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Friday, March 16, 2018

The woman with the tail was awakened by “Kinotavr”

On 27-th Open Russian film festival “Kinotavr”, held in Sochi, showed the film “Zoology” by Ivan Tverdovsky, Jr. No the picture has not done as much noise as this story is about a lonely employee of the zoo from a seaside town, which grew a tail.

photo: Svetlana Khokhryakova

Fearless Natalya Pavlenkova.

And this strange fact can be from the viewer not to hide, because he will know about your home almost immediately, and then starts full of shame, despair and love phantasmagoria. It is amazing all: and courage the beautiful actress Natalia Pavlenkova, which, like Isabelle Huppert in the film “She” by Paul Verhoeven, is not afraid of anything, and the Church built into an ordinary multi-storey building, and a host of man-toad figure women that can a person to strangle, if he doesn’t like them.

Even the arrival of Sergei Bezrukov and Konstantin Habensky, who were waiting for, it seems, more than any other, with the paintings “After me” and “Collector”, so are unable to bring guests “Kinotavr” as “Zoology”.

Although the Director of “the Collector” Alexey Krasovsky came out on stage barefoot. And in order to shock, and on the other, partly superstitious reasons. “Collector” was filmed in 7 days, or rather nights. The result is the roles involving a single actor Konstantin Khabensky, who lives in a world of sounds, other people’s voices coming from the mobile phone. “I love monopoly, but we are not equal and did not look to others,” says Alexey Krasovsky, who has experience in the series. I’m a fan of any of the restrictions and difficulties. The solo performance “the Contrabass” Konstantin Khabensky I basically did not go, to not have tunnel vision. Besides, it’s two radically different characters. I did not write the script specifically for the actor. Whether a hero of our time manifold, which he plays? That anti-hero – by far”.

A person engaged in the bloody business, collecting money out of people, turned out to be an intellectual and to some extent vulnerable and vulnerable person. He even creates sympathy. And this does not allow him to believe. Whatever you say keira Knightley, all of us, one way or another, are on either side of collection question, and in order to play the profession, not necessarily to communicate with them. We all face a choice: how to pick up how to give. When in the network there is a video defaming his reputation, he becomes an outcast, lose overnight work and the location of many people. He orders by phone 10 bags of manure, which is discharged in the center of Moscow near one of the galleries where he’s not welcome. And this installation makes a strong impression, a has not made the exhibition itself. In this time we live in. The only scandal is able to stir up the people.

The Director, in contrast to the contractor’s main and only role, met with collectors, and there is nothing hard in them noticed: people like people. Unless deeply unhappy living in a Warren. And the main character – not the person who accompanies someone to the gas chamber. In General, this story is not about the collector, about a man raised in difficult circumstances.

Sergey Bezrukov has arrived on “a Kinotavr” with his wife – the Director of the film “After you,” Anna matison on one day. Night. Soon she is pregnant with his child, and ahead of a tour of the Moscow Provincial theater in Kaliningrad. Why is it so important to play the role of a once-famous ballet dancer, who has long been out of work, lives in a small suburban town, owns a chain of pharmacies and children and teaches the ladies the art of dance? Sergey Bezrukov believes that in addition to biological things, like the birth of a child, it is important to leave you after what will be remembered. I think he’s only at “Kinotavr” have said publicly that died during the festival, a remarkable actor Alexey Zharkov, leaving the world of those who made up the color of Russian cinema. In memory remain of their role.

Anna matison was important to not tell the everyday story, and who was her hero on stage. I had to put real ballet. Moreover, the film gave rise to the creation of other independent works, which are interested in the Mariinsky theatre Valery Gergiev. Put it Radu Poklitaru. The picture is certainly not typical in every sense. In its game structure introduced real characters, in particular Valery Gergiev. And Maya Plisetskaya was supposed to appear on the screen, but passed away before the start of the shooting period. Ends “After you” movie in the film, supposedly created on the channel, as they say, on the death of the hero. Disastrous whether it is for a picture of Anna matison is where opinions differ.

Sergey Bezrukov works not only as a dramatic actor, but as a ballet dancer and choreographer. The only tricky jumps over him and performs professional dancer. He was able to accurately convey the particular habits and become a ballet dancer, although not all made it to the final point. “In the ballet I love,” said Sergey Bezrukov. Anna matison believes that in the end her character does the ascent to Calvary. He goes on talk shows to die live. And this is the apotheosis of banality inherent in modern television. Only a scandal can make a difference in his life, and he knows it.

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