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Monday, March 19, 2018

Tesla and SpaceX proposed to the Minister of defense weapons of the new generation

To discuss the most promising innovations of the United States invited on Wednesday companies founder Tesla and SpaceX Elon musk us Secretary of defense Ashton Carter. The meeting was held behind closed doors. Topics that were discussed-not known even to American journalists. Nevertheless, CNN released information about the latest achievements of national science, which could play a role in the growth of the technological superiority of the country.

photo: morguefile.com

The Americans behave as if you really believe that the Russian army has received the order to attack the mills of NATO. Statement of assistant Secretary of defense of the United States Michael carpenter about 60 hours, for which Russia could seize the whole of the Baltic States, strangely coincided with the secret meeting of the “iron” Elon musk, head of the Pentagon.

However, the humorous mood of the Mask after the meeting was slightly decreased voltage. To little to satisfy the interest in the topics discussed, the head of SpaceX on his page in Twitter wrote: “the Theme of the meeting was the creation of a “flying iron suit.” An allusion to the fact that Elon himself has become the prototype for the image of Iron man, as well as the fact that the topics, which were discussed in the Minister’s office, related rather more distant, a little fantastic future.

Later the press-Secretary of the Ministry of defence, Peter cook, said in an official statement that on Monday, Carter appealed to the technological community of the United States with a request to share my opinion about what is happening now in the world of innovation and in what direction to move further.

Looks like Elon Musk has become one of the first, who held a Council, the head of the military Department.

Well, CNN correspondents have suggested that they could discuss.

So, Americans have long spoken about the possibility of mining on asteroids. Even offered at the time to do it jointly with Russia (but we declined). According to their calculations, one asteroid can generate income $ 100 billion. But because breakthrough project No. 1 is to create a robotic spacecraft to capture and drilling of rock, flying at supersonic speed. According to experts, this can be achieved within 5-10 years.

Apparently, space tourism will remain so in the foreseeable future pastime for the very separate categories of citizens. But because one company offers to replace costly travel massive virtual tours into outer space to anyone for only $10. For this price, the sofa “astronauts” will be able to gain access to real-time cameras installed on Board the International space station and to observe everything that is done inside the station behind the glass of the Windows in the range of 360 degrees without leaving home.

One of the most necessary technologies in the near future will be one that will successfully catch space junk in orbit. Satellites fishers are invited to make a sticky so they can “magnet” waste of space “life” and taking them down, so they burned up in earth’s atmosphere.

The next technology — from the field of private satellite startups. The idea of using a large number of small devices to provide wider and more precise picture of the earth’s surface has long been in the air, both in the USA and in Russia. Users of images taken by such satellites can be representatives of industry, agriculture, insurance, shipping companies and the liquidators of consequences of natural disasters.

Also one of the leading directions of development of the future will be 3-D technology. In particular, NASA has already signed a contract with a firm for recycling waste of the ISS into usable materials by using 3D printing.

Still conducts tests of its spaceplane Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Galactic, the Company has already received more than 200 orders on the first flights from wanting to visit near space, is a cheaper flight on the ISS, and therefore more feasible, according to experts.

By the way, apparently not far off already and Martian flights – the same Musk recently announced the year 2025 as the year when the United States still send people to the Red planet. Of course, with the help of the company Elon musk. As he does, it is not said, but we know that this man has a rare words with deeds.

Well, if space flight will seem too troublesome, probably the Americans will be able to implement an alternative form of transport, which has been a dream of science fiction fans for over a century. The concept, which is based on the idea of using interplanetary Elevator, has already received support from the International Academy of Astronautics, which emphasizes its feasibility and low cost compared to rocket launches.

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