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Sunday, March 18, 2018

As Lazarev, Kirkorov and Timothy shared the glory on Muz-TV

Almost all local music awards, among other things, give the audience a very strange sense of time travel, but not like in the cult movie Back to the future, but just the opposite – “Forward into the past”.

photo: Lily Sharlovskoe

Leading boldly read out the nominees, performers take the stage, and at the same time does not let go a strong sense of deja vu.

Exactly the same thing could have happened ten years ago. Bilan all these years is chopped with Lazarev, Valeria and Anita Choi, “Bi-2” with the “Beasts”. In the hall Kirkorov with Baskov, someone will make fun of or Ksenia Sobchak and Sergei Zverev, and Ksenia jokes over Zverev, Baskov or his eternal counterpart co-host, Leroy Kudryavtseva. Lera, however, especially given when it was several years in a row, so to speak, married to Sergey Lazarev. But then I married someone else, and so worry Ms. Sachak “coming-outs” and “outing” disappeared like themselves, Or themselves… all were ordered to have disappeared? Over Lazarev, because now the joke is not permissible, for it vigilantly monitors Philip himself, and possibly his patrons to only as the hero of “world breakthrough”, “great eurospeak” or then it does nothing. Well, as of the dead…

However, we have a similar approach, as we all see, is applicable to very much alive. Spiritual brace is. All this fun to tears and apparently, the chances of revolutionary changes seems to be no.

However, let’s not to exaggerate. Change, of course. Technology does not stand still, and this year, modest inscription “world-class show” on the tickets of the ceremony Muz-TV in any case can not be called the inflamed imagination of the organizers. All true at the level of: moving screens, scenery-transformers, the few scenes and even the number of “Eurovision” with delivery in Moscow. Sometimes it was like the capital’s architecture: if the contents of the cornucopia randomly scattered around. But worked very well.

The trend, meanwhile, is extremely curious. To the embarrassment. Now after all that no show here at once “world-class”. One after the other… But something flawed shines through in all of this, isn’t it? Hard to imagine really the king of pop Michael Jackson (God rest his soul!) or, say, organizers of the Grammys ceremony, which annoying would be advertised ourselves as “world-class show”. So clear – what is butter oil?

And here, of course, if you don’t, poke his nose, like a kitten in a piece of shit, then suddenly not understand what I saw-not that anyhow, and “world-class show”… Rates, meanwhile, continue to grow. And already, Anita Tsoy, pick a bowl winner in the category “Best female video” (triptych-Saga “Without of things” directed by Alan Badoev) intends soon to show itself throughout the County, what is your own anniversary show…

Anita Tsoy.
The award “MUZ TV 2016. Energy of the future”. (55 photos)

Another important change of musical character. The ceremony was infiltrated by a group of “Leningrad” and its “Exhibit” as a hit, which cannot ignore any one music channel, was a prologue to the action. Cord and his whole gang came on stage, smartly played successful song, a new lead singer, whose name has not yet memorized it all, good for you and keep a note of Freedom on the barricades kept the flag of France from Delacroix, but… is enthusiastic hysteria received an indifferent silence.

Such a blatant “indifference” of the crowd looked a little strange, not to say scandalous, although quite natural. Apparently, this is the classic example of a song, the words really can not throw, and if that happens (at the ceremony, of course, sounded censored version of “the amazing trousers”), the whole verbal-musical structure turns into ruins, and the troublemakers — in jesters. When the band received the prize in the category “Best rock singer”, the Cord, however, partly themselves rehabilitated. “He loves our people any shit” — he quoted Yegor Letov, and there was this lovely quote ruthless sentence and yourself, beloved, and, it seems, to everything around…

The further course of the prize distribution plates did not bring any sensations, however, the performances of the main characters of the ceremony and the public reaction to allow them to understand, who really rocks in our rollicking pop. The results of the vote will certainly take for granted, but the so-called “applause” in the room is also interesting as a self-sufficient and expressive marker.

At the recent Eurovision song contest, say, judging by the applause of the public, Austrian Zoe or pole Shpak had to be at least in the top three, and describes only until the 13th and 8th places respectively. Or at last year’s ceremony ZD Awards loudest Kremlin applauded the speech, Nargis, and many “best” by the voting hall met more polite than enthusiastic ovation, though quite sincere…

Let’s start with the Ukrainian imports, which this year answered Ani Lorak, Alekseev and the group “Time And Glass”. They offered three very different musical models.

