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Saturday, January 20, 2018

The President of Ukraine offered “lethal compromising evidence” on the Russian security services

On Friday, June 10, attorney Oksana Sokolovsky recorded in the office of the Pechersky district court of Kiev the statement of claim about protection of honor, dignity and business reputation, refutation of information and compensation of moral harm. Defendants are the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, the Chief military Prosecutor Anatoly Matios and the General Prosecutor of Ukraine.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

Exactly a week before that during a press conference on the eve of the press (in Ukraine it is annually celebrated on June 6) Petro Poroshenko in the presence of numerous Ukrainian and foreign journalists recorded the alleged regular contacts Oksana Sokolovsky with current employees of the FSB of the Russian Federation; those, they say, were raised with the Ukrainian lawyer “the right direction” in its protection of the citizen of the Russian Federation Evgeny Erofeev. Sokolovsky, as followed from words of the President of Ukraine, to do this, regularly traveled to the mother see.

On the evening of 4 June in the responses of the Chief military Prosecutor presenter Natalia vlashchenko in the program “Hard Talk.LIVE” were announced some details of these supposedly documented meetings. Lieutenant-General Anatoly Matios declared: they say, instructed the attorney Sokolowski in the office of the legal company owned by a former officer of the GRU of the General staff of the Russian Armed forces. This office is located… of course, near the famous buildings of the FSB, that is right on Lubyanka square.

“At the time of filing and registration of the claim the assistant referee 20 minutes carefully studied my claim and even made attempts not to accept the lawsuit in connection with the failure to pay me court fees for each non-demand – described by Ms. Sokolowski a visit to the Pechersk court. – Given the lack of authority from the assistant referee the decision of any court decisions on the implementation of the requirements of article 119 of the CPC of Ukraine, as well as an explanation to the employee of court consideration of civil cases and, in particular, about payment of court fees on the claim containing both property and non-property claim, my claim was registered.”

As for the future will be to consider a claim of attorney, even if the lawsuit has any difficulties, you can guess once.

Another surprise. The chief military Prosecutor, who led the rank of major-General alternately Lviv and Odessa Main departments of the security Service of Ukraine, and then served in the Central apparatus of the SBU, for some reason, “he added” to the “machinations” of the FSB and another former employee of the GRU. Despite the fact that even ordinary people have heard about the traditional competition between intelligence agencies.

An experienced intelligence officer could not know about the fact that part 3 of article 17 of the Federal law №144-FZ “On the OSA prohibits the bodies conducting operative-investigative activity (OSA), intelligence, counterintelligence and so on, to engage on contract on a confidential basis, lawyers. Exceptions for lawyers of other countries in the Russian law provides.

It turns out that the General Matios in the TV channel “112” tried to shield too “competent” head of the Ukrainian state, but “accidentally touched” honor, dignity and business reputation of their countrywomen.

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