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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

“AGON”-guys, not Quest Pistols

While the famous Kiev band, boldly stormed the top of show business in 2007, retrained in Quest Pistols Show and renewed the membership, the founders of Nikita, Goruk, Anton Shulepov and Konstantin Borovsky gave a surprise to fans, suddenly joining the team “AGON”. In January they expressed their reincarnation of the single, “Let go”, and now recorded and a full record “#Buduruvagala”, which is a stylish and sensual electro-pop, lightly shaded elements of other areas. “W.” I talked to artists about why they have been a creative rebirth, what the musicians to be independent and not need to advertise their videos.

Photo: press service of the group

— How did you guys feel in the new status?

— It’s a wonderful feeling, the best on earth (laugh). Although in reality — no new forms. We do what we do best, and although the band’s songs “AGON” the audience had not heard, we are all the same Kostya, Anton and Nikita, we have all the same head on your shoulders and beautiful body. New enough, just in this project, there will be nothing superficial. It’s a shrewd move, done in order to please people with something fresh.

— How did the idea of the project with such a playful name?

— It is fate. Besides, we are very long time friends, and in the work we missed each other for the past several years, and so we decided to get together again. The more that the time has come when we have all left the band Quest Pistols, and the idea of doing something together literally in the air.

— Do you communicate with former colleagues from Quest Pistols, support the contact?

— Not really — you need to look forward and let bygones be bygones. Historically, we have always been friends, exactly, Threesome, Kostya generally the first to quit the team and was not really familiar with those who were part of it after.

— What are your ambitions? Is the goal to surpass themselves?

— We always want to outdo ourselves, otherwise we would not have such active movement forward and we would not have become who we are. The goal is to only go up. The group of “AGON” only four months, and we have already released an album, shot two videos and now working on the third, so that all ambitions are obvious, as well as the success of their implementation.

— Although the audience already knows each of you as the ex-member of Quest Pistols, today you are partly re-introduced to her, introducing fresh songs. Debut album for any group — a business card. How was the work and the division of responsibilities in the team?

— We three make up the creative group, which implements the entire creative part of the project in addition to music. It writes our old friend and composer, the author of all the hits Quest Pistols Sasha Chemerov, which actively continues to cooperate with us. That is actually the old team, where we worked many years ago, being a member of Quest Pistols. The idea of the clips, the entire control of the process lies entirely on our shoulders; we also together with Kiev best artists and designers come up with what will be the backdrops and everything making our show, our costumes, organize a photo shoot, decide what we will do and how we look — that is, completely independently developed all the activities of the group.

Photo: press service of the group

— You say that you remain what they were. What then is the novelty of the project?

— We work with completely new musical material, which we ourselves very inspiring. The first time we heard the music for the album before came together and decided on the name, then realized that we should record it, because of the composition, invented by Sasha Camerasim, sunk our souls. We realized that only we have to obey them, we didn’t want any other artists bought these songs and somehow in his own way to realize them. These things sound completely new way, different from what we did before, despite the fact that they are created by the same composer. We removed the old skin, like lizards, therefore we are all the same, but appear in a new role.

Bracket is higher now or is it always on the same level?

— We believe that we are the best, there’s no one left to prove it, and we never participate in any contests, because I do not envy anyone, we are alien to the spirit of competition, so to put any strap is not necessary. We do their work, and it’s not the world Cup of show business. Our motivation is only to create a quality product.

— What experiences have given you a part in the Quest Pistols and all your past?

— This can tell fans. All the experience that we have gained not only during operation in Quest Pistols, but for more than 15 years in the ballet, of course, makes itself felt, we have analyzed it and applied so far. It is important for us to participate in the project, which, in the first place, is not vulgar, fashionable without flirting with the audience. The group “AGON” — your character and style. We believe that this is music out of time. The testimonials that we hear from people about what the lyrics are filled with meaning and melody — harmony, inspire us. And, coming up with your clips, we do not promote sex; we try to create an atmosphere, convey the emotional state of the composition, and it becomes the frame of the picture, which we draw, the kind of art that we offer people.

— Previously, the field of the Russian-Ukrainian show business was one. The result of all known events have occurred and the cultural schism. How do you assess the situation now? Does the socio-political background affect the musical life of our countries?

— Unfortunately, Yes, it is more than obvious. Relations between the two countries, which have always been fairly close, today the circumstances has changed a lot, but we try not to think about it too much, keep doing your thing and always go where we expect, — we equally value all of our fans, regardless of where they were.

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