Less applause went to Ani Lorak, who portrayed the great pop diva and continued to collect the winning prizes. This time I decorated the shelf with a plate for the “Best duet” – shrill-hysterical dramatic cry of “Go English” with Grigory Leps. Meanwhile, Alekseev and “Time And Glass” really did not portray, but what they did on stage, looked fresh and relaxed.

A young man (Nikita received the prize in the nomination “Breakthrough of the year”) is something similar to the Vitas early in his career, when he had a mysterious charisma, but it was not the bronze profile and extra pounds. A Groovy Duo rolled his unbridled disco in the European sense.

When it comes to the obvious advantage of the Ukrainian pop-doctrines of the Russian, this can be explained only by the fact that there are artists still show interest in writing and playing their songs. But here is you need to look for, inasmuch as the notorious interest has shifted from pure creative motive in the direction of cold calculation. Then calculate the formula “streptacantha hit”, then try to construct the “right Euroformat” what and miss always misses the bullseye… Too much “calculation” and almost forgotten soul, without which the art, even pop, turns into plastic and expressionless consumer goods, in a sort of musical Cherkizon…

Our hip-hop-monsters in the face Basta (he won the award for “Best hip hop project”), as well as members of the group Centr slim and Ptah decided to read in the company of cute girls: Basta to Polina Gagarina, slim and Ptah and Katie Topuria. Turned out nice, but no apparent storm of passions. The same can be said about Nyusha and Yegor creed. Two very theatrical performances, two popular songs, two spirited fan club – and all this was not enough to impress a large part of the hall. Their well received, but the main persons of the evening, alas, they did not.

But they become Dima Bilan (for which you can sincerely be happy for one of the few really good tradition in our pop music) and Timothy (sadly to admit the latter to anyone, which is important for hygiene). Mr. Bilan received two awards: for “best video” “talk to me” and for the record. His magnificent performance with the orchestra in a dazzling white interior a tiered amphitheatre was presented as one of the highlights of the ceremony and, judging by the reaction of the audience, the artist did everything right. But in the end the output Bilan was fine though, but still a snack.

Dima Bilan.
The award “MUZ TV 2016. Energy of the future”. (55 photos)

And the fact that Timothy suggested, properly be called a large piece of meat. Armor piercing hit, “Eggplant”, which is already a few months shudder with small and large party events, won in the category “Best song” and “Best male video”. For a live version on stage pulled that same “Lada sedan” eggplant color on the roof where the artist and danced lezginka. On the screens the Golden cars and mountain scenery, from the speakers merciless bit. It was a Royal appearance and in the audience happened now rejoicing.

We must admit that “Eggplant” is not just a song, but rather a new concept from Timothy and his companions. Many attempts to play in the big rich hip hop star following the example of American originals much success did not bring. And then the artist came up with a character named Teimuraz as alter ego.

The theme of Highlander in Moscow still (and always!) relevant, so that the music can be called yard Gastarbeiter-hop, was very helpful. To this there are lots of claims of an aesthetic nature, because we are talking about the satisfaction of the most primitive tastes of the plebs. However, from the point of view of the musical product it worked very accurately. It is understood by even those who don’t speak Russian

The triumphant March music of the “Golden Horde” on the stage of white stone crushed and pop Prince Bilan, and the king of pop Kirkorov, who were forced, tight-lipped, to welcome, sitting in the hall, the apparent hero of the day, and not even recalled the recent savory spitting in his address on the “RWD” theme, after which, I remember, the same Graphs are publicly prophesied that “his feet will not be where you step!”. As pretty sat in the hall, looked, blinked. In General, “Argentina-Jamaica 5-0″… a terrifically nasty farce…

In the main nominations – “Best performer” and “Best performer” – was won by Pauline Gagarin and Sergey Lazarev. Eurodelta current and the last year was suddenly faced nose to nose, and the audience has had the opportunity to compare the songs that they drove to the competition.

And what is interesting: not the latest “A Million Voices”, on which last year the organizers of the event for some reason did not consider it necessary to make a universal celebration, as it is now because of the Lazarev, still on the ear. While piping hot, the song “You Are The Only One” has moved, it seems, in the category “a tune can’t sing?”. Apparently, the shelf life of these hits were different, and even Greek video mapping is powerless here, despite the fact that Philip vigilantly see that in addition to the “main award” his europrestige Lazarus handed and even a new category called “breakthrough”. Interestingly, they know about it in the world?..

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