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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Denis Matsuev: “90% of the Champs-elysées rooting for Russia”

Matsuev was 41 years old; this date, he noted in France — the Third Concerto of Rachmaninov at the Theatre du Champs (soloist with orchestra Dmitry Liss). At the same time, our team led a magical battle with the British (1:1), this game Denis watched in the centre of Paris on the big screen (can’t get out of Marseille because of the rehearsal). And now sits on the plane, it is necessary to urgently fly home — to open the festival with Tchaikovsky…

photo: Sergey Nikolaev

Denis Matsuev

— Well, Dennis, you go to a new record for the number of concerts played in the season?

— Yes, there is such a thing, I think the record really is.

— What is the secret to find the novelty in a particular piece, playing it for the umpteenth time?

— So after the concert — this is the main doping, Meldonium, — a fashionable word. Fortunately, my Meldonium is the stage, the audience and the work. And from concerts is impossible to get tired if he did it, it gives a huge amount of effort. Other tires — flights-travel, water, climate, jet lag, lack of sleep. But it’s all treated on the scene by 100%. And my senior friend Valery Gergiev confirms this rule.

If you are tired after the concert?

— That’s too bad. We must look for some reasons, it means that something did not happen. From this concert is always an incredible charge and recovery.

— Once you mentioned Gergiev: you and Valery Gergiev enter the performing elite, which gives the landmarks for the country “concerts” — Gergiev in Palmyra, you — at the Olympics, at the presentation of the new aircraft…

— Well, I would not limited only to a mention of me and Gergiev, there are a number of musicians playing on the most suitable venues: Rostropovich performed a Bach’s Suite, sitting on a stool at the destroyed Berlin wall and the Three tenors, Daniel Barenboim and others… all these people confirmed that classical music should sound everywhere. And I would not divide musicians into “elite” or “elite”, this word is not very good, I don’t like it. In the same way as not like and “propaganda classic” — is enlightenment and reconciliation. Music heals in any part of the world, wherever they may sound — in a concert hall or in hot spots. It’s therapy that soothes, brings together and reconciles people.

— But no important public event is complete without you… used?

— Again, I would not want to focus only on his person. That’s just was my first contest of young talents in Moscow — Grand Piano; so any of these guys can represent Russia in any location. This command, a scattering of talent has already been able to carry the concert mission, I guys really believe. And the Russian piano school (in contrast to other instrumental schools) absolutely calm. And proud of her. Grand Piano resounded all over the world, offering radically new, Mature generation. They were snapped up like hotcakes, they are after the contest scheduled for several years ahead.

— Now you will give a concert in the wedge outdoors: how important it is to develop these small-town music Mecca?

— Wedge is Tchaikovsky, Ivanivka is Rachmaninoff, and God himself commanded to organize film festivals as Salzburg (birthplace of Mozart) has become a powerful music brand, so we have to develop in the right direction Wedge; while there is no room appropriate, there is no infrastructure. But to build new airports, new roads before the 2018 world Cup. So Klin festival, over time, will pull the city — and the influx of tourists, and everything else. The room was like the air needed, because the aura of this place is unique, it is possible to make candy.

— You remember the football, I watched the match Russia — England”?

— Well and how? Lost my voice… I had two tickets for the match, but did not arrive — could not dissolve the rehearsals in Paris. But I stood in the square, watched the match on the big screen, and ninety percent of the French (and all other nationalities rooting for Russia. I’m a fan with a great experience, encyclopedic can produce the entire report on the national teams of the USSR and Russia, so I want to say that these interchanges was not long ago — like this goal in the 92nd minute. It’s worth it. Now we have a very decent chance to qualify from the group. 15th of Jun enough to win against Slovakia, and we guarantee the qualification to the next round. Now we need to get together and to win. But the fly in the ointment is the behavior of fans, now everybody is talking about it. The main thing in such situation — not to succumb to provocations. I understand that the outburst of a Russian man is very rough, but now we need to hold on, because we are facing disqualification…

But never happened…

— Precedent was not, but threatened seriously. Every fan who comes to the stadium should be absolutely clear to understand that he can bring the country in General, which can disqualify, and this does not paint, especially in these turbulent times.

The European championship on football. Chronicle of events

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