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Thursday, February 15, 2018

Children from three parents will be next year

The first children from one man and two women can be born in a year, if the procedure successfully completes clinical trials. This was stated by a group of scientists from the UK, who published their study in the journal Nature. The birth of a child from three parents implies that in-vitro fertilization in addition to the genetic material of the father and mother specialists will be added to the mitochondrial DNA of another woman.

photo: pixabay.com

The technology in question, is intended primarily in order to save a child from genetic diseases of mother, the rest leaving him as the son of two parents. In the mitochondria contains just 37 genes out of the 23 thousand, which makes man the way he is.

After testing, which was used by more than 500 eggs from 64 women, experts came to the conclusion that the technique does not prevent the development of fetus and reduces the risk of transmission of diseases caused by mutation of the mitochondria from the “core” of the mother. In this case, the fetus was transferred only 0.1 percent of the genes of the female donor, experts say

Supporters of the technology was introduced, called mitochondrial replacement, insist that it will save people from serious and often deadly genetic disease that causes seizures, blindness, heart problems and liver. At the same time, the opponents are convinced that this approach is dangerous and immoral: they fear that even if current tests are successful and will not be too much interference in human nature, the success will inspire scientists to even more daring and controversial experiments. But anyway, a similar procedure is already legally recognized as valid in the UK and in the US, and now scientists are working actively to implement the technology in practice.

Earlier it was reported that application of technology will apply only male embryos: mitochondrial DNA is passed only through the female line, so even if over time will identify any problems associated with the test method, it would have no impact on the offspring born with it, people. If the technology proves its effectiveness in the long term, it is planned to extend its application to children of both sexes.

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