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Thursday, March 15, 2018

France deports 50 Russian fans

The French authorities decided to deport a group of Russian fans arrested by special forces on the way to Lille for the match Russia – Slovakia. The detainees – members of the Russian Union of fans claim that the riots in Marseille are irrelevant.

French commandos on Tuesday morning blocked the bus with an organized group of Russian fans on the way to Lille, which will host the Euro 2016 Russia – Slovakia.

“None of us in the riots were not involved and the law is not violated. It’s chaos”

“We have a group of VOB moved in the direction of Lille. After our bus left Cannes, he was surrounded by riot police, about 100 gunmen, drove to the black hole. Now need to come up with things and somewhere to go. First, he said that the inspection for weapons and drugs, now say that some kind of test and the order of the Prosecutor of the Republic of France. We have notified the Consulate General of Russia in France, has notified the official representatives of the interior Ministry of Russia and the RFU. Said to go anywhere and won’t require a translator to explain the situation. Here I sit in the bus and waiting to see where the story will end. It’s chaos. Why are they in Marseille did not work, how to work now?” – described RIA “news” the situation the head of the Russian Union of fans Alexander Spragin.

According to him, French commandos surrounded the bus with the Russian crowd, threatened to launch an assault and forcible detention of fans. “Two people had been deported, two more women were detained, one of them my assistant, and the second – the employee of the RFU. We said that the bus will not leave, the police said that now begin to use force,” – said Life Spragin.

Later, French police announced the deportation of all 50 Russian fans in the bus. And tickets are deported to Russia must pay for your account.

As reported Spragin the newspaper VIEW, the police did not explain the reason for which is deportation. He stressed that none of the fans who were going to be deported, not detained by the French police for involvement in the riots after the match Russia – England. “None of us in the riots were not involved and the law is not violated. It’s chaos,” said Spragin.

The members of the delegation VOB unanimously say that in the incident in Marseille riots big fault of the police. “Though it happened in the centre of Marseille, but the police allowed the riots and the sale of beer in the glass. Accordingly, only when the British arrived, immediately had to do a free alcohol zone, local conflicts had to be immediately suppressed,” said one of the members of EO Ivan Kuznetsov. Instead, the guards do nothing. “Imagine that at the Manege fans three days will be spread with bottles and the police will do nothing” – had Kuznetsov analogy.

The head of the Football Association of England Greg dyke was criticised by UEFA over security measures for EURO 2016. At the same time, he strongly do not agree that the riots in Marseille guilty English fans, and lays the blame firmly on the Russian.

“His warning to the Football Association of England UEFA implies that the English fans too, bear responsibility for the heinous incidents at the end of the match against Russia. It is, however, refuted depicted on the video evidence and the fact that the independent disciplinary Committee is considering imposing sanctions only against Russia,” wrote dyke in a letter to UEFA, reports Deutsche Welle.

In his message, excerpts of which on Tuesday, leads the Agency dpa, Greg dyke also called unacceptable security measures during the match in Marseille. “The audience had the opportunity to carry into the stadium fireworks and torches and set fire to them, in addition, the Russian and the English fans were not segregated enough”, – said the head of the Football Association of England.

Even the night before the football team of Russia and national team coach Leonid Slutsky has urged fans to behave correctly, not to violate the rules of conduct in the stadiums and in public places.

We will remind, in the first round match of the group In the national teams of Russia and England played out a draw at the velodrome stadium in Marseille – 1:1. After the meeting, around 30 Russian fans broke through the cordon of stewards, broke into the sector with the English fans to disrupt a number of flags. In the process they attacked several British and also threw fans with foreign objects. While the British journalists reported that the unrest was provoked by English fans, who insulted the Russians. Fans of the England team even desecrated the Russian flag.

The number of victims of collisions has increased, according to the latest data, 35 people, four of the injured are in serious condition. In the end, UEFA has opened a case against the RFU, but not the English side. UEFA has also warned that the national teams of Russia and England can be excluded from number of participants of the 2016 European championship if their fans will again be seen in the organization of mass riots.

The Minister of sports of Russia and head of Russian football Union Vitaly Mutko called the right decision about opening the case against the RFU.

Meanwhile, the French and British press insist on against the Russians was severe sanctions are applied.

“Russian hooligans won, and they, no doubt, very proud of. Proud to see pictures of bloody British in the streets of Marseille. Proud to have forced to speak about itself the entire planet. Care for four severely wounded – regret is almost no place in their world, a world of bullying, claiming to be a way of life,” writes the French newspaper Le Monde, which notes that the Russian hooligans “carefully prepared” for an attack on English fans. As for the British press, that there are Russian fans involved in the fight with the British, referred to only as bandits.

Thus, we can say that the French authorities decided to meet the local press – the power in the country is considerable.

Meanwhile, in the security system of France there is a new crack. In Paris killed by police. According to TASS, one of Larossi Haballa broke into the house of a policeman in the capital’s suburbs Magnanville, killed him and took hostage his wife and three children. The police stormed. Haballa was killed before he could inflict a fatal wound to a woman. The culprit turned out to be associated with the group ISIS that claimed responsibility for the attack.

* Organization in respect of which the court accepted entered into legal force decision on liquidation or ban the activities on the grounds stipulated by the Federal law “On countering extremist activity”

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