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Thursday, March 15, 2018

On the “Kinotavr” told about the fate of “friend of Putin”

On 27-th Open Russian film festival “Kinotavr” in Sochi continues the presentation of the professions. Every day here you can see the films, whose names speak for themselves: “the Doctor” Yuriy (Gosha) Kutsenko, “Collector” Alexey Krasovsky and “Fish the dream” by Anton Bilzho on the corrector, “Wake me up” Guillaume Protsenko of the employee of a border service at the airport.

photo: youtube.com

A scene from the movie “Wake me up”

The names of the films in this unusually inexpressive, they are not remembered. The competition presents two documentary films. One of them is the “Strange work” by Denis Shibaeva, a student of Marina Razbezhkina, talks about what obstacles you have to pass migrants coming to Russia from Tajikistan. And this picture is perhaps the most honest and accurate on the General background. Marina Razbezhkina rightly believes that documentaries can be more entertaining than the game. Interest all over the world only confirms this. On the “Kinotavr” on the show “Strange work” has gathered not so many spectators. The film was shot within one and a half years, and then mounted. So at its creation took two years. One of the characters – the actor Tajik theatre, and his acting turned the film into another direction. As you say Marina Razbezhkina, if he was a humiliated man, things would be different. Of course many questions arose about Muslims. “I grew up in Tatarstan, therefore Muslims do not cause me anxiety,” said Marina Razbezhkina. – Correctly considered that the problems with Muslims is our problem, not theirs. It is important to continue the dialogue.” Every time in talking about the documentary, the question arises: should the Director continue contact with his hero after the film is made? For example, Vitaly Mansky never does. Marina Razbezhkina believes that it is not necessary, unless it is linked to the provision of the hero some help: “It’s like that for two days, invited guests, and they remained for life. If the heroes all your 30 movies will remain in the house, how to live further?”. But Denis continues to communicate with his hero, who lived in Tajikistan, I went back to Moscow. But now it wants to deport because he did not pay the fine of 500 rubles, and he will have to go back to Tajikistan once again to come to Moscow with a different name. It is in order.

In the school of Marina Razbezhkina is strictly prohibited metaphor. Marina believes that she is born in the excited brain: “it is Known that Directors are not the smartest people in the world. So the metaphor is not out of his head appears, and the life”. As for the movie, then it is not a nationality, and how the Director uses people. “Come to the Tajik-electrician. He at home was an electrician. You can come to Ivan from Kursk, growing potatoes there and who in Moscow as an electrician. It is important that the characters are in a strange space. They need to keep children and families in this aggressive environment,” says Razbezhkina. This explains much in their motivations and behavior. They have a different type of consciousness, partly Soviet. Heroes it is important that parents have approved of their actions. And the concept of “what is good” is also important.

Directed by Denis Shabayev recalls how the first two months of the heroes to him carefully gazed at, and then he became part of the life of this family. Parents of Farrukh – representatives of the Soviet intelligentsia, and now the demolition of their house in the suburbs, they are forced to carry their belongings in the open field in the Kaluga region, where they have to start from scratch.

After “Zoology” by Ivan Tverdovsky, the heroine of which was a woman with a tail, a humble proofreader from St. Petersburg in the film “Fish-a dream” by Anton Bilzho met a woman-a siren. Financed the picture of the father of Director Andrei Bilzho, who played a small role of a doctor. The remaining amount found by means of crowdfunding. All who have contributed, indicated in the credits. The first line is Tatiana Drubich, who made 40 thousand roubles to support the young Director and his debut feature-length picture. Producer Julia mishkinene met Anton at Kinotavr, when he represented the short film. It was also about the relationship between men and women. And they work together, in her opinion, allows women to see themselves through the eyes of men and to understand why it happens so and not otherwise, in their relationship. Vladimir Mashukov, who plays the role of corrector, is a well – known photographer in the movie, he began acting not so long ago. It typical suited for the role, but to fill it, full to reach the final was difficult.

Anton Bilzho not agree with the opinion that men are scum, as many thought. His character arrived in the resort town of Narva-jõesuu to work on my article for the encyclopedia “Fish from the Baltic sea”. It was important to complete his work. “I don’t think men here are so awful, and it’s not satire on men,” says Anton. But in his life there is an unearthly woman, free and not at all understanding what he was doing, in the guise of beautiful Actresses Severii Anusauskaite, which is already at “Kinotavr” I know the film by Anna Melikyan “Star”.

