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Saturday, November 18, 2017

On Mars, ufologists saw the skull of the Yeti

Looking at photos of the Martian surface taken by the Curiosity Rover, ufologists noticed an unusual shape, upon closer inspection, appeared similar to the skull of a humanoid. The video on the discovery by the Mars Rover “Yeti skull”, has already collected more than 45 thousand views, and continues to gain popularity.

photo: nasa.gov

Most likely, ufologists, and those who agree that their discovery is truly sensational, was under the influence of a phenomenon called “pareidolia” — illusions that cause people to see into the mysterious and the unusual outlines of familiar images. Professional planetary scientists and astrophysicists rarely comment on this kind of news, because reviews of this kind rarely anyone was persuaded, and only attract more attention to worthy news.

The shadow stones and unusual shapes on the Martian images become the reason for this kind of “sensationalism” with enviable regularity. Only this year on the red planet ufologists “found” the skull of a Tyrannosaurus Rex, the remains of a huge fish, live gorilla and camel, cave paintings, man-made pyramid, a robot arm and even the man in the suit, which, according to ufologists, secretly flew to Mars to conduct maintenance of the Rovers.

The moon in this context appears less frequently, but it ufologists from time to time discover a whole alien base — in any case, it is those ufologists believe the white dots on some lunar shots. However, recently the alien city seekers of traces of other civilizations found on Earth, or rather, at the bottom of the Pacific ocean.

Naturally, from time to time traces of alien life self-proclaimed experts see and in space — for example, recently the Internet has got the video of “connection” UFOs and International space station.

By the way, soon, scientists plan to send to Mars miniature helicopter, which will allow you to explore the Red planet even faster than today this is possible thanks to the Rover. It can be assumed that the results obtained thanks to this helicopter photography will not only allow real scientists to carry out serious research, but will also inspire ufologists on new “discoveries”.

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