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Sunday, October 23, 2016

A rating of Nadiya Savchenko is twice that of Petro Poroshenko

Kiev international Institute of sociology (KIIS) today presented the results of a nationwide poll conducted from may 20 to June 2. His main result: the majority of surveyed residents believe that to solve the conflict in Eastern Ukraine follows the path of international peace negotiations.

photo: AP

Ukraine’s accession to NATO at present maintained 44 percent of Ukrainians, against 38 per cent. 82% of Ukrainians believe that Ukraine needs a strong leader, which would have wide powers.

Among the personalities in the offered respondents the list of the 25 political leaders of Ukraine regarding the high level of trust has recently pardoned by the President of the Russian Federation Nadezhda Savchenko, she is trusted by 35% of all adult Ukrainians. Don’t trust her to 32.7%. Another 32.3 per cent have not developed to the lady of a certain attitude or don’t know who N. Bluth is. Savchenko.

Further, according to the trust level are the mayor of Lviv and spiritual leader of the” parliamentary party “Samopomich” Andriy Sadovy (trust 32,3%, do not trust – 40,7%), the party leader “Batkivshchyna”, Yuliatymoshenko (28% vs. 57.3 percent), head of the parliamentary faction of the Radical party Oleg Lyashko (27,5% vs 52.4% ), the leader of the party “Civic position” Anatoly Gritsenko (23,6% vs 47,3%), the Governor of Odessa region Mikhail Saakashvili (18,6% versus 60.6 per cent), the country’s President Petro Poroshenko (16,1% vs 69,3%). Other figures from the list in calculation to the entire population have a low level of confidence.

Among the considered list of public institutions is the most trusted the Church: 63,7% trust the Church, and 12.9% do not trust. Another 23.4 per cent were undecided on the issue.

Further, the level of trust are the army of Ukraine (63,2% trusted and 12% do not trust), volunteer organizations that help immigrants (55,7% versus 10.3%), volunteer organizations that help the army (55,3% vs 13.4%), volunteer battalions (49,2% versus 17.9%). Other institutions from the list of citizens of Ukraine trust less.

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