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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Roxette: will “Karma” farewell

2016 turned out for this Swedish team, already entered the world music record, a significant and fatal, and the album “Good Karma” went down in history even before release. Artists released it just last week, to his parents, but in the spring, when only worked on it, suddenly announced to fans that completely stop the stage.

Photo: press service of the group

In the summer the group was to start a large-scale jubilee tour in different parts of the world, in the list of countries which was Russia. However for health reasons the doctors have banned the singer Marie Fredriksson to perform: who would have known that the concert on February 8 in Cape town will be a farewell for Roxette. The sad story began long ago: in 2002, the singer suffered brain cancer. A few years later the disease has receded, but some time ago he again has a problem: in September 2015, the actress admitted that she suffers from problems with movement and memory. In the spring of 2016, informing fans of the sad news, Marie tried to cheer them in social networks: “It’s been a great 30 years. I am proud that in 2009, after a serious illness to return to the stage and a few more times to drive around the world with Roxette. Unfortunately, my touring days are over, and I want to take this opportunity to thank our fans for their loyalty and support.”

Speaking of thirty happy years, Fredriksson not slukavil: way Roxette really was a bright, successful and rich. Together with a Feather Gessle, they formed the band in 1986, and initially to the Duo is a treated as a serious hobby two artists, however, despite the gossip, they immediately realized that in the creative sense found each other, and in 1989 the song “The Look” brought them worldwide fame. In the entire history of the band for 557 concerts, four of his songs record the amount of time held the first place of the American charts, and the total number of albums sold more than 75 million. However, more eloquently than any figures talking about the famous composition of the team — such as “Topic”, “It Must Have Been Love”, “Listen To Your Heart”, is simultaneously dreamlike, naive, but Mature and deep. Fans fell in love with these musicians for a subtle melody that permeated the rock energy, and faith in a brighter, cleaner future, which pervades all their songs, why they, however, don’t sound too sugary or sugary.

Although the band was forced against their will to stop playing, and for the participants it was no less a shock than for the listeners, the artists rallied and showed the audience, perhaps the most life-affirming album. “Good Karma” — it’s a bundle of positive energy and elements of different styles, from pop to rock, from classical instrumental to experimental electronics. Painfully reminiscent sounds fresh again old hits song “It Just Happens”, which prior to the release of the album was filmed a romantic video about the love without age, without borders, and the happy moments in life. “You Make It Sound So Simple — dramatic, but it is a very dynamic thing, which immediately begins to scroll in the head after listening. “20 BPM” saucy email “Thriller”, and only the final track is filled with a deep sadness. It seems symbolic that she is called “April Clouds” (“April clouds”): all occurred in April. And the last line of the song that Marie sings: “I wish you all the best.”

Photo: press service of the group

Of course, there is a great fear that the “Good Karma” will be the last album of the group, but the fact that its creators are born fighters gives hope for a sequel. “W.” has contacted with a Feather Gessle, Roxette to congratulate with the thirtieth anniversary and to wish the musicians of health, to talk about the creative outcome and try to figure out what will happen next.

— Per, 30 years for group — a serious age, which many teams simply do not survive. What points of stage history are particularly important?

— You know, when the band comes from a country like Sweden, it seems that to break into the international music scene is almost impossible. The whole music business is concentrated in USA, UK and develops there. This is due to the musical tradition and with language features, because international language is English. So of course, when our composition “The Look” topped in 1989 the American charts, we were shocked and could not believe what was happening. I will not hide that we, of course, sought international recognition, played concerts around the world, found everywhere friends, fans. This was our way to its most insane and a big dream. We are very happy. And very thankful to its audience and because this road was really amazing.

— What is the concept, the main message of the album “Good Karma”? What is he to you personally?

— It so happened that we started recording it in the Studio when he knew that you will not be able to play these songs live, especially so tenderly treated by the process of music production. He was very detailed, varied and prepared to enter two years. We love this album. Marie thinks it’s the best thing we ever did. It is a very significant record.

— What is the secret of success Roxette? We helped you for many years to stay on the wave of popularity?

— I think we managed to find his own unique sound with our voices, my style of songwriting, as well as the fact that we have always created my music in Stockholm, and collaborated only with Swedish musicians. We’ve never worked in Los Angeles, new York or London, so sound different than other singers.

— What has changed over the years with your music?

— I’ve always been primarily a songwriter and composer, and this is the beginning of always ran my career that, of course, influenced all the creativity Roxette. I grew up on the classical art of creating songs that are rooted in 1960-1970, and explore this way all my life, am constantly in an internal “journey”. But I also have always been interested in experiment and in the space of digital music, so the album “Good Karma” you can feel the influence of the electronic culture including.

— In April you had to stop jubilee tour due to illness Marie. The group stated that it will no longer play, but whether the Studio will continue the story? Are you planning to write new songs in the future?

Marie no longer wants to play concerts, but perhaps fans are still waiting for fresh entry. Time will tell.

— What are the trends you see on the stage today? And as today’s developing musical culture in General?

In recent years the music industry has changed greatly and will change for a long time. I think that audio media will disappear, will only work streaming services. This means that we go back to the system that existed in the 1950s, when there appeared records and CDs. Today the culture is focused on the creation of new songs, singles and not full albums, and this cannot but affect the fate of the musicians. On the one hand, now the major record companies prefer to get quick money due to the constant release of new hits and the constant change of artists, rather than a single performer, helping him to build a career. On the other hand, the current situation has its advantages: to distribute music over the Internet much easier than having to distribute physical media. All of these processes — both the negative and positive — to happen at the same time. Listen to the radio — you’ll find that most of the hits sound the same, the identity of the composer and the lyricist, and personality of the artist. It’s a new world.

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