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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

British scientists have discovered in which country are the best dads

A team of specialists representing the institution of fatherhood in the United Kingdom, conducted a series of studies that helped determine which countries the parents most fairly divide the responsibilities. The results of one of these studies, which was conducted in fifteen developed countries indicate that the most caring fathers live in Portugal. However, the UK specialists that the appropriate rating was proved on the last line.

photo: pixabay.com

Caring for the children of British fathers devote on average 24 minutes each hour, during which take care of the children of the mother. In Portugal, the figure was 39 minutes for an hour. However, fathers in the UK more often help mothers to do chores around the house for every hour that home work is done by a woman, accounting for 34 minutes, during which time she engaged a man, so by this measure the country was in 5th place.

Comparing the various factors that characterize the father as “good”, including the care of children, housework and generally the desire to devote more time to family, the experts found that all countries in the top five were Scandinavian, and first place went to Sweden.

The researchers emphasized that their task was to study not only the culture of fatherhood as it is a matter of equality of the two parents when raising a child. Therefore, the figures recorded in different countries show not that in some countries fathers are “better” and others “worse”, and that even in the developed countries have not yet fully created the conditions to allow fathers and mothers to devote time equally to children. In particular, men on average earn more, and leave to care for a child, although today it is often available to both parents, often seem to be representatives of different sexes are not on an equal footing, which mostly take it women. In this regard, scientists suggest that greater social equality between men and women could give fathers and mothers the opportunity to care for children equally.

The results were published on the eve of father’s Day, celebrated in several countries around the world on the third Sunday of June, this year falling on 19 number.

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