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Friday, March 16, 2018

NATO seriously believe that Russia is going to attack the Baltic States

What were you thinking about, Deputy head of the Pentagon Michael carpenter, when he declared that Russia after 60 hours can capture the capital of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, and NATO troops are not able to prevent it? The representative of the US defense Department did not explain why the Baltic States should be attacked by Russia. Whether the American military expected the attack of the Russian army on the Baltic, or are just a political game and “fooling around”? This “MK” asked the leading military experts.

photo: morguefile.com

Vadim EVSEEV, the Deputy Director of the Institute of CIS countries:

– There are various scenarios of military confrontation between Russia and NATO. For example, Russia launches rocket-a nuclear attack on the United States. There is the scenario of the occupation by Russian troops of the Baltic States not to give to place in this territory, US forces and NATO. And NATO, just, and plans to deploy these troops, and in the foreseeable future. And a fear that Russia will inflict a preemptive strike, that is will try to take the Baltic States under control, to occupy it, in the NATO do exist. That is, they’re not faking it, but really think so.

Therefore, to make such statements. The purpose of these provocative statements on the one hand — to hear the reaction of Russia, and with another — to justify the strengthening of the structures of NATO in Europe.

– But can we really enter into the Baltic, or it’s just paranoia of the West?

– Of course, we may enter the Baltic States. But only if nnesa real war, in which Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia will become the enemy lines and from there there is a threat to at least St. Petersburg. For example, if the Baltic States will be the launches of cruise missiles in St. Petersburg. Shoot them down at this distance impossible.

And even in the event of nuclear war with NATO Russia would be more appropriate to send troops to the Baltic States than to its bomb, and nuclear attacks it is better to put on more close allies of the US, such as Poland and Romania. This is the logic of war.

But this is precisely the logic of war, and Russia, as we know (and for some reason unknown to the hawks of NATO) is preparing still to the world. We really are not going to fight. However, we have to keep parity. And if NATO increases its presence near our borders, then we will have to create new armies and brigades in the West direction. That is, they involve us in an arms race, knowing full well that it could undermine the Russian economy.

– That is West of us “takes on a senseless waste of budget money…

– Yes, it is one of the goals. The saddest thing is that long time and money it requires not only the creation of additional military infrastructure, but also its subsequent liquidation. Process weapons, then the disarmament can be delayed for decades. And all this time we will be economically vulnerable and politically vulnerable because of the tension at our borders.

USA dragging us into a prolonged confrontation with those countries against which to fight we never intended. It damages Russia. And Russia has yet to come up with a retaliatory move, a kind of antidote to this provocation.

Igor Korotchenko, Director of the Center for analysis of world arms trade:

– I do not agree that someone of professional politicians or military really thinks we can take, and to occupy the Baltic States. That is, in terms of military capabilities it can be done, and not for 60 hours, and much faster. But it is obvious that our country will never go. However, NATO officials impose Western and first Baltic in the street opposite point of view, singing to him about the Russian military threat. Thus they prepare the ground for implementing decisions to be adopted at the upcoming Warsaw summit of NATO. The essence of these solutions is the increased presence of NATO troops in the Baltic region. Sensible people in the region understand that the appearance of new military bases will not improve the security of these republics, and will increase the danger to them. So — you need to brainwash, to convince them that the danger already exists (from Russia), and a new contingent of NATO will defend the Baltic States from these threats.

– And why the NATO countries to spend big money on an unjustified expansion of its presence in the region?

– If for Russia, the arms race is a liability for the United States — a profitable business.

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