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Thursday, March 22, 2018

The discovery of scientists at CERN have disproved the canons of physics

Working with the Large hadron Collider the CMS and ATLAS collaborations have announced that under some scenarios the Higgs decays anomalies are observed, which may indicate violations of the Standard model of physics. Formerly, the Standard model allowed scientists at CERN to predict the existence of the Higgs boson, however, he may also be the proof of its imperfection, does not exclude the researchers.

photo: ru.wikipedia.org

Experts carefully studied the different scenarios of the decay of the Higgs boson since then, as this particle was discovered in 2012. Although in General this disintegration fits into the Standard model, when several scenarios, according to the scientists, the anomaly is still observed. For example, the number of decays of Higgs boson into pairs and recorded the creation and “bottom” quarks were about five times below the predictions of the Standard model. Accompanied by some anomalies at the birth of a boson: in particular, the ratio of Higgs bosons, which arose at the birth of pairs of top quarks and those that were obtained by fusion of gluons, three times different from predicted.

Experts do not exclude that in fact there is not a single Higgs boson predicted by the Standard model, and two of its “subspecies” that have decayed in different ways. This could explain the observed discrepancy, however, would largely be review of the modern scientific concepts of elementary particles.

Despite the fact that the Standard model still remains one of the most important in modern physics, theoretical designs, happy discoveries that do not fit or even directly contradict it, already exists. The most vivid and accurate example is the opening, which last year was awarded the Nobel prize in physics. Canadian Arthur MacDonald and the Japanese Takaaki kajita described the phenomenon of neutrino oscillations, that is, the ability of neutrinos to change from one state to another. This implies the existence of neutrino masses, although, according to the Standard model, it is not.

Also this year, various scientists were probably discovered a new heavy boson a record and even a previously unknown fifth fundamental force of nature, although in both cases for final confirmation of the discoveries will need further investigation.

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