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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Against gay parade serves 43% of inhabitants of Kiev

According to opinion polls, 43% of Kiev oppose the gay pride parade scheduled on Sunday in Kiev. Right-wing radicals threaten to throw marsh “perverts” grenades. Political analysts believe that Poroshenko uses this attack as an excuse for the defeat of right-wing organizations. The representatives of the LGBT community said the newspaper VIEW that the hope for police protection.

More than 40 percent of Kyiv residents voted against the equality March, which charted in the centre of the capital on Sunday, Ukrainian LGBT-movement. This is evidenced by the results of a poll research center “Image control”. As reported on Friday by the newspaper VIEW, 42.6% of the surveyed people of Kiev have negative attitude to the March. Positively to this action are 29.5% of the respondents, 27% of respondents expressed concern regarding this event, since, in their opinion, the March could lead to clashes and fights.

“Unworthy of the Deputy of the Ukrainian Minister is a joke to me. Inciting hatred of the LGBT community in some countries is punishable by law. Or resignation at least”

According to the study, young people are much more positive apply to the March, than the older generation. To organize such a March did not know 60,2% of the respondents have heard about holding 31.2% of the respondents. About plans of holding it, there are about 33% of men and 29% women. The survey was conducted among the residents of Kyiv on 4-5 June. Meanwhile, under the petition to ban the March of the 10 thousand necessary for consideration signed by not less than 13.9 thousand people.

Passions around the gay pride parade has caused a hassle within the Ukrainian government. So, the Deputy Minister of information policy of Ukraine Tetiana Popova allowed myself to let go – and in a personal correspondence – a few jokes about it. Popov said ironically that the infamous website “the Peacemaker” will soon publish a list of everyone who signed up for a gay pride parade. He added: “There is, as always, any location 10 km from the gay pride parade is equivalent to collaborating with terrorists, or rather, in this case, gays.”

People’s Deputy, the adviser to the interior Minister Anton Gerashchenko did not appreciate the humor. On Friday published the correspondence Popova, accusing it of incitement to hatred of sexual minorities. “Unworthy of the Deputy of the Ukrainian Minister is a joke to me. Inciting hatred of the LGBT community in some countries is punishable by law. Or resignation at least”, – quotes Gerashchenko portal “Apostrophe”.

June 12 in Kiev will be a bloody mess”

In late may, the Ukrainian nationalists have promised to prevent the holding of the gay parade. The Chairman of the Organization of Ukrainian nationalists (banned in Russia) Nicholas Kochanowski said “Radio Liberty” that he considers justified violence, if only to stop the procession “perverts”. And the representative “Right sector*” Artem Skoropadsky predicted June 12 in Kiev “a bloody mess”. On the eve of Skoropadsky confirmed that the anti gays come out and “other battalions, ordinary soldiers” who returned home, just unhappy people. “We have, unfortunately, already have one sad example: is the action under the Verkhovna Rada on August 31, when threw a grenade”, – he reminded portal “Censor.no. According to him, there can be “any veteran with post-traumatic syndrome.” “And this man comes and throw a grenade,” he said Skoropadsky.

An activist of the Ukrainian LGBT movement Vladimir Naumenko said the newspaper VIEW that he intends in any case to go to the Sunday procession. “We cannot say that we do not attach importance to threats, everyone understands this is a potentially dangerous event. Nevertheless, we are confident in the safety, so come out to this event. Destructive forces are all the time threatened, but the police are promised to protect our peaceful meeting, she does everything for our security,” he said.

Naumenko does not exclude that this March, like last year, you can accompany the brawl. “Yes, a year ago the fight was. They can be this year, though I hope that will not happen. In the past year have suffered the most, the police and the marchers escaped with minor injuries and slight shock. We knew all the risks,” – says LGBT activist.

The number of March, according to Naumenko, will depend no longer from the threats of the nationalists, and the weather. “Organizers say about a thousand participants, but I think that in good weather may come, and much more. This year will be who wants it. A year ago it was about 350 people, but then the March was not open. Was, in fact, the system of invitations, the venue announced to participants at the last moment. Then we couldn’t afford a public procession because it still does not work with the police. Things are different now, we have the police,” he said, acknowledging that the gay pride parade has caused quarrels among the Kiev politicians. “Like a year ago, all political forces will try on the March, to speculate and to try to get political bonuses. Everything. All will play on the electorate,” says LGBT activist.

“It’s not a gay pride parade in the Western carnival. It is a form of human rights work, say, against discrimination – said the newspaper VIEW member of the humanitarian Council under the President of Ukraine, head of the Fund “Ukrainian politics Konstantin Bondarenko. But in fact, all the marchers from both sides will work more on the television picture, not the result itself. Well, there will be multiple fights, which are then willing to use both Russian and Western TV channels”.

“One grenade, and the “Right sector” will be no more”

As hoped, the scientist, the nationalists ‘ threats about the “bloody mess” will be empty. “They understand that one grenade – and the “Right sector” will no longer be as an organization. Indeed, on August 31 near the Verkhovna Rada threw a grenade into the crowd, the activist of “Freedom”, and the party then continues calmly. But “Freedom” is much more electoral support than the “Right sector”. After all of last year’s scandals political positions “sector” become weaker”.

In General, the situation of radicals today is slightly different than a year ago, says Bondarenko. “Today the President and his entourage believe that radical organizations like “Right sector”, type “volunteer battalions” are for him personally more dangerous than any other power. Therefore, any incident can be a reason for the defeat of such organizations, for mass repression,” warned the expert.

After the nationalists has threatened a “bloody mess” on Sunday’s parade in Kiev, the U.S. Congress has urged the Ukrainian authorities to ensure the safety of LGBT March. June 1, the state Department announced that special envoy of the States on the rights of the LGBT community Randy berry will visit Kiev and will take part in the festival. Kyiv mayor Vitali Klitschko expressed confidence that the parade will “go normal,” and reminded about tolerance in spite of inclination to different directions.”

Meanwhile, parade organizers made a detailed manual suggesting participants to wear underwear, running shoes, closed-toe clothing to protect from tear gas and health insurance.

By the way, the first gay parade in Ukraine’s history took place during the reign of Viktor Yanukovych in may 2013 in Kiev. A few dozen people did the “Parade of equality”. However, he lasted only 20 minutes, but opponents gathered about 1,5 thousand the Order was guarded by thousands of policemen, was arrested 10 provocateurs.

Yanukovych’s successors have so far failed to hold a similar event for all European standards. In July last year, right-wing radicals in the center of Kiev attacked after independence the first gay pride parade.

In Odessa on August was scheduled equality March and the festival of sexual minorities “Odessa pride 2015”, which was supposed to be guarding more than 300 militiamen. After the “Right sector” threatened to beat up the marchers, the Odessa district administrative court banned LGBT activists to gather on March. The festival is still held, but it was indoors.

In addition, in March the government of Arseniy Yatsenyuk announced the legalization in Ukraine same-sex marriages / partnerships. It is scheduled to be held in a year. This promise has caused grumbling not only in the opposition but in the ruling coalition in Parliament, whose leaders previously promised Ukrainians that the integration in the European Union the introduction of gay marriage does not require.

* Organization in respect of which the court accepted entered into legal force decision on liquidation or ban the activities on the grounds stipulated by the Federal law “On countering extremist activity”

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