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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Moscow could help in resolving disputes in the far East

Tokyo was concerned about the fact that Russian military ships were near the Senkaku Islands, whose affiliation with him challenged Beijing and Taipei. But the real trouble the Japanese caused the appearance there of a military ship from China. Russia could help in the creation of the court of arbitration, which all parties to the dispute have entrusted its permission.

According to the defense Ministry of Japan, the Russian ships were seen in the vicinity of the island of Kabashima near the Senkaku archipelago of about 21.50 Wednesday to local time (15.50 GMT). Six hours later they all left the waters. As said on Thursday the Secretary-General (chief of staff) of the government, Yoshihide Suga, to the question “we have attracted the necessary attention of Russia through diplomatic channels”.

“Japan will also be expelled from all other territories which it captured by force and the result of his greed”

But far more worrisome in the land of the rising sun caused the appearance in the same waters, a Chinese frigate. The foreign Ministry even summoned the Chinese Ambassador. Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs Akitaka Saiki told the Ambassador that Japan “has very deep concern” regarding the appearance of Chinese military vessels in the disputed Islands.

Agency “Kiodo” reminds that the Russian military ships and had sailed near the Senkaku Islands, and from the point of view of international law, there is no problem. The Chinese vessels also sailed there, but a warship of China was seen for the first time.

The disputed archipelago is located in the East China sea, Japan for the first time presented to him a claim in 1895, at the end of the Second world Senkaku (in Chinese maps – Diaoyu) Islands along with Okinawa came under the jurisdiction of the United States, and in 1972, the Americans returned to Tokyo occupied territory. 20 years later, in 1992, Beijing declared that on maps of 1783 and 1785, the Diaoyu Islands designated as Chinese territory, and therefore, in accordance with the Cairo Declaration of 1943, should be seized from Tokyo.

In the Declaration on the purposes of the war with Japan, signed by representatives of USA, Britain and China, let’s recall, said: “the aim is to deprive Japan of all the Islands in the Pacific which she seized or occupied since the beginning of the First world war in 1914, and that all the territories that Japan has stolen from the Chinese, as, for example, Manchuria, Formosa and the Pescadores Islands were returned to the Republic of China. Japan will also be expelled from all other territories which it captured by force and the result of his greed”.

In 1943, China was unified, because currently Taiwan is the de facto (and in the opinion of a number of countries and de jure) is an independent, and he also claims the Senkaku-Diaoyu. The Islands remain under Japanese control, in 2012 the government bought from a private owner three of the five Islands to emphasize their official status.

If because of the emergence in the disputed waters of the Russian ship Tokyo officially only “attracted the attention” of Moscow, due to the fact that in the same place at the same time was seen a Chinese warship, will be convened by the security Council of Japan. As RIA “Novosti”, it is assumed that the security Council will analyze the situation and consider options for further action. In addition, there will be discussed ways of cooperation with the United States.

The United States regularly interfere in the territorial disputes of China with its neighbors. Earlier, us warships appeared in the waters of the disputed Nansha Islands, they are also the Spratly Islands. The list of applicants to the Islands and annexed the waters even more than in the case of the Senkaku-Diaoyu. Islands believe its not only China and Taiwan, but also Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippines and Brunei partly.

Controlled by China since 1974, Paracel Islands Vietnam consider to be their and all the same Taiwan. Does not remain aloof and South Korea in 2013 in response to the establishment of China’s air defence identification zone in the area of the Senkaku Seoul expanded its area on the uninhabited island of Marado and Hondo, as well as the rock Iodo, which is also claimed by China. Japan and the United States then endorsed this decision.

All the above mentioned Islands and archipelagos are located on potential mineral deposits – this explains the fact that many States claim these are not valuable in themselves pieces of land.

No simple solutions to these questions can not be. If we exclude the military way, you need many years of research that will be recognized by all parties with the arbitral Tribunal.

The problem is that instead of having to initiate or at least support the establishment of such a court of the United States in the region decide their private task “curb” of China. As China’s economy on the volume has already overtaken the us, Washington considers Beijing as its main competitor. Therefore, in all the territorial disputes China has with neighbors Americans follow very simple tactics to support opponents of Beijing.

As you know, Russian astronauts before the launch at Baikonur watch the movie “White sun of the desert”. It seems that it would be nice to put this reel to the us diplomats prior to any statements on the subject of South-East Asia. “East – a delicate matter”. To approach political issues in this region of the Atlantic with two-tone vision of the world – dangerous for stability in the world.

Regularly expressed Washington’s concern about a resurgent Russia or a rising China does not say that Moscow or Beijing actually threaten the security of the United States. The problem is that Americans, as representatives of many European countries, just do not know how to negotiate from the point of view of equality of the parties. And any territorial challenge that, if solved not by military means, implies equal respect for each party to the dispute.

Due to the clumsy actions of the US and EU middle East and North Africa has turned into a permanent hot spot. If the same methods will be applied in South-East Asia – will inevitably burn and there.

Russia’s objectives in the region exactly opposite the us. We don’t need someone to rein. Our goal – a mutually beneficial cooperation with China and with Japan, Vietnam, both Koreas and all other countries of the Asia-Pacific region. While from Japan we also have unresolved territorial problem, and China is no similar dispute has been mutually resolved – in spite of took place 47 years ago, armed conflict.

Therefore, Russia could become the initiator of creation the international arbitration court by the decision of territorial problems in the region. But there is no doubt that in this case, the United States will become more actively blame us for “meddling in the Affairs of sovereign States.”

In any case, there is no alternative to negotiations. China is a nuclear state, and in the case that the conflict could escalate into a “hot” stage will not find anyone.

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