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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Orthodox activists welcomed plans for Mel Gibson to make a new passion of the Christ

Actor and Director Mel Gibson is going to make a sequel to his iconic 2004 film “the passion of the Christ”. The new film will focus on the history of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, and threatens to become as infamous and even prohibited, as the first part.

photo: AP

Mel Gibson is better known as the actor of action movies (“Mad Max,” “Lethal weapon,” etc.), but his directorial work is highly successful. “The man without a face”, “Braveheart” and already mentioned “the passion of the Christ,” which became so controversial that they are show in several countries, accompanied by restrictions and limitations. Anyway, with a budget of $ 30 million the film has grossed over 600 million!

To make movies on such difficult topics as the basis of religion is a crucial and risky matter. No need to explain how you have to be careful, affecting the feelings of millions of believers around the world However, the outline of the tape Mel Gibson was entrusted to write the screenwriter Randall Wallace, with whom he in 1995 he created the historical movie “Braveheart” about the war for Scottish independence in the late 13th century. The film was released very decent and entertaining, but professional historians have noticed a lot of mistakes, made on purpose for emphasis, history. For example, the main character, who led the struggle, was shown to a commoner, whose father was killed by the British, but in fact, the historical prototype was a nobleman whose father kept the side of the British… In the movie, of course, such tricks are only for the benefit, but is it possible a specialist to entrust such a delicate matter as the film is about the spiritual scrapie Christianity?

– Many, I’m afraid will be very difficult to imagine Gibson directing a movie about Christ after his let and old, but became famous and not-forgotten public statements that the Holocaust was only an invention of the Zionists, and the Second Vatican Council “was the result of a conspiracy of the Jews with the Freemasons to control the Church,” talks about the future of the blockbuster Roman Grigoriev, film critic and radio host. – However, he is a talented Director and actor, and he manages epic picture of – not recognize. Now in Hollywood is sorely lacking superheroes, the movie’s bleed together all sorts of comic book characters, even through the positive and a vacuum has formed. In the story of Christ has plenty of potential for action, and maybe if the movie will be filmed in “Bekmambetova style, it will be very entertaining. But Gibson is likely to come to the filming more seriously and the film based on the comic book” will not do…

And, of course, who can forget the Russian Orthodox activists, who like to attack very unordinary products of media culture. The “MK” in advance asked perhaps the most well-known Orthodox activist Dmitry “Enteo” about the reaction of his community to the next film. And I must say, we were quite surprised!

In my opinion, the first movie Mel Gibson was the best attempt to adapt the Gospel history, cinema, and deserves the highest ratings – said Dmitry Enteo, the head of the Orthodox movement activists “God’s will”. – Moreover, this is the only successful attempt to remove such a movie. Proof is the fact that many Christians back in the day of good Friday when the Church remembers the suffering of the incarnate God for the sins of the world. Mel Gibson, unlike many contemporary authors, aware of the responsibility for their creativity and work with a sacred story full of awe. We have confidence in this author and hope that the new film will not be inferior to the first!

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