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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

In Indonesia discovered an ancient “hobbits”

On the island of Flores in Indonesia, the international team of scientists managed to find the remains of the ancestors of the so-called “human Florensky”, sometimes unofficially called “hobbit” in honor of the representatives of the people of a fictional diminutive works of John Tolkien. According to the authors of the discovery, the discovery allows more certainty that discovered in the past hominid a height of about one meter are representatives of the individual species, not the ancient Homo sapiens with developmental disorders.

The age of the human remains Florensky, first discovered in 2003, is about 50 thousand years. The fragments of the jaw and six teeth, which experts say in a new study, much older — their “owners” lived more than 700 thousand years ago. The discovery is just 74 kilometres from where they were first found human remains Florensky. This, according to experts, once again confirms that they were almost certainly discovered it was the ancestors of the “hobbits”.

New remains, the researchers believe, can serve as a new proof that man Florensky descended from erectus, or Homo erectus, one of the probable direct ancestors of modern humans and the first in the history of the hominids who left the territory of modern Africa. In all probability, during the evolution of some of the descendants of erectus decreased in size and, although their brains were comparable in size to a chimpanzee brain, even used stone tools, but became extinct about 13 thousand years ago.

A new study published in the journal Nature.

Curiously, after the discovery of the first evidence of human existence Florensky was not only hypothesized that he is “sick” Homo sapiens, not separate species, but in some sense the opposite hypothesis, according to which “the hobbit” belong not only to a new kind, but to a new genus of living beings, since the volume of the skull he was too small (this hypothesis, in particular, has long adhered to the Australian paleoanthropologist Peter brown). However, today people Florensky is one of the species of homo, and new data show that this is true.

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