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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

At the presentation of state Putin, Gergiev was “justified” for a concert in Palmyra

Russia day in the Kremlin has noted with his usual panache. Already on the way to the ceremony of presenting state awards invited could see the tents for the reception, set on the Ivanovo area. From the encroachments of intruders they were guarded by soldiers of the Kremlin regiment because of the bad weather, many pulled over caps shower caps. But precautions were clearly unnecessary – the access to the territory of the Kremlin, and along the Red square, for ordinary citizens blocked since this morning.

photo: kremlin.ru

Vladimir Putin at a gala reception to mark Russia Day

Holders of complimentary tickets was worried to drink and a snack they will have in the bad weather. Forecast, unfortunately, promised heavy rains in the period from 13.30 to 16.00, which was a Banquet. Men prudently brought along windbreakers and raincoats (Smokers were even allowed to break the current in the Kremlin ban and for warmth delayed cigarette). Women wrapped in warm shawls. The FSO staff held at the ready and umbrellas for VIPs. And only the head of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko, his whole appearance showed that the celebration not to spoil nothing, on the occasion of Russia Day she, as a bride dressed all in white.

Before the buffet the guests were waiting for the ceremony of awarding the state prize – the most beautiful and solemn of all the awards, held in the Kremlin during the year. It developed a special Protocol, including the removal of characters winners of the honorary company, pass awarded through the gilded gates of St. George’s hall, the national anthem and, of course, the President’s speech, which, as a rule, directed not only to the audience but to the whole of the country.

Vladimir Putin said Russia Day marks the most important values such as homeland, patriotism and unity of the people. He argued with Gennady Zyuganov, who proposed to move the celebration to July 28, the Day of memory of Prince Vladimir and the baptism of Rus.

This day symbolizes the centuries-old path of our country’s GDP. According to the President, modern Russians feel that connection times and often find answers on the most pressing issues of our time in their history and fates of the great ancestors.

Sitting in the audience (at the ceremony traditionally attended by all the Russian leadership, including Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, speakers of both houses of Parliament and governors), he called “mere mortals”. And the winners of the state award – “outstanding countrymen” and “people of the world.” However, to work for the good of the country must and those and others, stressed the head of state.

State prize in science and technology this year received a geochemist Eric Galimov (one of the pioneers of isotope biogeochemistry, the author of the hypothesis of the evolution of planet earth and the methods of estimation of hydrocarbon reserves), biologists Sergei Lukyanov and Eugene Sverdlov involved in the development of genomic and post-genomic technologies and immunologist Sergei purpose.

Putin stressed that all the winners – scientists with a world name. “All the laureates of the state prize pushing the boundaries of knowledge and popular practice,” he said.

In response to the rewarded not only thanked the President and his relatives (for Example, Sergey Lukyanov frankly admitted that without his wife – Catherine Bogdanova – he couldn’t have done it, what caused the approving applause of the audience) but was worried about the future of Russian science.

Global climate change, anthropogenic pressure, depletion of traditional energy sources, according to Erik Galimov, poses new problems on a national scale, to solve which it is impossible without the Academy of Sciences.

“Be sure to save this treasure, not to be mistaken in the path of development of wounds. I’m sure other countries need to rebuild their science on the model of our Academy”, – said the scientist.

Eugene Sverdlov, in turn, complained that science had not happened the great accidental discoveries (like the discovery of penicillin or the fission of uranium), changing the trajectory of human development. Despite the randomness of such discoveries can do only the prepared minds. So, you need to strengthen the support of Russian scientific schools, says Sverdlov. Otherwise, Russia risks losing the global battle scientists.

But Sergei purpose (as, indeed, many guests came to the ceremony obviously under the impression of yesterday’s match of Russian national team against England. According to him, scientific research has much in common with the sport – because every scientist wants to be the first in their field. “There are situations when you score a goal literally at the last minute!”, – he admitted.

About football has mentioned in his speech and artistic Director of the Mariinsky theatre Valery Gergiev became the winner in the humanitarian field. Musician, apparently stung to the quick comments, the authors argued that once the state prize he was awarded for closeness to the Kremlin and organized at the request of Putin concert in Palmyra. “I don’t associate his last concert in Palmyra that are in front of you now,” said Gergiev, turning to the audience. However, since musicians have a sense of harmony, it is not surprising that they seek to contribute to peace, said the conductor. He has promised to continue to help your friend Sergey Lavrov, to the “understanding of the activities of the Russian leadership was more deep”.

“I sometimes appear to be a difficult point to make in direct contact with the Russians was an idea of what Russia”, – explained the purpose of his mission Gergiev.

Close to the Kremlin have accused other winners – Viktor Zakharchenko 42 directs the Kuban Cossack choir, which performs on almost all major international events as well as banquets organized personally by Vladimir Putin (for example, on the occasion of the anniversary of Gerhard Schroeder). From the President Zakharchenko received the national award in literature and art, and in reply quoted the verse of the Siberian poet: “Russia – high name, the Rus – high to be, are eclipsed by others, will forever Shine!”.

Other laureates of the state prize in literature and art became the artistic Director of the Maly drama theatre – theatre of Europe Lev Dodin and the film Director Sergei Ursulyak.

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