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Thursday, September 21, 2017

“Look fish in the eye”: the party of rotten salmon looking for buyers

Kamchatka salmon fishing season started. In July it will join Sakhalin and the Kuriles. The Russians are waiting for a freshly caught pink salmon, chum, sockeye, coho and Chinook salmon. Here, perhaps, the whole positive. The Rosselkhoznadzor warns the far East, in Siberia and in Western Russia under the guise of a new catch to the implementation of possible mass stuffing of stale (last year) fish.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

The precedent is already there. On the eve nawala Putin in Vladivostok, was detained a large consignment of expired (over 3 months) Sakhalin salmon trout for sale to townspeople.

The fish which we buy fresh in the stores: first, second, or maybe third? To start use a detailed briefing of the Agency and analyze the characteristics of correct and incorrect fish. Carefully inspect the external integument, especially on the cut. If they are yellowed — a sure sign of oxidation, which occurs due to violation of terms of storage. Attention! Decomposing these fats are toxic, and if ingested cause poisoning. Recall that for popular frozen pink salmon shelf life 9 months, and for chum salmon — 8.

Look closely at the gills. Have fresh fish they red or scarlet hue, expired — brown. Such fish already smells like rancid oil, it scales without lustre and poorly kept. For herring is not the case. Even fresh it’s unstable.

Look fish in the eye. Old they are sunken and cloudy. If when defrosting meat separates easily from the bones — this is due to violations of technology in the processing of carcasses or storage conditions. According to the standards should be minus 18.

Sniff. Substandard smell appears when defrosting and cooking at the he only increased.

Thus, the educational program completed. Now we will try to answer the question: why is this happening? The main reason seems obvious — the high cost of fish production and falling demand. Analysts say that it is changing the pattern of consumption of the Russians. From fish, fruit and vegetables (except seasonal) the Russians are switching to bread, milk and flour products. So not all of last year’s catch has been realized, that has now the entrepreneurs to go for forgery.

However, the phenomenon is not new. Similar warnings about stuffing expired fish Rosselkhoznadzor announces annually, urging consumers to be vigilant. Of course, the fish actually better to blow on the water than be poisoned.

What is the expected amount of stuffing? In conversation with the correspondent “MK” head of the press service of Federal Agency for fishery Ksenia Timakova stressed: “it is Unlikely that the scale of getting stale salmon on the store shelves will be significant. The fact that last year the catch was market demand and carryover stocks is quite small. And since autumn 2014 (due to the introduction of grocery antisanktsy. — “MK”) the imported salmon was to do less.”

Regarding technology, the part of the catch is processed immediately in salted or smoked fillets, and the rest for safekeeping is subject to freezing. By the way, in the new fisheries bill provides for measures to support those who will develop coastal processing.

In General, the whole fish is a cost — effective product. If it is unclaimed on the domestic market, then sell it abroad. No matter how we tried, the whole country to eat 1.8 million tons of Alaska Pollock a season are unlikely to succeed.

Expired fish still not so bad, but there are those “artisans” that are fresh and can turn into a health hazard. According to Timakova, spoiling a valuable product mainly unscrupulous dealers that skimp on storage or do not comply with the temperature regime during transportation.

As a result of their activities freezing of fish is an area of high risk for buyers. Little known through what hands it passed before reaching the market. Specialized shops where costly abundance laid out on the pieces of ice seem to be more reliable. But a lot of it can not afford. Although you can go there and enjoy the correct fish. For Poglyad money do not take.

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