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Saturday, March 17, 2018

She showed acoustic strip

“A must-see acoustic concert for Diana — advised friends fans Arbenina, is a very specific action. It is very exposed…” “what?” — I was taken aback. “Go!” — fans of rock-lady Di were persistent. And I decided to see what kind of nudity shows “night snipers” on his acoustic concerts.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

Interested I have to say: the strip was. But much more interesting than if Diane had removed the garments, the strip was psychological. And peace. Diana had exposed the essence. It was hard, nervously, too clipped, sometimes confusing, sometimes too openly, but, of course, attractive. And honestly.

Acoustic night Arbenina was in the variety Theater. From the walls looked huge portraits Leontiev, Pugacheva, Kobzon, Leshchenko — are so young that sometimes he had to strain to see. Held hopes of Soviet music. Luminaries, has long moved to the Kremlin. Left the variety Theatre to other genres and artists. Which is a pity. This stage area has to be almost forgotten today amid the increasingly complex variety show of candor. Proximity. Intimacy. Just the fact that she demonstrated.

“Of course, it would be much easier to take a guitar that I certainly do today, to get up and sing 48 billion songs. It would, of course, cool, and always will. But it would be such an ordinary acoustic concert, which absolutely does not explain what is now happening to me and what I really want to say to you. And I thought, or decided on what is happening in the first part, or to send to hell at all, because if you burn, if you want to say, you have the right to go on stage,” so she welcomed the audience. The first branch was really amazing. It was more reminiscent of the author’s monologue. To the accompaniment of drummer Dmitry or private piano and guitar she recited poems that she has a complex form and semantic content and have nothing to do with the lyrics. The versification for Arbenina is a separate and very special, difficult for her creative niche. The audience listened carefully, trying to delve as deeply as possible, and something to gerassimovi. And meanwhile, she still showed good friendship with Chulpan Khamatova was not in vain — acting school. Read Diana and prose — the story “Helen” — thing is also controversial and the plot and form of writing, although, of course, shrill, mentally sharp, simply put, really talented. Diana admitted that writing the beginning, when waiting for children. “It is better to write than to smell gasoline!” she said, wanting to describe that in pregnant women there are different bursts of interest.

Also sometimes the rocker told the history behind the writing of some poems and songs. For example, confessed: “the Poem called “Finnish” I wrote, thinking about what was in the mind and soul of Joseph Alexandrovich Brodsky, if he’d forgiven the damned country and back at least two days in one of the most beautiful cities in the world — Saint-Petersburg”.

The second part of the concert was a performance of acoustic guitar — a long-standing hits as “Night snipers”, and songs from 2016 “will Survive only lovers”, and “Baby cycle”. Having survived the most difficult for himself the recitation of his own poems and going to the more familiar and natural being on stage, Diana in the second part is visibly exhaled and relaxed.

Three hours of mutual attraction of the performer and the audience ended songs for the encore. As promised Diana that she played “for a long, long time to come” — and was rewarded with love.

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