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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

In the United States decided to begin to produce an analog of the Kalashnikov

According to media reports, the Pentagon has launched a search for the company that would be able to produce analogues of Russian small arms. First of all we are talking about the Kalashnikov. Moreover, according to some, the command of special operations of the US army (SOCOM) has already placed a similar request on the website of the Federal contracts.

photo: Mikhail Kovalev

The representative of the SOCOM Matt Allen confirmed to the newspaper Washington Post, which is now considering the possibility of cooperation with companies that could produce Russian weapons. U.S. special forces would like to have a party of Kalashnikov and other “unconventional” for the US and NATO allies weapons.

Allen reported that the search for production bases the United States is able to assemble the weapons that use “many of our international partners.

The report said that in addition to AK it can be sniper rifle SVD, Russian machine guns of medium and large size, as well as aviatourne caliber 14.5 mm.

In SOCOM it was explained that the production of these weapons “will have a positive impact on foreign partners, to whom such a weapon is more familiar”. However, it is necessary to clarify the issue of the cost of manufacture of this weapon and how it will be qualitative. If all of these issues will find a positive decision, the United States will be able to better control the distribution of such weapons.

This means that the US is going to supply these weapons to its foreign partners. Most likely we are talking about the supply of Afghan and Iraqi troops and detachments of the Syrian opposition. In these regions do, in the course of that Russian small arms. In addition, Washington fears that if the United States will supply samples of their original weapons, it could fall into the hands of terrorists, which the American administration is not wanted.

At the same time, the publication notes that the Russian weapons are being produced in many countries and is likely to buy it will still be cheaper than producing in the United States.

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