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Thursday, March 15, 2018

The headliner sports and music festival in the Crimea will become Yuri Gagarin

On June 25-26 on mount klementieva in Koktebel will be a marathon “Upward flow”, which will bring together sports and music. The venue of the special mount has unique aerodynamic properties, and here they experienced their aircraft almost all domestic aircraft designers, including Sergei Korolev. The line-up got appropriate – “underwood”, “Earthlings”, “Semantic Hallucinations” and other groups, the repertoire of which there are “cosmic” explanation.

Photo courtesy of the press service of the festival

Festival producer Nadezhda Galkina (in the past – organizer of many large-scale events from the Olympic torch Relay to the largest rock festival in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities of Russia) told “MK” about the preparation of unusual events, and also about what it means to combine “all in one” sports show and large-scale musical open-air.

Nadezhda Galkina. Photo courtesy of the press service of the festival

– How did the idea to hold this event?

– About the mountain klementieva I learned a year ago quite by accident from a conversation. The story touched my heart, and then, having read about it in the net, I stumbled upon an inexhaustible source of inspiration. Knowing that it started here almost all iconic domestic aircraft, I fired up the dream to collect here all the modern romantics, lovers in the air spaces. The important thing is that this place is associated with the historical heritage of our country. I’m generally a supporter of the study of history through the prism of particular human lives. And the people who worked here for the benefit of the homeland, has left an important mark not only in the life of the area, but in the life of the planet. Is Konstantin Artseulov, Oleg Antonov, Sergey Ilyushin and father of the Soviet space program Sergei Korolev — every name as a whole era. Besides, on the Klementiev mountain passes the 45th parallel, the Golden mean of the Earth. And I, like any girl, is not devoid of love for something unusual. In addition, the mountain offers a beautiful view. In my head sometimes appears the idea that the more often we will spend time on these open spaces, the wider will become the horizons of our ideas.

– What is the audience focused festival?

Is a multi – format event, and I hope it will appeal to different categories of visitors. A festival of this kind held for the first time. We set ourselves the task to make high-quality sports event in the first place, for lovers of active recreation and not for professional athletes. Music lovers who come here to listen to your favorite music, will witness various sports competitions, and the athletes will get in their face support. The track, which will be running races and mountain bike, we specifically laid across the place where once loved to walk such cultural figures as Maximilian Voloshin, Ivan Aivazovsky, Alexander green. Thus, our festival is a meeting of sports enthusiasts with the cultural heritage of the region. The pilots drew here, the landscapes, writers have discovered the updrafts on the mountain – everything is intertwined and permeated by the romance of flight.

Photo courtesy of the press service of the festival

– How did you choose the participants – athletes, musicians?

– With all just athletes, they are “chosen” themselves. A paraglider is an extremely friendly, positive community of people. And it does not matter which country they come from. When we were invited to the Crimea to fly athletes from Iran, Lithuania, Germany, Slovenia, they immediately agreed. They were joined by the same fans running and Biking on beautiful trails inaccessible. Each sport represents a certain stage of development dreams or ideas. Man is always somewhere entails, it is not enough just to go, and he begins to run. Then in the head comes the idea to reinvent the wheel – and the person is on the way. The next step towards the dream – flight. So through all those stages of development we came to the first human flight into Space. Here what is the philosophy behind our relay.

Photo courtesy of the press service of the festival

– Why headline chosen “Semantic Hallucinations”?

– When it comes to the cosmos, about the love of interplanetary space, even there is no doubt that this group is stronger than others have linked their creativity with the theme of space. Therefore, the phrase “Thank you Yuri, the Space is ours!” and led this orchestra almost in the place where Yuri Gagarin, the first space and the entire team trained and prepared for the first flight. We are happy that the guys responded to our invitation and bring with them a show, “Space is ours”.

– How best to reach the venue of the festival, and where it can be located?

– We offer guests various options. The most romantic of them is a camp. Crimean starry night will be able to sit around the campfire together with the astronauts, who kindly accepted our invitation and join us for the event. They will reward the winners of the relay. And then we are waiting for colorful stories about flying into space, about the difficult preparations for departure into orbit, legends and all sorts of interesting stories from the horse’s mouth. After the concert on the big screen will show the most interesting films of the Studio “Roscosmos”. So the night spent in the camp, promises to be interesting, will not be bored. We hope that we’ll be able to create a cozy, almost homely atmosphere, a comfortable place for adults and adolescents.

– What types of activities await guests, in addition to the concerts?

– The whole set – paragliding in tandem, paramotor, hot air balloons. The guys from the center of Glider Activities prepare workshops on aviamodelirovaniye. Also joined us the Russian Federation sport of pole and workout, they will prepare for visitors to the two sites: classic and aerial acrobatics, which will organize contests and workshops, but we can’t reveal all the secrets now, as some of the projects are still under preparation.

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