The film’s “Wake me up” Guillaume Protsenko – a Frenchman with Russian roots. He was born in France and lived there till 20 years and the last 10 years spent in Moscow, studied at VGIK. And this is his directorial debut in a feature film. Young girl Zhenya, played by the talented and beautiful Irina Verbitskaya, working in passport control at the airport. She sees prophetic dreams and finds herself embroiled in criminal cases their colleagues, mired in the narcotics business. She meets her love, but this man embroiled in shady dealings. The villain, a business of supplying drugs, was played by Yevgeny Grishkovets.

Producer-Andrew Epifanov says: “the film is a story. He emerged from the documentary almanac “cinema train” with the participation of filmmakers from different countries, among them was Guillaume and operator John crane. Then we were joined by Italian composer George Jampa”. Attempts to find partners for this debut for many of its participants the project was unsuccessful.

Guillaume Protsenko says: “I know that corruption is a sore subject in Russia, but it is everywhere. We focused on the fate of the girl, she seemed much more interesting. The feeling that in Russia everything is possible, made me stay in Moscow. We decided to play the bandits. Invited Yevgeny Grishkovets on the role of one of them, because I wanted to show what is happening on the verge of surprise, to create something comical-strange”. Screenwriter Andrew Stempkovsky wrote about man, not about corruption: “I know that at “Kinotavr” many production films. We approached the history plastically. The girl works at the airport, on the border, that is what we started”. The result was Moscow through the eyes of a foreigner, often distant from its realities. During the filming of passed strangers on the street and with surprise asked: “Why are you shooting? It is not a nice place.” While on the screen everything turned out surprisingly nice, it’s something of French life than Moscow. The employee of passport service lives in a luxury apartment, drives an expensive car. It – almost Parisian.

Kirill Pirogov played her the new darling talks about his work: “Guillaume is an extremely intelligent man, a Frenchman, removing Russia. That in itself is interesting. He has another, and I liked it. From Guillaume an amazing experience. He believes that we can make a difference.

Actress Irina Verbitskaya, and she is a graduate of the Shchukin school, passed many samples before it was approved: “This is my first big job in the movie. Prophetic dreams, which sees my character, I don’t have. Have you noticed that we can live and act. We talked a lot about my character with the Director and colleagues. Kirill Pirogov noticed that Irina and she is in the boundary condition.

The authors of the film, getting to work, met with the staff of passport service and their work, that did not save them, he is some cosmic understanding about this field.

“I know how to knit” a student of Sergei Solovyov Hopes Stepanova – also debut. Someone called her the heroine of the Russian Amelie. She’s 20, and she decided to leave the life. Swallowing pills, it would be in a mental hospital. According to the authors, depression is a convenient form to reflect the inner world of the heroine. Then this Russian Amelie says: “In me there is no sense”. Her father had worked with Vladimir Putin in the Leningrad KGB. They were friends. And this is the most shocking moment of the film. And now this man lying drunk on the floor, trying to put into the aquarium the dog, shouting: “Help,” “in my mouth hedgehogs”. Daughter asks father: “You again in the Neva river bathed?”. As it turned out, the mention of the name of the President of the country not regulated by law. The script is autobiographical. Daddy screenwriter Tatiana Bogatyryova were friends in his youth with Vladimir Putin. The father of the film Director too close to politics, but with the President not personally familiar.

The picture turned out stringy and anemic and was born, apparently, in pain and endless installation. Closer to the final will be a group of “Pioneers”, respectively, in a pioneering form, and perform the song in German.

Svetlana Bondarchuk continues its charitable activities and is its fruit at “Kinotavr”. Masters and experienced filmmakers have made short films absolutely for free. Some of them are bought by wealthy people, and the proceeds will go towards the treatment of sick children. Vladimir Grammatikov in his Christmas story for the main roles was invited Olga Dykhovichnaya, Ksenia Sobchak and Maxim Vitorgan, which is there the dream of every woman. He is gentle and courteous, and the crane is able to fix it.

Lyubov Arkus has made a film “Alex +Tracy” on the last days of film Director Alexei Balabanov and his wife Nadezhda Vasilyeva. It includes fragments of the filming of his latest film “me too” the last trip to Serbia, visiting the Church in Kostroma. All the last time. Balabanov as always in the vest, physically weak, exhausted, lying on the couch. Nadia sings him a familiar childhood song “vzveytes fires blue night, we are pioneers, children of workers”. Alexey Andrianov took another Christmas story with Svetlana Khodchenkova in the role of the snow Maiden and Nikolai Fomenko in the role of Santa Claus. They are in a boarding school for visually impaired children, and there waiting for Sergey Bezrukov. Educators will strictly ask: “where is Sergei? We Bezrukov promised. And what was not?”. From the dishwasher a portrait of the beloved actor’s installed on the sink. About as Sergei Bezrukov expected and met at “Kinotavr”.

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