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Sunday, March 18, 2018

American almost half a year lived without a heart

Twenty-five year resident, Stan Larkin had lived without a heart for 17 months. During this time the vital organ in the American, waiting for a transplant, replaced testicularly camera in the backpack. Last month, the heart transplant finally took place and was successful.

photo: morguefile.com

In adolescence, Larkin and his older brother was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy family — the disease that leads to progressive heart failure. At the end of 2014, Stan Larkin had replaced the body on artificial and hooked it up to a special generator, which allowed us to distill the blood through the body as well, as if the heart of the American was and worked fine. As reported by Jonathan haft from the University of Michigan, who conducted the surgery, because the anatomy Larkin it was the only option that could be effective. As a result, the change of heart on “artificial”, and the subsequent installation of the graft were successful and now, in the words of Larkin, he feels able to “jog”.

As reported cnet.com only in the United States of America today in the queue for transplantation of an organ, expect more than 121 thousand people, and the shortage of organs becomes the cause of an average of 22 deaths every day.

Today, scientists are actively looking for a way to solve this problem. One of the promising techniques aimed at overcoming the shortage of organs, is the cultivation of animals with human bodies. In some countries this practice is already allowed, and testing it on apes conducted all more successful. Although this technology in the future could save thousands of people every year, some public figures believe that such practices are immoral and dangerous. They call the farming of animals with the bodies of people frankenscience neologism (from Frankenstein – Frankenstein and science science).

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