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Monday, March 19, 2018

Technical complexity increases the US interest in Russian arms

The special operations command of the U.S. armed forces asked for the gun company to start production of analogues of Russian small arms. The American press is among the reasons for this complexity calls with service weapons produced in the United States, and that such weapons are sometimes “targeted” of its speakers. Russian experts believe that in this story, more questions than answers.

Special forces of the United States asks the American company to develop analogues of Russian weapons. It is reported TASS with reference to the newspaper The Washington Post.

“For the leadership of special operations forces the United States will not be easy to find even a few thousand machines of non-us production: there are Chinese variants, analogs produced in Eastern Europe”

“Exercising control over most of the elite units of America, CSR is exploring the possibility of developing and manufacturing by American companies models of Russian weapons similar to the AK-47, which is commonly used in areas of hostilities”, – the newspaper notes.

According to the newspaper, the command is addressed to the companies with request for development of “non-standard types of weapons and ammunition.” “We are studying the capacity and capability of American industry to produce the kinds of weapons that are used by many of our foreign partners”, – said the representative of the CSR Matt Allen.

At the request of the command of the special forces included such weapons as “famous throughout the world automatic AK-47, Dragunov sniper rifle, as well as “the Russian easel and light machine guns and 14.5-mm aircraft guns”. It is unknown what the cost would be made in the USA “non-standard” weapons, as it would be affordable and quality.

One of the reasons for the decision announced by called the problems faced by soldiers of the armed forces in the middle East that receive weapons from the United States. “The American weapons makes these men the order to other groups,” reads the article.

However, Russian experts are rather skeptical comment as the information about the development in USA analogues of Russian weapons for the needs of CSR and the Washington Post called the reasons for this.

“The American weapons armed fighters makes them targets for other groups? They want to disguise themselves as Russians? In my opinion, this is ridiculous – said the newspaper VIEW chief editor of “arms Export” Andrey Frolov. – Of course, if, roughly speaking, in one of the CIS countries will be someone with non-Soviet weapon system, it will attract too much attention. But I am sure that for the management of special operations forces the United States will not be easy to find even a few thousand machines of non-us production: there are Chinese variants, analogs produced in Eastern Europe, etc. I don’t think this requires large-scale production in the United States.”

Another reason for the release in America of the Russian analogues of small arms Washington Post calls “complex service of the American weapons.”

“In fact, the problems identified in this plan is. The question of the renewal and modernization of small arms in the US is really worth it, – said Frolov. Existing machine M4 does not completely covers all the needs of the U.S. military, they really want to have a new system in the field of sniper rifles, and assault weapons, etc. it seems to Me that this article in the Washington Post may be to some extent a splash of some inter-movements on the arms market. It is possible, it sends a message to local leaders who know how to read between the lines, you know, what can mean this information. For us, outside observers, in this publication, more questions than answers, yet do not really believe that Americans are so need our weapons. Perhaps we misunderstood something”.

Add that the representative of the CSR Allen calls “the proper use of taxpayers ‘money” the cost of developing weapons, “which required American partners to combat the extremists and they know how to appeal and how to repair it”. “If the weapons were produced in the United States, the government could carefully control its production and distribution,” says the author, a former marine Thomas Gibbons-Neff.

The reason for the production of analogues of Russian weapons in the United States seems to be the chief editor of “arms Export” more real. “Perhaps the Americans need guns in order to supply its allies, but not to procure machines at the taxpayer’s expense in Eastern Europe, and to produce them in the U.S.,” said Andrei Frolov.

He recalled that some American firms now make “clones” of Kalashnikovs. “Formally, of course, that’s not very legal,” he explains. But it’s very concerning. If the machine to give a different name to a little something to change, then to prove that such a machine is derived from the AK-47, the holder will be difficult.”

Recall, the American company Kalashnikov USA has already started production and sale of Kalashnikovs in the US. Thus, the American company has found a way to bypass the anti-Russian sanctions that prohibit the import of Kalashnikovs in the US.

According to the Russian concern “Kalashnikov” has nothing to do with the production of AK-47s in the United States because of the sanctions imposed and is not involved in the production or supply of components for it on the American market.”

Russian expert Andrei Frolov noted that until the recent cooling of relations between Moscow and Washington “Kalashnikov” delivered their weapons over the ocean itself. Russian small arms will really enjoy the Americans demand, however, is not the Pentagon or any official bodies, and ordinary people who buy it for themselves to have at home.”

In July 2014 against concern Kalashnikov” – the largest Russian manufacturer of small arms – the US government and Canada imposed sanctions that included the freezing of assets and a ban on conducting transactions. Because of the sanctions, the company was forced to suspend the supply of products to these countries.

And prevent the production of Kalashnikovs outside Russia was planned with the help of production of fundamentally new products, reported the press service of the Russian concern. In the “Kalashnikov” also promised to compensate the loss of buyers in the United States at the expense of supply in other countries.

We will add, according to the Guardian, the relatively easy availability of Kalashnikovs made them a favorite weapon among terrorists. According to the newspaper, these machines are manufactured now in more than 30 countries.

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