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Friday, March 16, 2018

The attack in Aktobe: the expert denied the version about ISIS

The Kazakh authorities announced the elimination of several terrorists from Aktobe, which, according to them, participated in the attack on two armed store and a military unit on 5 June. During the capture of the suspects offered armed resistance. “MK” asked the expert, who explained what can be the attackers and why the version of Islamist extremists is not tenable.

photo: youtube.com

– We still don’t know the origin of this gang, – noted in conversation with “MK” expert on Central Asia Arkady Dubnov. – The authorities of Kazakhstan weave a veil of mist on these events. The President Nazarbayev is not made clear. He reproduced the same definitions that the first day were announced, the Ministry of internal Affairs of Kazakhstan. After three days, he said nothing new, only added that we should be wary of “color revolutions”. Apparently, those versions that report to him, he was not satisfied, and the fact that he wanted to hear, he does not convey. Just to say that it is not ISIS (the so-called “Islamic state”, a terrorist group banned in Russia – “MK”).

– That is, you can reject the version about religious fanatics?

– Religious fanatics are different. We just love to adhere to those clichés, which were distributed earlier. The Kazakh authorities today have put themselves in such conditions that they will be forced to stick to the version that was originally proposed by Nazarbayev that these thugs are the adherents of nonconventional religious trends. Only, they avoid using the word “Islam”. They only hinted that this is the trail of Islamic Eskrima. They adhere to the trivial version, but it can be just the Kazakhs living in the West of Kazakhstan, which differ in that they constantly sharply oppose the government. You have to understand that this happens in the West, in the oil-rich region, which is mostly and is a supplier to the Treasury, but the people who are constantly dissatisfied with their socio-economic situation, the fact that they from the center back is not receiving as much money as they provide oil. This is the most hectic point of Kazakhstan. The Kazakh authorities may wish to avoid to speak frankly about these problems, replacing them by talking about some Islamic extreme.

What is the bandits, of course. It generally seems to share some urban street guerrilla. We still don’t know anything more definite. How many days it is known that in the hands of the security forces are some detainees who certainly give some indications, but even the leaks about these indications we don’t know. We usually in such cases a lot of versions, based on leaks, but here – nothing. I’m a little puzzling. I’m afraid to predict. Report that terrorists killed. I avoid to call them Islamic terrorists – bandits. It’s more like a crime than Islamic radicals. Stupid posts about “Army for the liberation of Kazakhstan” – is a fake. To fight for democracy, killing civilians – must be a moron.

Watch the video on “there was video from the scene of the attack in the city of Aktobe”

A surveillance camera recorded the attack on a military unit and gun shop. The video shows how a group of men with weapons in their hands walking down the street. Video published on the website youtube.com user Mr. X X.

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