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Friday, March 23, 2018

That has forced Obama to extend the capabilities of the us military in Afghanistan

President Barack Obama supported the extension of the capabilities of the U.S. military in Afghanistan. We are talking about the support of the Afghan government forces, withstand the onslaught of the Taliban extremists. According to the expert, to which the review addressed “MK”, this is due to the inability of government forces to cope with the enemy and with Washington’s desire to keep the situation in the country under control.

photo: Alexander Astafyev

As explained by Reuters, a senior U.S. military agencies, the President’s decision provides, in particular, the wider (including and direct support of American military aviation in the fight against the Taliban (as terrorist and banned in Russia).

Obama’s decision on strengthening the role of the us military in Afghanistan was adopted on the background of the fact that recently the US-led international forces wound down their combat mission in the country (the basic contingent was withdrawn by the end of 2014, but still in Afghanistan remains 12 thousand servicemen of the coalition, most of whom are Americans), placing the burden of the war with the Taliban on Afghan government forces.

Although at first Barack Obama practically promised to completely withdraw American troops from Afghanistan, leaving only forces to guard the Embassy, on his promise he did not keep: in October 2015, it became known that at the time of the departure of Obama from the White house in January 2017 in Afghanistan will remain 5,5 thousand US servicemen. Now, the decision about strengthening of air support.

“Most likely, this is due to the fact that the events of the last two years have shown that afganskie American troops without support are unable to cope with the armed opposition – says “MK” Director of the Center for modern Afghanistan studies Omar Nessar. – It was proved by the recent fall of Kunduz, which passed for a time under the control of the opposition, and that is under threat Helmand, other counties and provinces. These decisions are related to the fact that the United States is not interested in the fact that they have created in Afghanistan, the political system failed, and that the situation is completely out of control. In General, all events show that the West and NATO in advance has set for itself in Afghanistan a certain frame, and as soon as the situation goes for a certain “red line”, they begin to make a decision.”

By the way, recently a group of 13 retired American generals and diplomats has published an open letter to Barack Obama urging him to maintain the current U.S. military presence in Afghanistan, arguing that the reduction of troops would undermine the morale of the Afghan government forces and strengthen the Taliban.

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