 3 million people celebrated the day of Russia

The celebrations in honour of Day of Russia has collected more than 3 million people in the country, in addition, it is widely noted abroad. Celebrated in Canada, Spain, Syria and on the International space station. In new York, in Manhattan, there is a banner with the slogan “Russia. Imagine a world without her”, reminiscent of the achievements of Russians, which are all over the world.

In the festive events devoted to Day of Russia, all over the country participated more than 3 million people, said yesterday the representative of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia Irina Wolf. “Violations of public order admitted was not, she said. – June 12 in all the subjects of the Russian Federation took place about 2,100 various cultural events in honour of the main national holiday of the country.”

“The Russians feel the United family”


Also in Simferopol was held, multinational dance flashmob “We are one”, dedicated to Day of Russia. Flashmob combines elements of Greek, Jewish, German, Ukrainian, Crimean Tatar and Russian tanzina red square concert, which gathered about 30 thousand spectators. “Public order and security of citizens on this day was maintained by the police, cadets of departmental educational institutions, employees of private security organizations, representatives of DND and other departments,” added the Agency. At ENEA opened in Moscow organized by the Federal Agency for the Affairs of nationalities, the Festival of the peoples of Russia, which guests were able to appreciate the beauty of folk costumes, taste national dishes and visit the original Yurt, a tent and a Russian hut.

The first Day of Russia said the residents of Vladivostok. There have revived the tradition of the midday cannon-shot, which arose in the late 19th century. Blank volley thundered from the pier, where there are warships. Another tradition of this day was a solemn ceremony of the young citizens passport.

After the inhabitants of the Far East and Siberia of the Russia Day celebrated in the Central part of Russia, where the inhabitants of the region took part in rallies, flash mobs and concerts. Also the celebration was held in the Crimea. In Simferopol, for example, was a multinational dance flashmob “We are one”. He gathered more than a thousand people, Vice-Premier of the Crimean government Ruslan Balbec. Flash mob dance combines elements of Greek, Jewish, German, Ukrainian, Crimean Tatar and Russian dances. According to Vice-Premier, “this record will be included in the Book of records of Russia. Such a Grand participation of all national-cultural communities have not been anywhere”, – he stressed. In addition, the representatives of 30 different peoples of the Peninsula carried a large Russian flag. “All attempts to sow discord between the peoples are futile and useless. The Russians, regardless of nationality feel like one big family,” said Balbec.

“Our strength is in solid unity”

Dedicated to the Russia Day events were held on the base Hamim Russian HQs in Syria. With a public holiday the staff congratulated the commander of the armed forces in Syria, the Hero of Russia, Colonel-General Alexander Dvornikov. “On this day we honour our Homeland. A country with a millennial history and a unique heritage. The country, connecting on a huge space many peoples, territories and cultures. Our strength is in the solid unity of the army and the people. Therefore, we are confident in our abilities,” said Dvornikov. The most distinguished in the performance of special tasks the military commander gave an extraordinary title, presented awards and valuable gifts.

Not gone unnoticed the Day of Russia and abroad. On the eve of the holiday in the heart of new York city, in Manhattan, has placed a banner with the slogan “Russia. Imagine a world without her.” On the banner, the activists gave examples of what Russia has given the world. These include the invention of Vladimir Zworykin television, the first flight of man in space, victory over Nazism in the Second world war and the liberation of Syria from terrorists.

In Spain on the eve of the celebration in front of city hall of Burgos (the capital of the Autonomous community of Castile and Leon) hung a Russian tricolor. A huge flag with the coat of arms and two St. George ribbons on a white background at the edges placed on the facade of one of the buildings located on the Central square Plaza Mayor. As reported by the house owner and co-founder of European platform of friends of Russia” Eugenio Dorio, with this gesture, the activists wanted to “demonstrate respect for Russia on the day of its national holiday.” He recalled that Russia and Spain have always been friendly countries and directly never faced each other in any war, “although Russia now admits that it represents a threat to US bases in Spain in terms of growth of military tension in Europe, which is contrary to the interests of citizens.” “Many residents of Burgos supported the placement of the flag, and it is necessary to think” – said Dora.

Recall that the first five flags of Russia and the flag of the Crimea appeared in Burgos in February last year at the initiative of the “platform”. Hung out the flags on the facade of his house, located opposite the town hall, Dora decided to draw attention to the organization, whose goal is “to convey to people, that Russia always was and remains part of Europe, and that Europe is much more than the members of the EU and NATO.”

“Our holiday certainly not go unnoticed”

Large Russia Day celebrated in Canada. The biggest celebration was arranged for the Russian-speaking residents of Montreal (Quebec), where from 10 June for the first time in the history of the metropolis is the European festival, which is attended by the representatives of our country and other European States such as Greece, Scotland, Ukraine, Armenia, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria. “Our day was just on 12 June – Day of Russia, – said the activist of the Russian Diaspora Gennady Dmitriev. He added that “the Russian day” are about 1.5 thousand people, “that given the extreme June weather in montréal – storm wind when the air temperature is 12 degrees Celsius is a very good indicator.” The activist added that congratulated the Consul General of Russia in Montreal Yuri bejanyan, as well as representatives of the government of Quebec. “For Canada, our holiday is not exactly pass unnoticed,” – said Dmitriev. The festival was held in the Montreal district of the Old Port. Here turned the national pavilions with food and drink, sold merchandise, made by creative teams and a discotheque.

Mass celebrated the Day of Russia Russian-speaking residents of other major canadian city – Toronto (Ontario). The celebrations were held in the Park Earl bales on the organized local community big picnic. “We come to about 800 people. We have a lot of food, we may run contests, dancing, had a small football tournament,” – said one of the organizers, the head of the group “Russian Canada” Leon Mitsner.

The occasion did not go unnoticed even in space. Flight engineers 47th ISS cosmonauts Yuri Malenchenko, Oleg skripochka and Alex Ovchinin congratulated Russians on Day of Russia directly from the International space station.

Recall, the Day of Russia – one of the youngest state holidays of the country. 12 June 1990 the first Congress of people’s deputies of the RSFSR adopted the Declaration on state sovereignty of Russia. Official name is “Day of Russia” was assigned to the festival in 2002.

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