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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Why Russian animation was left without an Oscar

Eighty years ago there was the largest in the USSR Studio animated films “Soyuzmultfilm”. Released her first cartoon was in black and white. Since then, animation has advanced so much that it would seem — what could be more? But approved by the President of the Russian Federation of the concept of development of the country’s special role is dedicated to cartoons! Nothing surprising in this: after all, what will be the cartoons – such children will grow and so will the future of Russia. So what? Animation in principle in the coming years, experts predict, will make a real breakthrough. Cartoon characters will be able not just to tell their stories from the screen, but to talk with every young audience. And even a documentary cartoons and cartoons with “full immersion” in the animated reality. What they will give our children, and that, by contrast, will take – this “MK” said the Executive Director of the Russian Association of animated film Irina MATUSOVA.

photo: youtube.com

On the photo: Irina Matusova

– Irina, apparently, Russia cannot be called a laggard in terms of animation. Why are only “Masha and the bear”, “Fixico”, gaining billions (!) views in YouTube.

– Yes, it’s a resounding success specific animation projects, but things are not so clear and radiant as we would like. In the 90-ies, when the West was a fundamental technological breakthrough in the field of animation, we began restructuring. “Soyuzmultfilm” was left to itself. The disaster that happened with the animation in those years, still not overcome. I’m primarily talking about education. There were gathered the best shots, which both worked and taught (workshops). It all stopped after the restructuring. Many animators left to work including in Hollywood. In the end, the cartoons, which received worldwide recognition (for example, “the Simpsons” or attended by a record cash “Zeropolis”), were made by Russian animators, who went abroad.

But today, many talented animators return to Russia.

– It’s true. But much will depend on whether the conditions for their creative implementation in the homeland. Here Igor Kovalev are lucky in this sense: he returned, works as an art Director of the animated TV series “Alisa knows what to do” and continues to make art films. His project is “To love” was the opening of 2016, collecting prizes around the world.

In General, even if a cartoon is created abroad, it is always nice to know that its author – Russian Director. I will give the example of Alexander Petrov, who won the “Oscar”, working on the project “the old Man and the sea” in Canada.

– By the way, the question about “Oscar”: Director Konstantin Bronzit, who represented Russia, it was never received. And experts believe that the reason our country has not promoted his cartoon.

– Probably, business in it too. A wonderful cartoon by Konstantin Bronzit “We can’t live without cosmos”, which was nominated for an Oscar this year, attracted a huge number of awards around the world. And to “Oscar” we were not ready – there were no precedents… I Hope, over time, learn to promote our cartoons.

Indeed, countries spend many resources on it. They are trying to get nominated for “Oscar” cartoon watched all the Academy and all those who shape public opinion. By the way, the PR of the old Man and the sea” Canada has not regretted a lot of money.

– One of the Directors complained that learning animation come people who do not know how to draw. Is this true?

– Alas. People come, hoping only on the computer technology. And of course, because of this problems arise. They lack the basic knowledge necessary for the artist. Some technologies will not go away. On the other hand, there are authors who continue to draw by hand. Then you need to find the balance.

– I heard in Russia there will be a documentary cartoons. What is it all about?

Is the so-called applied animation, which is still not mastered. The animation is the resource for the materialization of the worlds and stories that are otherwise impossible to animate. For example, to see the dark side of the moon, or to show how a cell divides, how they work in General, the physical laws…

– Are there any ideas to make cartoons on the subjects of major works, say, “War and peace”?

– Ideas are there. But, as I said, great writing – it is rather a coincidence than a pattern. But by the way, in the dashing 90-ies of the Russian filmmakers-animators received orders for an adaptation of Shakespeare from the UK (now all the rights to these cartoons belong to the BBC). Was a great educational project for British schoolchildren. I’d love to and we he appeared.

In Russia in General love to create educational cartoons. Perhaps this is because the Russian parent has some neurosis, it seems that watching cartoons just for fun almost a sin. But if the illustration is to give educational or educational function, then it is quite another thing.

But some parents complained that children would behave like Masha — rowdy friend Bear.

– Does the parent himself should solve, what cartoons should be shown and which are not (considering what age, individual characteristics of the child). But, by the way, Masha their behaviour teaches how to overcome children’s fears and neuroses.

– In your opinion, is there quite harmful cartoons that should be banned?

– Well, recently as the time the state Duma has banned “hentai” is Japanese cartoons “for adults” who pass on the category of child pornography. It was voted by the deputies unanimously.

– In the project about the future of Russian animation says that there will be a change of the linear plot on multitemporality. What is it?

Is technology 360 degrees, which already are a major challenge to the modern process of television production and the art of “storytelling”, to the script, simply put. When you look not in a single plane on the screen and can move the image and look anywhere, including behind your back how would. And then you can build the plot is not linear, and do various interesting bifurcation, both spatial and temporal.

– Still in the project said that children in the future will be able to experience all those feelings and emotions that the characters…

– It is more a fantasy, which however can be realized faster than we expected. New technology arrives.

– Still, the cartoons of the future – they are talking about? And who will be there the main characters – animals, people or maybe items?

– The world is a mad explosion and the increasing complexity of technology, but human nature remains the same – with all their troubles and joys, problems and the search for answers to eternal questions. So the cartoons will be about all of this. And as to what the characters in the cartoons to discuss the problem and decide – with the androids or aliens – is particular.

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