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Sunday, March 18, 2018

The meaning of the day of Russia celebration has grown over the years

On Sunday, the country celebrates Russia Day. However, half of Russians still do not know what kind of holiday is celebrated on June 12 and what it means. Against this background, expressed a populist idea at all to move the celebration to another date. Why one of the main national holidays is still not entrenched in the minds of Russians?

Celebrated on 12 June, the feast significant part of the population (44%) is associated with the celebration of Russia Day. These are the findings of the survey “Levada-center”. About a third of respondents (29%) believe that will mark the independence Day. Over the past year, from 1% to 8% increase in the proportion of those who remembered that this date is also the anniversary of the election of the first President of Russia. 5% of respondents do not consider this day as a holiday. And 12% did not know about this holiday.

“Despite all the tragedies, disappointments and humiliations our people nevertheless found the strength to restore the sovereignty of the state. The feast that’s about it”

“Our main holiday”

Recall, June 12, 1990 was the day of the adoption by the first Congress of people’s deputies of the RSFSR of the Declaration on the state sovereignty (independence). Russia day is one of the main public holidays. A year later, on 12 June 1991, was the first country in the history of national presidential elections won by Boris Yeltsin (received 57% of votes).

The Declaration was signed in conditions when the former republics of the Soviet Union one for another became independent, and therefore in Russia the day of adoption of Declaration is called independence Day. In the treatment of Yeltsin on June 12, 1997, the President stressed that “June 12 is a national holiday and offered to call the holiday the Day of Russia. “But I, as President, wish he was seen by each Russian as a special day. Not as a day of adoption is important, but far from the life of the individual document, namely, as our common day. As the day of our country – Russia… Propose to call our main holiday, national holiday, Day of Russia”, – said Yeltsin.

In 2002 when entered into force the new Labour code, the holiday of June 12, has received the official name “Russia Day” and was celebrated throughout the country.

“Over time, more and more people right identificeret this holiday”

Observers are not surprised that half of the population there are no clear associations about the upcoming holiday. Member of the expert Council of the Institute of socio-economic and political studies (ISAPI) Alexei Zudin said that June 12 was the birthday of the state, “in which we live.” According to him, the Day of Russia marks the beginning of concrete state forms of the present and “did not deny, but implies that our state is more than a couple of decades, and more than a thousand”.

“A lot depends on how a particular person deals with the Russian state, which was constituted June 12: he was considering it in the context of the millennial history of the Russian state, part of which is the Soviet period of history, or he is inclined to consider it separately as is characteristic of some representatives of the radical-liberal and radical democratic camp,” said Zudin the newspaper VIEW.

The expert believes the right to evaluate the results of the poll in the dynamic range, because such surveys were conducted in previous years, the number of those who appear clear Association on the occasion of Day of Russia, is constantly increasing. And this dynamic will continue in the next years, that is, over time the majority of Russians are clearly to imagine, what kind of holiday on June 12.

“There is an upward trend. Over time, more and more people right identificeret this holiday,” said Zudin, adding that on postkrymsky wave of awareness of key public holidays has increased markedly.

“This is the day of Russian sovereignty”

Similar opinion is shared by political analyst Alexei Martynov. However, he calls the “controversial” date of adoption of the Declaration on the sovereignty, as for many, this date has to do with the collapse of the great Soviet country.” “The legal basis for the strengthening of the sovereignty and the restoration of the state was that the Declaration of June 12. In this sense, of course, this is an important day. This is the day of Russian sovereignty,” – said Martynov newspaper VIEW.

At the same time, he regretted that the importance of this day for the masses is not entirely clear. “The ideas of sovereignty are not taken by themselves. Over the past 25 years, we have passed from declarations to real sovereignty. We survived 90 years… Despite all the tragedies, disappointments and humiliations our people nevertheless found the strength to restore the sovereignty of the state. The feast that’s about it,” – said Martynov.

According to him, in society is directly linked to the restoration of the state and sovereignty with the name of the national leader, Russian President Vladimir Putin. “The beginning of the reconstruction of the state can be linked with the appeal of the national leader and the 2001 election. Then claim sovereignty on the whole world, including Munich speech. Today we live in a single state, which demonstrates to the world the capabilities and the mechanisms of defense of sovereignty in all spheres: military, humanitarian, educational and others”, – said the analyst.

“Scrap, which broke the Union

Approaching the commemorative date has led some political forces once again to assert itself. Recently, the Communist party leader Gennady Zyuganov has expressed opinion that in 2017 Russia Day we could celebrate on 28 July – the day of memory of Prince Vladimir and the baptism of Russia (CPRF even prepared a bill). 12 June-Day of Russia, in his opinion, could not unite the society. “The day of Russia called the day of adoption of Declaration that Yeltsin and his accomplices pushed 26 years ago. It was a scrap, which broke the Union and almost destroyed Russia”, – said Zyuganov.

The Kremlin offer Zyuganov did not support. Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov did not consider the idea of moving the holiday issue for discussion. “No opinion in the Kremlin on this point, this is the official holiday of the Russian Federation”, – said Peskov.

According to Zudin, the fallacy of assumptions Zyuganov about what the holiday supposedly did not catch on, indicates the same sociology. “It’s clear why Zyuganov denies the meaning and significance of this day: it simply suggests that despite postkrymsky consensus in society, unfortunately, is not at all fundamental political questions this consensus applies. Taking such a position, the leader of the Communist party reminds you once again that Communists are behind here,” – said Zudin.

In turn, Alexei Martynov admitted that the place Zyuganov “all were silent in a rag”. “Then Zyuganov sat in the CPSU Central Committee. They were entrusted the management of a large Soviet state and they didn’t save it. They did not protect him from life. Neither Zyuganov nor his colleagues on the CPSU no moral right somehow to articulate in various insinuations. Today the Communists are trying in a populist style to attract voters in the upcoming parliamentary elections. But the cynicism is not name” – said Martynov.

What is a holiday without celebration

Across the country on June 12 will host a variety of festive events. In Moscow alone they were scheduled about a hundred, in connection with which the traffic will be partially restricted in the city centre. The main celebrations in the capital will pass 21 municipal Park. The holiday will end with fireworks at 22 hours.

In St. Petersburg, in the Park of the 300th anniversary of the city will host a festive flash mob. And then will take place gala concert with participation of the military orchestra of the St. Petersburg garrison, who will perform songs from domestic films.

In Kazan, which was included in the top three popular cities for travel in Russia Day (as they say of the state Committee for tourism of Tatarstan), on 12 June, there will be a series of celebratory events. The main venue of the celebration will be the Park. Gorky. At the national Museum of Tatarstan will be reconstructed battles of the great Patriotic war.

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